Dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

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dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

Founder: Dead Embryonic Cells - Stories: 20 - Followers: 15 - Staff: 3 - id: community for the romantic/friendship relationship between Isaac Clarke and Ellie Langford. . A brief look in of both Isaac's and Ellie's life after Dead Space 2. After surviving the destruction of Titan Station, Ellie began a relationship with Isaac. Their relationship soon became strained, however, as Ellie. Isaac and Ellie have a unique relationship come Dead Space 3. While it is not explicitly stated at this point whether or not the two are in a.

Isaac can't see Nicole anymore, since his dementia is gone, which could then help him even further with moving on, and maybe develop a relationship with Ellie.

However, this is just a thought. We will have to wait and see. The ending only shows about 5 minutes into the future. We truely do not know if his dementia is cured.

dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

Even though he symbolically killed Nicole in the final boss fight, are you sure that its not just the marker presented screwing with him, or extreme after effects? Techniqally the reason Issac can with stand the insanity effects of the marker, is because it was designed to inhance the intelligence of the silicon speices who created it. For instance, when the red marker was activated on aegis 7 only seconds later humans had fallen to homicide and cannibalism - as shown in extraction.

Also, the marker in both games seem to communicate with Issac. They both provide conflicting information. For instance, nicole in the first game helped issac discover the marker and place it back on the planet. The marker also helped give him a mental push to return it to its pedestal.

Technically, for a homicidal DNA recombinator super computer it was pretty dumb of it to help issac destroy itself. Was this a mistake? I think the marker has ulterior motives. O when the marker made Isaac have an epithany, and I could definetly see a relationship developing between them, nothing draws two people together like surviving an alien murder spree. You are somewhat correct but slightly mistaken as well. It does sometimes seem that the Markers have conflicting attitudes. The Red Marker telling Isaac to put it on the pedestal and stop the Necromorphs.

Then the Site 12 Marker trying to kill him.

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It is found in "Dead Space: Martyr" that the Marker has two voices. One that tells one to kill themselves, and one that tries to protect one from the necromorphs. This would give the Marker split "personalities". Possibly in Dead Space the protecting voice was more prominent, and therefore helped Isaac, whereas the suicidal voice may be more prevalent in the Site 12 Marker, trying to trick Isaac into being absorbed.

You can find this on the Black Marker page. I actually never read Martyr but I know the story. The nature of the Marker inflicts it's own ideology onto it's victims! It almost made me tear up on the part when Isaac let Ellie go on that Gunship. You could see a bond developing obviously by the way he acted before and after letting her go on the ship.

Even on Ellies side, she was sad he let her go. But come on, she came back for him man! Diferencia de edades muy grande. Tricell February 24 Yeah but what about the whole thing with Ellie wearing a unitology bracelet, so she could betray him. Also, they people mentioned her health bar being zero when they climb in the ship, so what if she turns out to be a hallucination and Isaacs dementia is not cured. I'm probably wrong but I'm looking at all the possibilities because for some reason i don't think the people that made the game will end dead space 2 with such a happy ending.

She did say there was Unitologists in her crew, never shutting up about the Marker. So maybe one of those Unitologists were her friend and gave it to Ellie as a gift, Maybe that guy Kaleb in the audio logs?? Also, Ellie couldn't have been a hallucination, theres no way simply because Isaac destroyed his dementia completely after destroying Nicole and the Marker. Ellie's health bar probably wasn't synced to the Astro suit she was wearing, covering her other rig. I'm pretty sure she is alive Nick.

Bye" Nick, I had the very same thought after reading this. We're not sure that Isaac cured his dementia. For all we know, he cured his hallucinations of Nicole!

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But as for the marker? I don't think hes cured it. This "No health" thing you guys are talking about. Plus, if you look at her rig, there is no health. It could be the same with Ellie. Isaac Clarke could very much be insane. The game is complicated when you bring up the point of hallucination.

The whole game could be a hallucination.

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Maybe Ellie was killed when Stross stabbed her, and then afterwards, she becomes a hallucination. We just have to wait until Dead Space 3. I just found this bit of info interesting. It is evident, and it even says on Isaacs profile, that he is the most destructive person in the series. Even after destroying the whole Titan station, does he feel guilt? Does he realize what he did? All he cares about is getting out.

That was Challus Mercer, the crazy unitologist that made the Hunter. I just don't see how Ellie could be a hallucination, how come stross got hit by her afterwards? How did Isaac get into government sector? How did he escape the sprawl? Also, Isaac did not destroy the sprawl, that was the reactor from overheating. And why are you asking all these "How" questions.

We can't say anything for sure. We didn't know that Nicole was a hallucination in Dead Space until the very end. And if that's wrong, then that trvia fact on Isaac Clarkes page is wrong.

Also, maybe Stross just punched himself. I mean, the guy is off his rocker. That's like asking "How did Nicole pick up a medical syringe and try to stab Isaac, when he was the one holding the syringe?

