Controlling women and passive men relationship

controlling women and passive men relationship

May 12, Angry Women and Passive Men In other words, many American women come into marriage with unrealistically romantic expectations which. Being a passive husband is detrimental to the family, the marriage, and your kids. The wife is over protective, controlling, and mean. his eyes and facial expression consistently show the mark of a defeated man. what women like to hear. Feb 27, When one partner is very active and the other passive, relationship strife Active women may be attracted to men they can train or mold into.

This has made the marriage an unhappy place for me, but I feel that because we have 3 children, I am trapped. It all started back when we were dating.

She is 3 years older than me, and so has always been at a different stage of life than I was. She begged and cried and I caved in and we got engaged, as I thought this would keep her happy for a while.

She immediately started planning the wedding for the following year. I expressed my feelings to her about not rushing things, but she ignored me and continued to finalize the plans. I felt I had to go thru with the wedding at that point because it seemed like there was no way out of it, but I fully expected it would only last about a year. However, one year turned into two, and before I knew it, she announced that her biological clock was ticking and that it was time for children.

I told her financially we were not yet ready for kids, but again she ignored my feelings and again I gave in to her. However, I did not realize it, but each time she ignored my feelings and each time I gave in, resentment had been building inside me. Finally, after 11 years of putting up with things and letting her get her way because I was the easy-going one in the relationship, I finally felt like I had to do something. So, I actively sought out a high school sweetheart and rekindled the realtionship via the internet.

I then paid a visit to this person and began a physical affair. My wife found out about it, and my life has gone from bad to much, much worse. I realize that I should not have gone about things in this way, but I felt that finding someone who actually cared about me and was unselfish was the answer.

Unfortunately, I underestimated my wife and her abilities, and after some digging, she discovered the affair. I was not sorry about the affair itself, but I was sorry for hurting my wife.

Angry Women and Passive Men

The irony is, she has always had me under her thumb. My dilemma at this point is: My wife is not the sort of ex who would remain friends after the break-up — she has stated on many occasions that if we ever broke up, she would move away so that I would not be able to see my children again. This comment always weighs heavily on my mind whenever I think about leaving. Financially, it is also impossible for me to leave right now, as I would have no way to rent an apartment While we are together I try hard to maintain a positive relationship with her for the benefit of the kids, but this too is hard as she is not an easy person to get along with.

Any advice or guidance you can give would be greatly appeciated.

Which comes first passive men or controlling women?

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Passive men have never learned how to be responsible for themselves and need someone to blame for their lack of success and inability to thrive. She looks like a bitch; he looks like a poor slob caught up in unfortunate circumstances.

controlling women and passive men relationship

Both are extremely dishonest with themselves and swimming up-stream. Both have dependent personalities. Both are prideful, self-centered, and caught in a web of expectations that defy reality because they are each waiting to be rescued by some nonexistent force.

controlling women and passive men relationship

Traits of controlling women are: Aggressiveness, overt lack of empathy, strong opinions and a need to have others see things their way, fear of intimacyinsecurity, emotionally abusive enablers and supporters of alcoholics and other addicts.

Controlling women scare people into submission but have no real relationships. Healthy people avoid them. Traits of the passive aggressive man are: He is in a juvenile power struggle.

Are You Living With a Passive-Aggressive Man?

Passive men and controlling women find each other and sometimes they kill each other emotionally, other times they figure it out and grow up. The key to growing up is a willingness to set boundaries, take personal responsibility for your life and find your spiritual source.

She can be reached at or log on to www. It took me until middle age to figure out what is wrong with them and their marriage.

Angry Women and Passive Men

It passes on through generations. My middle-aged brothers remained single and I ended up marrying a passive man who has a controlling mother. My father's mother was controlling, too. It causes anger in the children even though they do not know why they are angry, especially if there is no physical abuse.