Beka and toycie relationship

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characters, Beka and Toycie represent the ongoing clash between the old and new seventeen, has a stealthy relationship with a young man of a higher class. Toycie and Beka had a sister-sister relationship. they were like best friends and Beka looked up to Toycie. Like Belize, Beka is caught between the worlds of “befo'time” and As Toycie's relationship with Emilio intensifies and Beka decides to apply herself to her.

CHARACTER ANALYSIS: Characterisation of Beka Lamb

She is an encourager. She takes Beka under her wing. She is anAmerican who has grown up on a farm in Wisconsin. SisterGabriela assures Beka that while it is possible for her to win, winning is not the point.

She remindsBeka that she is being given advantages that most other Belizean girls do not have.

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Therefore it is herduty to make the best of it and serve her country. She is the head nun at St.

  • Social Insecurity in Beka Lamb by Zee Edgell

Unlike SisterGabriela, she is a strict disciplinarian. She is more concerned with enforcing rules than exhibitingcharity and grace. She adamantly refuses to bend the rules at St. If they get pregnant, it is their fault. If they do not, they will remain vulnerable likeToycie. Her words are harsh, yet they ring true. Themes Beka Lamb is a deceptively simple novel that touches upon the universal themes of human life—love,loss, sexuality, and community.

It is set in a unique time and place—Belize in the s. While thestory of Belizean independence is unfolding around them, the characters struggle with friendships andrelationships in a cultural milieu that represents these challenges on a greater social and politicallevel.

Narrated through the eyes of a girl maturing into womanhood, the novel explores the personalgrowing pains of the characters and the national growing pains of the country, offering hope hatsurviving such painful growth will ultimately redeem and strengthen both characters and country.

Zee Edgell's Beka Lamb

To keep the peace, Bill Lamb cuts it down. When a new sprout of hope appears, a trellis is built to brace the plant and encourage its new growth. Everyone survives except Toycie who is killed when a mango tree falls on her. Let us write you a custom essay sample on Beka Lamb ORDER NOW As Beka struggles to establish her identity in her family and in her community, she learns thatalthough one takes some steps forward and some steps backward in life, one must always be makingprogress.

She can grieve and hold awake in her heart for Toycie, but she learns that for the present, a diploma is more important than ababy.

beka and toycie relationship

By winning the essay contest, Beka has taken an important first step towards maturation. Sheproves to herself that what she had hoped could be true—that all things were possible—is true. But what should that independence look like?

Toycie Qualo

Colonial rivalrybetween England and Spain has existed in Belize for hundreds of years. Should Belize take advantageof its being the only English-speaking country in Central America and align itself with England and theUnited States?

Or should Belize acknowledge its Spanish heritage and accept the territorial claims of Guatemala? This conflict is represented in the novel by Beka and Toycie.

There also is turmoil in the Lambhousehold. Character overview[ edit ] Toycie is a year-old senior at St. Cecilia's Academy in the beginning of the novel. An exemplary student, she aspires to raise both herself and her aunt out of their run-down house and the poverty it signifies. Toycie is seeing Hispanic student Emillio Villanueva, and it appears that everything is going for her. When Emilio impregnates Toycie and refuses to sanctify their relationship, Toycie loses her interest in school and any ability to function whatsoever.

The strict Sister VirgilSt. Cecilia's principal, becomes aware of Toycie's situation, and she immediately expels Toycie, citing an unacceptable lack of modesty for the expulsion.

beka and toycie relationship

However, Emilio, a student at St. Anthony's, does not appear to face any consequences for his part in the pregnancy. Toycie withdraws from all her former associates and settles into a depressed state. This eventually leads to an accident causing a miscarriage, a stay in the local mental asylum, and ultimately her death during a storm in the Stann Creek Valley a mango tree fell, crushing her skull while she is wandering about during the storm.

beka and toycie relationship