Evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

Emma Roberts recently confessed to E!'s Chelsea Handler that she had a crush on Evan Peters when they worked on Adult World in February. Taissa Farmiga chats to Digital Spy about starring in American Horror Story. People really wanted to know what it's like working with Evan Peters, who Are we going to see more of the relationship between Violet and her parents? . in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid. Evan Peters and Taissa Farmiga, American Horror Story: TV Guide spoke with Taissa Farmiga about Violet and Tate's happy ending, . to have seen more of the relationships between the Harmon family. . Market Place.

Because I realized when we filmed that scene I was kind of nervous to go back and play someone I played seven years ago and someone who's not supposed to have really aged or changed in any ways mentally or emotionally in these last few years. So it was kind of frightening going back having to play someone who's stuck in that time. And then we filmed it and all of the sudden it was like, "Oh, right. She never left me. I like when things are ambiguous. So you know, I think I was more happy with the Season 1 ending but I think the Violet inside me is more happy with this ending.

Before Violet forgave Tate, Madison blew some witchy dust on her.

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

What was that spell? I think it was a spell of clarity and Because that house is full of darkness and it's somehow so easy to cover the good things and cover the light.

Madison was, for once, was leading with her heart and doing the right thing and she gave Violet clarity. Fans have always loved Tate and Violet and Tate together, but this always was problematic because Tate was a mass murderer and a rapist. However, this episode seems to absolve Tate from any responsibility and says the house was to blame for his actions. How do you feel about that aspect of their ending and this idea that Tate isn't a monster?

That's such a complicated question because the person who -- I try to see the good in people. But just because someone is in a circumstance that is influenced by outside evil or outside darkness and they're led to do these actions, I don't think you can completely wipe the slate clean and fully take away the responsibility from that person. So it's hard because Tate has been ruined by the house.

He's been overcome by the darkness that's there and yet it was still his actions that went and hurt those people and murdered those people and hurt my mom at times -- or Violet's mom. See, I told you it's hard to differentiate sometimes. I feel that because these two people are stuck in a house together for the rest of eternity and they can't go anywhere, I think at that point you sort of only have forgiveness to fall back on.

You said you slipped right back into the role of Violet, but when you got on set with Evan did you find the chemistry again right away? I mean, it was hard because we only had a few fleeting moments in this episode. I would have loved to have had more scenes with Evan just because I think he's a wonderful scene partner, we've always gotten along on set.

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

But we knew the characters and also we had Sarah Paulson directing and she's been there from the very beginning and she knows these characters better than anyone else. So we just had to fall into her hands and fall into these old characters that we loved so much in the past.

How did it feel to be back on the set of Murder House and in this role which played such a pivotal part in your career? The first time I stepped foot onto the actual Murder House set, the actual on-set location, it was weird, I have to say. I have to admit it felt almost wrong in a way.

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We told the story and we let those souls be, we let them rest there and then we were coming back to stir it all up. The first time I stepped on the set, I almost felt like we were disturbing the souls and the spirits that live there.

But then once we started filming, honestly, it just felt like home. That's where Horror Story started, that's where my career started, you know?

There's something comforting about that. A Definitive Timeline What was it like getting to work with Sarah as a director?

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

Oh my god, it was something I was really, really looking forward to because I had found out a few episodes prior that Sarah was directing Episode 6. And I've always loved working with directors who have previous acting experience. I don't know exactly what it is.

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

There's just something different. There's something different in the way they approach the directing, the way they talk to actors, the way they talk to the crew. I don't know, they just have this bit of experience that they know what's going on and Sarah could just look at me and she knew if I needed a second to get emotional, if I was ready or what. There's just this short-hand.

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And also, again, as I said before, Sarah's been there since the beginning so to get the opportunity to direct this amazing episode that takes us back in time to Murder House, I don't think anyone else could have done it but Sarah.

In addition to this Murder House episode, this season also features the returns of several Coven characters, including you reprising your role as Zoe. How did the experience of being Violet again compare to the experience of being Zoe again? It doesn't even compare. Violet is just so special, just in the way that she was me before I figured out who I was in my real human life.

I got to play Violet and understand her before I understood who I was as a person. So going back to play Violet, it's just, I don't know, nothing compares. And I love Zoe.

evan peters and taissa farmiga relationship marketing

And the difference is I played her a few years ago, you know. Sure, five years seems like a long time, but I'm closer to who I was when I played Zoe than when I played Violet and so it was more of a mind twist going back to the Season 1 character. As soon as it was announced that there'd be a Murder House crossover this season, fans began getting so excited to see all these characters again.

I love watching the shows because I look really cool. When you were told about this, were you immediately all in, or did you need some questions answered first? And Ryan told me the role, and then I was even more excited. What kind of a reaction did you get from viewers and fans, when Madison got her throat slit and died?

It was funny, the response I got. But, I was looking on Twitter and people actually thought I was dead for good, and were not happy about it. That felt pretty good, to have created a character that people are really liking, even though she is kind of unlikeable.

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I wanted her to have a lot more layers and be more interesting than just a surface bitch. Since there are certainly a lot of people like her, did you draw on any particular Hollywood starlets, in finding this performance, or was it more about a type of girl than anyone specific?

I just wanted to play on that. I thought that would be more interesting. How much does that amazing wardrobe and the shoes that you get to wear really help you get into and find this character? I love all the outfits. With Stevie Nicks, I geeked out. The director, Alfonso [Gomez-Rejon], had all these really cool ideas that made the scene so different than a typical scene like that would play out.

It was really, really fun to get to do that. Just how crazy will things continue to get? Can they get crazier, at that point? Things actually were crazier. They cut some stuff out of the last episode that was crazy. There was actually a scene where Madison and Spalding have sex, and they cut it out of the episode. So, yeah, things can definitely get crazier.