A love and hate relationship

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a love and hate relationship

A love–hate relationship is an interpersonal relationship involving simultaneous or alternating emotions of love and hate—something particularly common when. The helplessness and frustration of loving someone you hate can create serious problems in your life. These tips on how to fix a love-hate relationship were. Love-hate relationships aren't always the most fulfilling. Here are 7 signs and 7 ways to fix the relationship. Read on serii.info

If you're not sure, read on. Let's say you're in an intense romantic relationship, and you love spending time with your significant other.

When things are good, they're extraordinary. Your loving, tender moments devolve into hurtful words and regrettable behaviors. A love-hate relationship can be confusing and frustrating, and it can occur in any relationship — with a sibling, friend, or lover. But in this post, we're referring to a romantic partner.

They think everything is normal, even though they might feel constantly on edge or insecure about the future of the relationship.

However, this emotional dissonance can also feel exciting and passionate. Reuniting with your lover after a period of hate and discord can be thrilling and intense. But is this drama the basis for a healthy, happy long-term connection?

The line between love and hate can get blurry when emotional chaos reigns in your relationship. Swinging from one extreme to another grows tiresome and is slowly destructive to your mental health. Over time, you develop patterns in the relationship that are emotionally abusive and destroy the joy and intimacy you once shared. Does any of this feel familiar to you? If so, awareness is the first step toward making positive change.

Here are 10 signs that you are in a love-hate relationship: You're in a break-up and make-up relationship cycle.

When you argue with your partner, you argue hard. In these moments, you truly can't stand your partner. However, hours later you are back to hugging and loving each other, promising that you are committed. You are able to make up quickly and forget about the intense argument that you had.

The cycle of arguing and making up repeats over and over. Your partner is your prize. While you do value your relationship, there are definitely certain parts of your partner that you just can't stand. You may consider leaving at times, but you also know that you have put way too much of your time, energy, and effort into this relationship to walk away from it. You view maintaining the relationship as more of an accomplishment or ego boost. He really enjoys life and dotes on you.

There are certain qualities and traits about him that you downright love and adore. Therefore, you are still hopeful that things will once again become great and harmonious. Your parents have approved of him too and think that together both of you will have a great life. So these are certain qualities and traits about him that you absolutely love and adore.

What do you hate him for? While you love some parts of him or his personality, there are other parts of him that you hate so much that you are suffocated. You hate these things so much that you wonder that what made you fall in love with him at the first place. You may be thinking that there can be much better guys than him. Again following could be some of the reasons, in some combination unique to you: Relationship, family and future planning on these aspects is his last priority.

a love and hate relationship

Hygienically, there is a lot which is desired of him and his habits. He often has streaks of laziness. He spends way too much time on phone chatting people up or wastes too much time on Face book. His extravagant life style scares the hell out of you. The idea of an emergency hitting you like a bolt from you and he not having any savings is a wrong way of living the life.

a love and hate relationship

But he does not pay any heed to you. He always listens to his mother, no matter how wrong she could be. Why the partner wants to remain in love hate relationship It is a difficult question to answer because there can be many unique reasons.

It may be akin to some kind of comfort one is deriving out of it despite the unpleasantness. Just like a person indulging in an addiction knowing very well that it is bad for health. The sum total of benefits of remaining in the relationship is far greater than breaking or ending the relationship. You could be very forgiving by nature or this is the value you have been brought up with. Why have a love hate relationship? Anyone can go wrong in life and fall into a love hate relationship, however careful he or she may be.

Even if you are a really nice person who is calm, composed and serene, it may only be a matter of time before you start yelling or getting angry. Here are a few but most common reasons which cause a love hate feeling. Read and analyze them carefully to check if you can make it work.

7 Signs You’re In A Love-Hate Relationship And 7 Ways To Fix It

Maybe you think it is so fashionable or you are no longer comfortable with the status of being a single. So you just picked a guy.

Thus there is no future. What can be done under these situations?

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Of course, first and foremost everything possible should be tried to mend and repair the love hate relationship. These tips on how to fix a love-hate relationship were inspired by a reader. The Blossom Tips in this article will help you face the truth about your relationship. How is your love-hate relationship affecting your self-image? How do those two feelings combine to turn this into a love-hate relationship? And finally…how will you stop this relationship from running your life?

a love and hate relationship

I also changed her name and a few details, to protect her privacy. We have a 3 year old daughter together, and I have a 16 year old daughter and 19 year old son from another father. I know how foolish it sounds. I have three amazing children and they see me choosing to live this way. Hate is another extremely powerful emotion that keeps us in bondage. Take care of your emotional health first Before you start thinking about how to cope with this relationship, you need to get emotionally, spiritually, and physically strong.

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Look how honest she is, how in tune with her own feelings! So, what negative or debilitating emotions are you struggling with?