Exo tao and luhan always fighting in a relationship

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exo tao and luhan always fighting in a relationship

It always becomes a fight between the two divorced couple. We have Luhan and Xiumin in such a passionate relationship and Chen who is always deeply in. Lay is getting everything Luhan would've gotten and i'm really happy for him. I can always tell when theyre fighting cuz they do the exact same thing my . I don' t know about his relationship with the EXO members but I. Annyeong fellow EXO-Ls~~ Today I'm back with a new blog. I've decided to ChanBaek fight a lot, but their fights never last longer than 3 days. And I know . Sehun and Luhan always buy couple T-shirts and keychains. Such a love-hate relationship. Kris always be there for Tao when Tao is afraid.

A group of 12 guys is no exception. Personally, I get really irritable when I'm travelling and especially in the mornings or when I'm tired after a long day of work - I highly doubt that EXO is all lovey dovey and smiley when they get home at 3am in the morning and are exhausted af. Obviously they might actually all be really close and friendly with each other, but it's also perfectly reasonable to speculate that some of them have had conflicts in the past or still have conflicts now.

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Taeyeon has mentioned even a few years after SNSD's debut that she and Hyoyeon still have awkward moments, for example. The reason why I use EXO as a subject of discussion is because they are a particularly large group and they're still fairly new, so it's more fun to make speculations and theories older groups such as Super Junior, which also has a lot of members, are already well known in detail.

What do you guys think? Keep in mind that these are only my thoughts alone and I don't claim to be some kind of expert on EXO or anything. Feel free to disagree with me! These are some of my thoughts below In other words, they don't have malicious intentions, but they are loud and like to joke around a lot.

I see most arguments stemming from these two lol. Chen imo also has a snappy mouth and he isn't afraid to be blunt or brutally honest, which probably led to some fights in the past. Sehun is quiet but I feel like sometimes he can be difficult I'm thinking of the first episode of show time when he completely ignored Chanyeol saying there were no more questions and Baek kind of yelled at him for not listening lol.

Suho is extremely awkward and many people feel like he's fake on camera - I'm sure some of his members feel the same way. I love Suho to death but I can't help but imagine how different he must be behind closed doors.

I think sometimes the members also think that Tao is quite Now I like how D. They don't pretend to like members they clearly don't or are just plain awkward with.

exo tao and luhan always fighting in a relationship

I think Lay had a genuine relationship with suho and Chen but that fell of and then it seems he's cool with Chen again. Maybe something happened between them Idk. But I always felt Lay was dealing with something so if you told me Lay was gonna leave I'd believe you.

He seems trapped now.

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Tao let's get something out of the way. Tao was my least favorite Exo member for many reasons I just got bad vibes from his character and he was made out to be this big guy who could kick your ass but 5s later needed the members to baby him.

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  • EXO News: Baekhyun Reveals Whether EXO Members Fight With Each Other
  • Exo Ls Please let's discuss something that's been on my mind

Tao spent a lot of time with Kris in the beginning because in M the other 4 would have this group so it be them taoris. I'm not saying taoris are in a relationship ok.

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I'm just saying Tao and Kris had each other. Kris seemed to be like a loner at times especially when Tao started to hang out with other members when his Korean got better. Tao is a very sus person though he's known to be closers to Kris yet he's the one who vented the most about Kris and then goes and does the same thing. Kris is probably seen as the fault for a lot of this right and I'm sure for new Exo Ls would probably hate on him for leaving Exo at a important state their first large concert.

To me on the other hand I saw that Kris literally had no one he's an awkward human being as it is. Even if his members were treating him good the contracts with K members and their cut was apparently different then M.

exo tao and luhan always fighting in a relationship

Plus Sm was holding him back from offers. Dude Kris just did a block buster film. He's doing stuff for Asian actors today but if he hadn't left I doubt Luhan or Tao would've.

I mean what would you do if you can't stand the people you work with and work for.