Belldandy and keiichi relationship quotes

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belldandy and keiichi relationship quotes

Keiichi, season 1 episode 18; Megumi asks about Bell and K1's the quote Mara has in my sig, in reguards to Belldandy granting her a wish. It appears that in my attempts to poke fun at Kosuke Fujishima's relationship I'm going to be using Keiichi and Belldandy as a substitute for myself and my wife. Belldandy first appears one night when Keiichi tries to order dinner, and the . meal while Keiichi ponders their relationship and begins taking precautions to.

Because she likes the Goddess's cooking, Megumi has been showing up for dinner on a nightly basis, leaving Keiichi to wonder if her presence will prevent anything from happening between him and Belldandy. As Megumi prepares to go home for the night, she hints to Keiichi that tomorrow would be an excellent day for a walk by the sea with his girlfriend.

Belldandy is surprised that she plans to leave so soon, but Megumi thanks the Goddess one more time before telling her that Keiichi wants to go out the next day, recommending she make a lunch for them ahead of time. When they arrive at the beach, Belldandy expresses excitement at being able to smell the ocean and decides to buy some ice cream for them using the money she received from the modeling job.

In return she asks Keiichi to take her roller-skating, although he ends up falling during the session and making a fool of himself. They go on a boat ride next, but a flock of seagulls ruin the Keiichi's attempt at romance. He then becomes seasick and is forced to get off the boat, prompting her to cradle his head in her lap and sing him to sleep. He wakes up too late to save their reservation at a nearby restaurant, but Belldandy remedies the situation by presenting him with the lunch she had packed for them.

She admits to having made it in a hurry, but Keiichi tells her it is good as they quietly enjoying the nighttime meal. He chokes on a piece of food and slips backwards off the dock, but Belldandy manages to stop his fall using magic. As she wraps her arms around him, the two lovers embrace each other, topping off the moment with a passionate kiss.

During their first Auto Club meeting of the semester, Tamiya announces they will be competing in a race against the Ushikubo Unniversity Motorcycle Club. He announces that Belldandy will be their Team Girl, but in reality, they intend to hand her over the opposing team if the other school wins. Keiichi is livid, but they are interrupted by Etsushi Ohtaki, the president of the Ushikubo Motorcycle Club. He correctly guesses that Belldandy is the prize he was promised before dismissing the Auto Club as a bunch of losers.

Belldandy then becomes angry at him for trying to discourage them and accepts the bet, using a verbal spell to force him to leave. Afterwards Keiichi asks Belldandy if it was wise to accept the stakes, but she states that men like Etsushi who looks down on others will never have good fortune, and refuses to allow it no matter what the case.

Keiichi promises to win under the premise that he would rather die than let Etsushi anywhere near her, causing Belldandy embraces him, only to pass out in his arms from using her powers earlier. On the day of the race, Belldandy turns up wearing a sporty racing outfit, earning the unwanted admiration of the Ushikubo Motorcycle Club.

Belldandy wishes Keiichi good luck before his turn to face, but panics when she senses his "unlucky star" is influencing the event. She focuses a prayer to bring forth the lucky star of the man she loves, proclaiming her affection for Keiichi, and allowing him to win the competition.

Although he crashes the motorcycle due to the Auto Club members shoddy workmanship, Keiichi rejoices that he won the race and emerged unscathed and receives a hug from Belldandy. When the Auto Club heads to Katagai Beach for a summer training session, Keiichi is looking forward to spending some quality time with his Goddess. They are soon interrupted by the appearance of Sayoko, who seductively wraps her arms around his neck in greeting.

Belldandy is worried that the System Force will activate, but her concern only grows when nothing happens, forcing her to contact Heaven for answers. Her call is answered by her older sister Urdbut the older Goddess mentions that they have no need to worry, hanging up with a mischievous chuckle. Keiichi sadly asks if she has to go back to Heavenbut Belldandy explains that she will not return unless he wishes it. Later on, Belldandy joins the others on the beach wearing only a cloth, several men start trampling Keiichi in order to reach her.

She is surprised to discover herself standing on top of him, but Sayoko criticizes the fact and claims she is unfit to be his girlfriend, causing Belldandy to run off in shame. Later that night, Keiichi tries to clear things up with her, but is repeatedly held up by the antics of his Auto Club friends.

belldandy and keiichi relationship quotes

Sayoko schemes to invite Keiichi on a walk when he gets back, but she notices Belldandy wandering the halls alone and follows her out of curiosity. The Goddess then casts a spell on a piece of paper, but Sayoko assumes it is just a blank sheet and steals it. That night when Sayoko gives it to him, Keiichi can see Belldandy's writing, and heads off to the place mentioned in the note. Upon arrival, Belldandy tackles him in a loving embrace, expressing joy that he still wants her to remain with him.

