Assyria and babylon relationship quiz

Quiz: Ancient Mesopotamia - Babylonian Empire

assyria and babylon relationship quiz

Hittites sack Babylon and end Hammurabi's dynasty Sumer, Akkad, Babylonia, and Assyria. Cradle of Civilization . close relationship between religion. Start studying Grade 6 - Social Studies - Quiz Babylon and Assyria. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Today, "Babylonia" is used to describe the south of modern Iraq, stretching The relationship between the kings of Assyria and Babylon had.

An astronomical report to the king Esarhaddon concerning the lunar eclipse of 18 January BC [8] shows how the ritualistic use of substitute kings, or substitute events, combined an unquestioning belief in magic and omens with a purely mechanical view that the astrological event must have some kind of correlate within the natural world: When the Moon has made the eclipse, the king, my lord, should write to me.

As a substitute for the king, I will cut through a dike, here in Babylonia, in the middle of the night.

assyria and babylon relationship quiz

No one will know about it. Babylonian calendar The Patron God of Babylon was Marduk, and this god was recognized in Babylonian astrology as the planet Jupiter [12] Marduk was recognized as the most powerful god, but not the one and only god.

The Babylonians were polytheistic, believing in many gods with different purposes, and they associated certain gods to certain planets. The Babylonians used horoscopic astrology. They would forecast their future circumstances by observing space through time and relating ominous events, such as a lunar eclipses, to social, political, and environmental problems in aspects of their everyday lives, such as giving birth to deformed children.

These celestial events were viewed by the Babylonians as divine intervention in their lives using the influence the sun, moon, and planets, and to communicate when bad or good events were going to occur.

Horoscopic astrology is significant to Babylonian beliefs, because associating the sun, moon, and planets with their gods shaped the way the Babylonians lived their lives and viewed the world around them.

The parallels between horoscopes and nativity omens from a Seleucid Tablet shows the benefic and malefic natures of the planets in Babylonian astrology. Unlike primates in Asia and Africa, New World monkeys have: Which of the following does NOT belong to the three branches of the anthropoids? When do bipedal primates first appear? Compared to chimpanzees, the human pelvis is: The famous Laetoli footprint shows that: Mitochondrial DNA can trace human origin, because: Which of the following is classified as Prosimians?

What species does the famous Lucy belong to? Which of the following species is most similar to Homo ergaster? Which human species first adventured north into Europe? The scientific name of modern humans is: The earliest hominid is: What human species roamed the earth at the same time as Homo sapiens? The Neanderthals resided mostly in: Compared to modern Europeans, Neanderthals are generally: He incorrectly described Neanderthals as dementia, brutal, walking with a hunched gait like simians.

Babylonian astrology

When did Neanderthal exist? When did Neanderthals become extinct? What are the characteristics of the Paleolithic Age? The Paleolithic Age spans: Since then, human civilizations began. The crystal in the last slide of the Origin PPT is: The oldest star chart appeared in BC in: The birthplace of the first civilizations on earth is: In what present-day country is Mesopotamia located?

Which is NOT a Mesopotamian civilization? Sumerians call their homeland Sumer. What does Sumer mean? The Earliest civilization in Iran is: When did Sumerians settle in the southern Mesopotamia, a place called Sumer?

Which two metals make up the alloy bronze? What people made the first ironware in Mesopotamia? Name the agricultural products of Mesopotamia. The wedge-shaped system of writing developed in Mesopotamia is: Where was beer first brewed on earth? What is NOT invented by the Mesopotamian people? Who is NOT a major Mesopotamian god? What best describes the Mesopotamian religions?

assyria and babylon relationship quiz

Who has built an oval temple? Mesopotamia, Egypt and Canaan II. At what age did Sumerian children start school? Which of the following is true? Does our concept of democracy originate in Sumer or later in one of these countries?

Who was the king of the first dynasty of Kish in BC? He is also the earliest ruler on the king list whose name has been attested from archeology. The king list mentioned that he conquered Elam and reigned years. In the king list, the kingship was transferred to Uruk after the first dynasty of Kish.

Who is the only female king in the Sumerian king list? In the Early Dynastic Period, Sumerian city-states often battle against each other. This code protected the interests of civilians against nobles. He claimed that his empire extended from the Persian Gulf to the Mediterranean. His empire was lost to Sargon of Akkad. Ur-Nammu might be his brother or son-in-law and might have become his enemy before his sudden death in BC, either due to an accident or a conspiracy.

He conquered the powerful state Lagash later in BC. Name the King in chronological order: Sargon of Akkad, Utu-hengal, and Lugal-Zagesi.

Sargon the Great, Third Dynasty of Ur p.

assyria and babylon relationship quiz

Sargon the Great, Third Dynasty of Ur What event took place in BC in the history of Mesopotamia? He defeated and captured Lugal-Zagesi. Which empire did he create? What is the first empire in human history?

