Brian and justin relationship goals

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brian and justin relationship goals

Brian was having a great deal of difficulty in accepting and coping with these of not finishing things; he never could muster the persistence to pursue goals. At what point in the series do you think Brian fell in love with Justin . It's proven to be a highly effective technique for achieving one's goals. One of the most beautiful things about Brian and Justin's relationship is the way. Today's round will decide whether Grey's Anatomy's Meredith and Derek or Queer As Folk's Brian and Justin move on to the next round.

Why would they do that? One thing that helps their relationship to stay strong is the fact that they never work at the same time. If Reynolds is doing a movie, then the whole family packs up and follows him. Once he is finished, then Lively gets to do a movie- and that way they are never apart for long periods of time.

brian and justin relationship goals

The two have split up a few times only to get back together in the end, at least so far. Then one night during Taylor Swift's Fourth of July party, Ed asked her if he could invite a friend who was in town. That friend was Cherry- and the two ended up dating after that. Now Ed and Cherry are engaged and cuter than ever. We are very happy and in love, and our cats are chuffed as well. They did call it quits intoo, only to get back together.

And, interesting, where exactly is it that Brian decides is the best place for Justin to live? Not exactly the place you stick somebody you have zero interest in seeing again and are trying to extricate from your life.

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Here we are entering an interesting stage: And then, just a little while later, we have Brian physically step in when Hobbs threatens Justin. Because what happens the very next scene? Brian signs over his parental rights. And then, of course, the end of the episode, which really seals the deal for me.

But we still have a few more moments that slowly wake Brian up to the fact that yes, this is love. Now we have Brian making the most startling realization: And not jealous of Justin for managing to steal that trick away.

brian and justin relationship goals

But not there quite yet. We get really close to it in 1x But then he sees how heartbroken Justin is, and he takes him in his arms and holds him so closely, cups the back of his head so tenderly, completely belying all his harsh words.

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Brian lives with no apologies and no regrets. And then, finally, 1x Brian is in a low, low place. And Brian has this opportunity to make him happy, so he does it.

Now, in my head canon, Brian gets ready really quickly. He obviously wants to look good goes without saying, and well done, sirbut once he makes the decision to go, he just needs to go, and has to leave before he loses his nerve.

I mean, look at his face when he enters the ballroom. That look is sheer terror. But the moment he does realize it? Let me give you a picture: Justin's new job takes its toll on him, the night shift causing him to lack energy during the daytime. After a disastrous experience at a party, he is forced to accompany his boss to a location where a number of men try to rape him, he finally quits his job and accepts Brian's financial assistance.

Justin starts a relationship with Ethan Gold, a fellow student and talented violinist, when he feels Brian isn't giving him the love and affection he wants.

After Ethan cheats on him with a fan, Justin takes Daphne's advice and tries to win Brian back by getting a placement at Brian's advertisement agency.

brian and justin relationship goals

After a few tense days, Justin finally manages to seduce Brian once more in his office late one night. This sparks them to reconcile and continue their relationship. On more than one occasion, Justin saves Brian from legal problems. The first time, he blackmails Kip into dropping his sexual harassment lawsuit against Vanguard and Brian.

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The second time, while Justin is still with Ethan, he makes Brian's nephew tell the truth about whether or not he molested him. Justin drops out of college after a disagreement with the head of the internship program when it is discovered that he has been having sexual relations with his boss, Brian, and sabotaging Chief Jim Stockwell 's ad campaign.

During the fifth and final season, Brian and Justin's relationship becomes more unstable. Justin works on a movie version of Rage but the project is canceled. When Justin returns from Los Angeles and moves back in with Brian; he expects them to settle down, which Brian still doesn't want to.

He leaves Brian, but after a bomb explodes at Babylon, Brian admits his love for Justin, asking him to marry him. They plan to get married, but as the date draws closer, Justin realizes that Brian is trying to become someone he isn't, just to make Justin happy.