No matter what the game, they cant make it too confusing or else. How much can be explained properly in one sequel. So when ellie shot at him, he was imagining that. Oh yeah, remeber the unitology braclet and auido logs we put through the game to prove ellies existance?

Yeah he halucinated that and all the extra detail and work we put into that goddamn game so it would make an annoying seqeul. SO ellie was alive all up untill stross killer her by stabbing her in the eye. And then when she hit him, Stross hit himself! Thats why we made that prequel with stross and that sexy asian lady, and the, guess what!

Then issac fought himself with a needle for the second time, while defending against imaginary stross, before stomping his body and wishing their was a crouch button to t-bag him.

The unitology braclet leaves things open, although when she spoke about her crew she spoke as if she were not a unitoligist. Yeah, her rig was red! Maybe she dies a normal death in the arms of sad puppy face issac give a brotha some love alreadyor she is infected. I say this because when the bacteria was tested on agies 7 it only reacted with necrotic flesh, but when injected directly into staff it took a little while for them to die and turn.

So maybe shes about to mutate? He's self-destructive in fact. They said in the prequel "He dropped a contienent on agies 7. Which he did by fiddling with the gravity tethers. I've been writing a prolouge to Dead Space 3. It starts with Isaac dreaming and then Ellie wakes him. LOL Their relationship will develop throughout the story. FYI, It's a fanfiction Sniper team But I'm busy wrapping up Isaac's story with Nicole Sad to see it end. At least it will be followed by another great story.

The public sector blew up due to the reactor core overheating. Because of Isaacs attempt to fix things and get out of there. The sprawl USED to run on the nuclear fission, but that was when it was first built. Then technology progressed and they had no use for it anymore, other then a back up plan, or something. You are being rather rude to other posters for no reason and also possibly jumping to conclusions without any evidence to back it up.

And LoL how you claim I am not backing anything up, yet neither do you. And it seems like the truth hurts. If you are gonna make sweeping statements about other board members then you should really get evidence to back it up. I don't need to prove anything as I am not the one making those sweeping statements. You are the accuser not me.

dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

I am more open-minded and rational than that. Instead of being a man and admitting you were a bit over the top you'd rather argue. It seems another poster also thought your post was rather unnecessary too. Also I don't know where your statement that "the truth hurts" came from.

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I didn't even say that I thought Ellie was a damsel in distress so your initial rant didn't even refer to me anyway. I wouldn't really care if you were referring to me as you are just a stranger on the internet. You should meet my boss.

dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

He'd turn Buddha into a chain smoker. I am just calling you out on it. If its fair game to ridicule the game over petty issues, then its fair game to ridicule you for making them. VirtuousKing 5 years ago 33 shawnmck posted This seems a bit oversimplistic and also a bit ignorant of the plot in the other games. The love story in DS1 was muted since Isaac only grunted in that game, but Isaac's drive to save Nicole was apparent. DS2's love story was integral to the plot.

Isaac coming to grips with not being able to save the woman he loved was a big part of the story. Severed had Gabe Weller trying to save his family. All three of these stories had aspects of love in them. What people are complaining about is that Ellie doesn't quite seem the same. In DS2, she seemed confident and capable which says something since she was going through a living hell at that point. In DS3, she doesn't even hold a weapon which makes zero sense since this time she was intentionally getting into a necromorph situation.

That subtle difference changed her from combatant to someone to be protected. Again, it's subtle, but it does have an effect. There is more character change seen through dialogue.

Isaac changes as well in this regard, but it's not amplified by victim body language and cosmetic changes. When did I moan about the love angle and Ellie being a damsel in distress?

I think you didn't even read my post to be honest mate because I didn't even write about those things. If you'd actually read my post you would know that I find Ellie more unlikeable in DS3 but I understand why she is the way she is.

It's possible to appreciate a character in a story even if you find them a bit awkward and unlikeable. Maybe that all went over your head. Also hardly anyone complained about the love angle at all as far as I recall so I don't know where your rant came from.

Some posters dislike her different role in DS3 but they are not ridiculing the game. They are merely discussing elements of the story they don't enjoy so much.

dead space 3 isaac and ellie relationship

You ridiculing them for expressing a constructive opinion is kind of childish and ignorant. That's a lot different then Ellie's boobs looking bigger because of her shirt, when in reality they're roughly the same as her's in DS2. Likewise, her relationship and love triangle was considerate in the fact that even Carver and Isaac accepted that the mission was important.

The strongest you saw Ellie was her last team member in the Factory, surviving Necromorphs, and living through an extreme condition.

That still happens in DS3, but there's misconception and quite frankly that execution could have been handled better. Glock o'clock J2DK 5 years ago 36 shawnmck posted I also think that many of you are putting way too much emphasis on her "damsel" role In DS2, she was just trying to escape.

In DS3, she does need issac, because he holds the key to stopping the marker. Plus, they did have a serious relationship together, as identified by the picture of them together arm in arm. It made them closer.