Sargon was the creator of this Mesopotamian Empire. Who was Sargon the Great? She placed me in a reed basket; with bitumen she caulked my hatch. She abandoned me to the river from which I could not escape. The river carried me along: Aqqi, the water drawer, when immersing his bucket lifted me up.

The grandson of Sargon the Great expanded his empire. Who wrote the oldest known literary work? The first famous woman in the world history is Enheduanna. The kings of Lagash often call themselves by the title of ensi. Seldom do they call themselves lugal, the title used by the rulers of Umma. Who was the first Mesopotamian king claiming to be God? He is the fourth ruler of the Akkadian Empire, known by his horn on his crown.

Who destroyed the third dynasty of Ur around BC? He declared independence from the city of Kazallu near the Euphrates and established a capital at nearby Babylon. Who founded the first empire of ancient Babylonia? Who founded the first Babylonian dynastry in BC? It is the first complete code of laws ever found. On what concept is the Code based? What is regarded the oldest code of laws? The Hammurabi code allows the defendants to cast himself into the river to let God decide his fate.

What is this river? According to the Hammurabi Code, what punishment is inflicted on the temple thieves? The most famous Hammurabi code is based on the philosophy of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. However, it is only true for noblemen versus noblemen. If a nobleman knocked out the eye of a servant, what penalty would the nobleman receive?

Ur-Nammu of the Third Dynasty of Ur established a code of laws named? What law code is regarded the first in human history to protect the rights and interests of citizens against aristocrats? In the Code of Ur-Nammu, if a man knocks out the eye of another man, he shall pay a half mina of silver as a punishment for the crime.

Iron Age Empires p.

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Iron Age Empires They came from the Zagros Mountains in modern-day Iran. After Hammurabi, the Kassites ruled Babylonia. What did they share with the Europeans? Where did his successor Mursilise invade for 15 min in AD? The Kingdom located between the Hittite Empire and Babylonia is: A century later, Hattie was assimilated by Hittite. Hammurabi's Amorite dynasty disintegrated quickly after his death.

This dynasty lasted years until BC. During this period, the city Babylon was called Karanduniash. Babylon became the vassal of the Assyrian empire in the north - BC and Elam in the east.

The Assyrians ruled Babylon after Kassites. He was soon killed by his son, who rebuilt Babylon and restored its glory. Who made Nineveh capital of the Assyrian Empire? Assyria reached a peak during his reign. He is the son of Sargon II. Babylon was defeated but did not suffer. He could read the cuneiform script in Akkadian and Sumerian and even the texts from before the Great Flood. He was also able to solve mathematical problems.

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He collected literature in clay tablets, known as the Library of Ashurbanipal, which included the famous "epic of Gilgamesh" and many academic and ritual works. Assyrian sculpture reached its zenith under his rule. The Assyrians were destined to downfall, because even though they overpowered the people they conquered, they did not have their respect.

What Mesopotamian people conquered the Assyrians in the s BC? It was destroyed by the Persians in BC. Neo-Babylonia was destroyed in BC by: What were the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? Who built the Hanging Gardens of Babylon? A few years later the Assyrian state was completely erased from history. What modern-day country did the Medo-Persian Empire rose from? He is most likely the Persian king Ahasuerus in the Book of Esther.

How the Assyrians and Babylonians Lived (History Audiobook) by A. H. Sayce

After Persia was defeated at the battle of Eurymedon c. He introduced a new strategy of weakening the Athenians by funding their Greek enemies. This caused Athenians to move the Delian League's treasury from Delos to Athens, allegedly to keep it safe from Persia, but actually to fund elaborate building projects. What is the difference between the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the ancient Babylonia? What is the difference between Iraq and Iran?

List the empires in the order that they rose: Sumerian, Akkadian, and Babylonian, Assyrian, Persian. In chronological order, list the famous kings, from early to late.

Assyrian empire builders - Babylon and the cities and tribes of Southern Mesopotamia

What event stimulated Egyptology studies? What is special about the Rosetta Stone? How are Hieroglyphic writings different from the way we write today? How long ago did the Egyptians invent the Hieroglyphic writing? When the letter or symbol represents a picture or a concept, rather than a sound, what is it called? From what direction is a Hieroglyphic script usually read? Who were the people specially trained to read and write Hieroglyphs?

Which was NOT invented by Egyptians? The royal tomb of the archaic period of Egypt the Early Dynastic Period, c. Which Pharaoh built the first pyramid in BC? Which Pharaoh owns the central pyramid of the Great Pyramids of Giza?

The first pyramid was built in the third dynasty by the vizier of King Djoser. It is a stepped pyramid. This vizier is also a doctor, writer, magician, and architect. What is his name?

The Great Pyramids of Giza were built in the 4th dynasty. For whom was the central, largest pyramid built? When were the Pyramids of Giza built? How did pyramid builders transport granite slabs from the quarres to the construction sites?

What are these temples called? How did the Sphinx break the nose?