They go swimming to make up for lost time, but Keiichi falls ill due to his wounds worsening after exposure to the sea water. Back at the beach house, Sayoko tells them it was a bad idea, while Belldandy apologizes for it. A short time later, Belldandy finds Keiichi lying on the floor of the temple, confusedly muttering about a person coming out of a video.

Although she finds nothing in the VCR, Belldandy decides to play back his memory for answers, recognizing her older sister as the culprit. Urd phases through the temple floor, saying she came to Earth to repair the System Force. Belldandy asks if she has other reasons for appearing, and Urd reveals some images of the interactions between her and Keiichi, declaring a desire to heat things up between them.

Belldandy becomes upset with her for spying on them and blasts her sister with magic, but Urd raises a barrier, reflecting the attack at Keiichi. Later Belldandy walks in on Urd trying to put Keiichi under mind control and apologizes for her, explaining that her sister has a tendency to be passionate about everything and often forgets herself.

Keiichi becomes lost during the explanation, so Belldandy recites a story from their history together to illustrate the point, going on to explain the danger, since Urd is a much more powerful Goddess than herself. She is surprised that Keiichi was able to resist her sister's charms, but he admits to having almost failed in that regard, saying that the image of Belldandy's angry face was what helped him through it.

Belldandy asks whether she was really that scary, and leans in to kiss him, but Urd pokes her head in and interrupts, cursing her bad timing. The older Goddess slips into Keiichi's room while her sister is asleep and claims that Belldandy may have to go back to Heaven if they cannot fix the system. She asks him for sex, claiming that by doing so she can use her own body to pass his genetic information to Heaven, thus solving all of their problems.

Although Keiichi is shocked by her proposal, he remembers Belldandy saying something about Goddesses being unable to lie, and gives it some serious consideration.

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Belldandy notices her sister is not in bed, quickly hurrying to put a stop to whatever is going on. He is about to give into the temptation when Belldandy storms into the room. Keiichi claims Urd was only trying to restore her sister's energy, but Belldandy reveals that because of Urd's tendency to lie so often, she was sentenced to remain a lower class Goddess.

Urd claims she doesn't care about such things, and says it would've been worth it if she could have furthered the relationship between Keiichi and her sister. Belldandy attacks her for lying to Keiichi, but Urd welcomes the challenge, knowing her own powers are superior.

Before they can fight, a bolt of lightning descends from the sky and renders Urd unconscious. Keiichi claims it seemed it a little harsh, but Belldandy notes that the blast was not hers, instead pointing to the strange inscription that had appeared on the floor beside her sister. After reading it, Belldandy learns that Urd was responsible for the recent system crash that disabled the system force, also finding out that she has been exiled to Earth as a punishment for her actions. Urd wakes up and claims she will be staying with them for a while, much to Keiichi's dismay.

Despite the presence of two Goddeses, Sayoko is confident that she will win but receives a shock when Urd squeezes her breasts, earning her a lecture from Belldandy. Sayoko vows to seek vengeance and Urd proclaims she will regret trying to defy the Goddesses, much to Belldandy's dismay.

For the next phase, Otaki tasks the girls with fixing motorcycles. Although Sayoko attempts to rig the contest, Belldandy remains unconcerned because she has an unlucky star above her head. During the next stage, the contestants must use their motorcycles to travel around on the bikes and collect picture pieces from the festival stands, putting together the puzzle and bringing the person in the picture with them to the stage to win.

Keiichi notices Belldandy is still working when the others girls have left, but she claims that the part in her hand wants her to work slowly, speaking as if the bike has a mind of its own.

After finishing her repairs, Belldandy gets a wild card, earning her two pieces of the picture at once, but the other girls find out the person they need to grab is Keiichi. While she is last to finish, the motorcycle Belldandy fixed remembers her kind touch and senses her desperation to win, moving extra fast and allowing her to grab Keiichi and return to the stage first.

She is then declared Campus Queen, with Urd and Sayoko coming in second and third place respectively. Shortly before their first year anniversary, Keiichi realizes that they have been together for a year, and begins to wonder how he can pay her back for all of her kindness. After failing to get any decent advice from Megumi or Urd, he decides to ask Belldandy what she needs, but she comically misinterprets the question and asks him to pick up some soy sauce at the store.

