About a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

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about a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

Look at a sample exam question and answers for Nick Hornby's About a Boy. An example of a typical exam question with advice on how best to answer it. How does Nick Hornby present the relationship between Marcus and Ellie at this . necessarily complex relationship between a film and the literary work on with the women's gainful, meaningful employment (as a music therapist and illustrator of Before long, however, Will, Rachel, her son, Fiona, Marcus, and a host of. Feb 12, Bokanmeldelse av About a boy av Nick Hornby. I would say that this book is mainly about loneliness, but also about relationships. When they arrive at Marcus' place, they find his mother, Fiona, in a pool of her own vomit. Will's place, and Will gives him advice and buys him shoes more fit for his age.

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He is insecure, ignorant and confused. All this makes Marcus considered weird, not only by the kids in school, but by the teachers and by himself. Will Freeman, 36, is the other main character. He is a layabout and has never worked his entire life. Instead of working Will spends his whole days watching TV, shopping, getting his hair fixed, drinking or driving around in his cool car, listening to Nirvana.

Will is a rather tall and good-looking man with short, curly dark-brown hair.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

He has got a cool apartment with cool furniture, a cool CD-collection, a cool car, a cool haircut and cool clothing. At least, this is what he thinks. He has no family and no real friends. Fiona, Wills mother, is a 38 years old hippie. She is, just like Marcus, a very eccentric person. She believes in things like vegetarianism and aroma-therapy. Fiona is a short rather slim woman with short, straight, brown hair. She is very depressed and cries a lot.

One day she tries to commit suicide, but fails. All the kids are scared of her.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

Ellie has tousled black hair, wears black lipstick and listens to Nirvana. She also claims that she is in love with Kurt Cobain. He is a hippie just like Fiona, and uses to smoke weed.

The kids in his new school treat Marcus like he was some kind of freak, and everyone, except from his mum and her friend Suzie, consider him weird.

Marcus has a terrible time at home, where he has to look after his mum, outside school, where older kids can find him and mercilessly bully him and steal his things, and in school, where both the children and the teachers!

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

The same time in another part of London, Will Freeman has just broken up with a single mum, and is now wondering how to get in contact with new sexy single mothers. On the SPAT-meeting, he meets a lovely woman called Suzie, and she invites him to go on a picnic in the park with her the following Saturday. Where does he live?

He's not there at the moment. He's out to dinner. Christine had asked me to dinner for a pep talk. You will end up childless and alone. Both fingers crossed, yeah. You must have a lot of courage. Why is that, Christine? Most people need something in their lives to keep them afloat Doesn't that scare you?

Do you know what you want? I'll have the steak What the hell are these little after-school tea parties about? What did you say? I was just wondering why a single, childless man would want to hang out You didn't tell your mum that you've been coming round? What are you doing with my son? What are you suggesting here?

You were suggesting that I've been interfering with your son. I'm simply asking you why you entertain year-olds in your flat. What do you have to say for yourself? Don't "well" me about this!

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He comes over uninvited every night! Do you know why? He's having the shit bullied out of him at school! And you haven't got a clue. You send him out like a lamb to the slaughter! He's been taken to pieces every day of the week, you daft, fucking hippie!

I think you're being a bit melodramatic.

about a boy ellie and marcus relationship counseling

Will had it right, Mum didn't. It should be the other way around. You haven't had much contact with kids. I used to be a bloody kid! I went to a bloody school. I know when kids can't settle down and when kids are miserable!

About a boy by Nick Hornby

Look at him, for Christ's sake! Don't accuse me of being melodramatic. I just felt like a shout. Jesus, what a family. Will, you're disturbing the other customers.

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Listen, don't worry about it. I won't open the door to Marcus again, okay? I'll be glad to be rid of the pair of you, frankly. So that's it, is it? You're just out of his life, like that. Let's say you're right and I'm wrong. Let's say there's this whole world What are you going to do about it? The fact that, even after Ellie has been discussing how Kurt Cobain understood her, Marcus has to ask What about?

He really has no idea why Ellie is feeling angry. She felt that Kurt Cobain was on her wavelengthso to speak, but Marcus is not on the normal teenage wavelength. For him, it is a simple matter. Ellie and Kurt Cobain did not know each other so there can be no connection. This quote is also quite important because it allows the reader to see that all the earlier discussions with Will and Ellie about the music Marcus likes have been nonsense, because he evidently does not feel any connection to the singers.

It is another example of how his mother has always made his choices for him. This final line in this extract, Nothing. This is, after all, the human condition; trying to understand why we are here!