During his trip there he sees a ring in a shop window and is prodded by Urd into buying it, despite the price being high enough to cover his living expenses for five months. At dinner Belldandy notices his unusually behavior and asks Urd what she did to cause it, but her sister claims she can't remember. Belldandy notes to herself that she can't properly read his emotions, but becomes concerned when Keiichi returns home and passes out from exhaustion.

She wonders if Urd is responsible, but her sister mentions she only gave him a small push. She compliments his resolve and tells her to let him see it through to the end, to which Belldandy reluctantly agrees. For the remainder of the week, Keiichi continues working all sorts of jobs, from construction to cosplaying for children.

Although he questions whether or not she plans on asking him about his part-time jobs, she trusts him completely, and only asks that he tell her the truth when he is ready. That night he presents her with a ring as thanks for giving him such a great year. Belldandy accepts it with gratitude, but claims to be angry that he pushed himself so hard just to buy her something expensive, "punishing" him with a loving embrace and a kiss on the cheek.

While enjoying another day at the temple together, their tranquility is shattered when they discover Urd has redecorated Keiichi's room to look like a sleezy love hotel. Unappreciative of her sister's attempts to hasten her relationship, Belldandy angrily picks a fight with her, much to Keiichi's dismay. Hoping for a romantic Christmas away from Urd's interference, the couple enter a raffle to win a romantic dinner and a free night together at an expensive Hotel Koenig.

While Belldandy's prayers allow them to win, they fail to hide it from Urd, while Sayoko also manages to stumble onto their secret. The next night while they are enjoying dinner in the hotel's dining hall Sayoko attempts to ruin their romance, but Urd also interferes by bringing a turkey dinner to life and forcing it to attack her.

Angered by her sister's interference, Belldandy animates her own meal, and the two dinners fight, much to the horror of the humans present. As the living food fight begins turning into giant monsters, Keiichi and Belldandy run off and decide to eat at home instead.

Urd cleans up the mess and meets them at home, leaving behind a traumatized Sayoko. On New Year's Eve, Keiichi makes a resolution to get closer to Belldandy this year, writing down this goal on a piece of paper using an ink brush.

belldandy and keiichi relationship quotes

While eating another of Belldandy's dinners, he compliments the impeccable quality of the food she prepared. Belldandy is happy with his approval, having spent all day making dinner.

belldandy and keiichi relationship quotes

They are interrupted by the arrival of several guests, including Megumi, Sayoko, Tamiya, Otaki, and Satoko. After some brief conversation, Belldandy offers food to her guests, but Urd prompts them into playing a game of "Life Suguroku Special", claiming that the predictions listed in the spaces on the game board will happen in real life.

As they play through the game, the fortunes come true, albeit not always in the way most people would expect. After becoming a victim of a bad prediction, Keiichi finds himself standing outside without a jacket sweeping the snow in the yard, a punishment that he earns twice after getting the same result his next turn.

Belldandy figures out Urd is using a Laplacian Demon to cheat, and wins the creature over to her side, allowing her to win the game. She then goes outside and warms him up with a hug and kiss, giving him a head start on his New Year's Resolution. With another semester winding down, Keiichi prepares to take his last exam for Professor Ozawa 's class. Knowing that the teacher has particularly high expectations, he resolves to study that night.

Unfortunately, the Auto Club turn up that night with liquor, having decided to hold a party at the temple. After being forced into a dress and wig by the drunken crowd, he runs to Belldandy for help. She creates a copy of him to distract the others, but they are interrupted by Urd and the Auto Club, who are all too drunk to realize that there shouldn't be two of him, and grab both of them.

Belldandy tries to help, but passes out due to having used up all her energy making the Keiichi duplicate. The next morning Keiichi wakes up and head to campus to find out that Urd had incidentally sent the copy their by accident, and it was now taking his test for him.

Knowing that the duplicate is too simple-minded to succeed, Belldandy makes him dress in the girl's school uniform the clone was forced to wear and uses her magic to help him dispel and replace it without anyone knowing. Keiichi manages to pass the exam, but due to the mess, he also earns a reputation as a crossdresser.

Enamored by her beauty, he joins in order to get closer to her, even winning over Keiichi's trust, while plotting ways to steal her from him. The next day, he allows the couple to take his new Ferrari for a ride under the guise of generosity and friendship.

Although Keiichi enjoys testing out the vehicle, Belldandy senses a strange darkness around their supposed friend and wonders what it is. Aoshima has two men damage Keiichi's motorcycle while they are away, offering Belldandy a ride home in return. She refuses, but Keiichi doesn't know how long it will take to fix his bike and insists she go.

Aoshima then takes her for a romantic ride to set the mood and tries to get her to sleep with him at the local love hotel, but Belldandy becomes angry and sends him flying through the ceiling, collapsing to the ground from loss of power moments later.

Keiichi arrives moments later riding on Tamiya's bike, having been tipped off about Aoshima's lecherous ways by Sayoko.

He then takes her home, admiring her beauty as she sleeps. The next day, Keiichi shows up on campus alongside Belldandy and Urdboth of whom receive a warm welcome from the male students, while they express disappointment at his presence. At the end of the day while preparing to leave, Belldandy senses a bad omen, not realizing that they are being watched by Aoshima and Sayoko.

The troublesome duo then follows them back to the temple with a video camera, plotting to find out the truth about the strange events that happen whenever she is in danger. While taking a shower, Belldandy discovers them outside of the window blasts them away with a water spell and screams, having been told to do so by Keiichi in such situations. Keiichi then tells her to catch Sayoko and Aoshima before they have their video tape analyzed, so Belldandy flies after them by enchanting a broomstick.

She admits to being a Goddess when asked by Sayoko, but they refuse to believe it and have the tape analyzed anyway.

Urd then reveals she edited the footage to make their magic look like cheap special effects, which solves their problems for the time being. With the most important race of the year coming up, Keiichi and the other Auto Club members prepare to face-off in an endurance race against the best colleges on the circuit. Keiichi comforts Belldandy before the woman's race due to her inexperience, claiming the other contestants are amateurs too, only to be interrupted by an American named Diana Lockheed and her boyfriend David Proter.

The newcomers introduce themselves as the United States Kart Champion and Third Place Winner of the Daytonabut Belldandy still manages to win second place in the qualifier by analyzing and copying Diana's techniques.

During Keiichi's race, he finds hiself victim of another of Aoshima's plots when a racer paid off by the playboy begins going out of the way to deter him. Belldandy tries to help out, but Urd beats her to the punch and brings his kart to life, allowing him to easily qualify for the finals. Urd is fired up by the day's events, but before the next round she stumbles onto another one of Aoshima's plots and decides to keep an eye on the situation.

She secretly places one of her earrings inside Keiichi and Belldandy's vehicle to spy on them, keeping a watch in case anything goes wrong. It's the first time in the entire series that Urd is actually kind to someone and speaks from the heart. It's bittersweet, as the boy lost his first girlfriend while Urd undergoes Character Development. Urd doesn't revert back to being a selfish jerkass and indeed is thinking about how to repay Keiichi for all his kindness to her the very next chapter.

And that's telling, considering that for much of the early manga, she was seriously scary.

Verdandi Nornir: Belldandy

During the "Queen Sayoko" arc, Mara manages to get Belldandy in a position in which she has to obey any order Sayoko gives her.

She then forces Sayoko to order Bell to "Go home". Keiichi can't do anything to stop this in time and, as Bell poofs out of existence, he believes he has lost his Goddess for good. Maybe it's a bit predictable, but it's still sooooo sweet.

When Keiichi wants to give Belldandy something back to show his appreciation, he spends a few weeks working to the pain to earn enough money so he can buy her a golden ring. When he finally succeeds, Belldandy is overjoyed but even more concerned about Keiichi overextending himself. The ring never leaves Belldandy's finger afterward. Skuld is a Bratty Half-Pint all too often, but whenever she interacts with her angel or Banpei she becomes pure concentrated Moe.

Her interactions with Sentaro are just as much so, which everyone except Belldandy pokes fun at her for. The Nilfheim arc contains too many of these moments to count.

Even the fact that it's all happening in HELL doesn't do anything to reduce the adorableness of Belldandy and Keiichi growing ever closer together, one harrowing trial at a time. In fact, Urd secretly finds her mother so cool she is afraid she would fall to full demonhood in a flash if she didn't keep her distance.

Skuld does learn how thanks to local BMX boy Sentaro who goes on to develop a friendship with Skuld that soon shows hints of being deeper. The real reason behind Hagall's rebellion. It was all to create Hild's perfect demon world before she died. That whole super-cool attitude of Hagall's was just an act and she really is a devoted Hild fangirl who would do anything to make her idol proud. The "Schroedinger's Whales" ending.

Doubles as a Tear Jerker of the good kind. Perhaps someday he'll meet some more friends and maybe, in some unknown universe, they'll sing that song together. Banpei's relationship with Sigel from even before she was given sentience by Skuld.