Frodo and bilbo relationship help

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frodo and bilbo relationship help

Since that makes Bilbo and Drogo second cousins, Frodo is Bilbo's second They are also Bilbo's second cousins, twice removed (via Rosa Baggins' marriage. Frodo's parents died, Bilbo had no children, and Frodo was the eldest of Bilbo's younger cousins and his favorite, This Site Might Help You. Bilbo Baggins is Frodo's cousin and uncle (let's just say that Shire But also, Frodo's whole relationship with Gollum has come about because Bilbo did not kill .

Frodo was armed with StingBilbo's Elvish knife, and wore Bilbo's coat of Dwarven mail made of mithril. The company, seeking a way over the Misty Mountainsfirst tried the Pass of Caradhrasbut abandoned it in favour of the mines of Moria.

In Moria Frodo was stabbed by an Orc -spear, but his coat of mithril armour saved his life. There, Boromir, having fallen to the lure of the Ring, tried to take it by force from Frodo. Frodo escaped by putting on the Ring and becoming invisible.

This event broke the Fellowship; Boromir was later slain defending Merry and Pippin from invading Orcs, who captured the two hobbits. Aragorn, Gimli and Legolas gave him a hero's funeral before setting out after the two hobbits. Frodo chose to continue the quest alone, but Sam followed his master, joining him on the journey to Mordor. The Two Towers[ edit ] Frodo and Sam made their way through Emyn Muilfollowed by the creature Gollumwho had been tracking the Fellowship since Moria, seeking to reclaim the Ring he had possessed for centuries.

After Gollum attacked the hobbits, Frodo subdued him with Sting. He then took pity on Gollum, and spared his life just as Bilbo had done in The Hobbitinstead binding him to a promise to guide them through the Dead Marshes to the Black Gatewhich Gollum did. Gollum said that there was "another way" into Mordor, and Frodo, over Sam's objections, allowed him to lead them south into Ithilien.

There Frodo allowed Gollum to be captured by Faramir, saving Gollum's life but leaving him feeling betrayed by his "master".

frodo and bilbo relationship help

After giving them provisions, Faramir allowed the two hobbits and Gollum to go on their way, but warned Frodo of Gollum's treachery. The three of them passed near to Minas Morgulwhere the pull of the Ring became almost unbearable. There, they began the long climb up the Endless Stair, and at the top entered the tunnel, not knowing it was the home of the giant spider Shelob. Gollum hoped to deliver the hobbits to her and retake the Ring from her leavings.

Frodo // On my Father's wings

Shelob stung Frodo, rendering him unconscious, but Sam drove her off with Sting and the Phial of Galadriel. After attempting unsuccessfully to wake Frodo, and unable to find any signs of life, Sam concluded that he was dead and decided that his only option was to take the Ring and continue the quest. However, Orcs from Cirith Ungol soon found Frodo's body and knew that he was not dead. Planning to interrogate him after his awakening, they carried him into the tower at the head of the pass.

After a brief confrontation in which Frodo became enraged that Sam had taken the Ring, Sam restored the Ring to him. The two of them, dressed in scavenged Orc-armour, set off for Mount Doom, trailed by Gollum. They witnessed the plains of Gorgoroth empty at the approach of the Armies of the West, but at one point they barely escaped being drafted into an Orc-band.

With the Ring getting closer to its master, Frodo became progressively weaker as its influence grew. After running out of water, they left all unnecessary baggage behind to travel light. As they reached Mount Doom, Gollum reappeared and attacked Frodo, who beat him back. Here, however, Frodo lost the will to destroy the Ring, and instead put it on, claiming it for himself.

Gollum got past Sam and attacked the invisible Frodo, biting off his finger, and finally regained his "precious". As he danced around in elation, Gollum lost his balance and fell with the Ring into the lava.

The Ring was thus destroyed, and with it Sauron's power. After reuniting with the Fellowship and attending Aragorn's coronation as King of Gondorthe four hobbits returned to the Shire to find it taken over by a gang of ruffians, led initially by Frodo's cousin, Lotho Sackville-Bagginsand then by the fallen wizard Saruman.

The four travellers roused their fellow hobbits and led them in driving the ruffians out. Frodo never completely recovered from the physical, emotional and psychological wounds he suffered during the War of the Ring. He was taken ill on the anniversaries of his wounding on Weathertop and his poisoning by Shelob.

He briefly served as Deputy Mayor of the Shire, but spent most of his time writing the tale of his travels. They boarded a ship at the Grey Havens and together with Gandalf, Elrond and Galadriel, the Keepers of the Three Ringsthey passed over the sea and departed Middle-earth. Tolkien suggests that this enigmatic, narrative poem represents the despairing dreams that visited Frodo in the Shire in the years following the destruction of the Ring. It relates the otherwise unnamed speaker's journey to a mysterious land across the sea, where he tries but fails to make contact with the people who dwell there.

He descends into despair and near-madness, eventually returning to his own country, to find himself utterly alienated from those he once knew.

What is the relationship between Bilbo and Frodo?

Characteristics and appearance[ edit ] Gandalf described Frodo as "taller than some and fairer than most, [with] a cleft in his chin: Bilbo and Frodo shared a common birthday on 22nd 'September', but Bilbo was 78 years Frodo's senior. At the opening of The Fellowship of the Ring, Frodo and Bilbo were celebrating their thirty-third and one hundred and eleventh birthdays, respectively.

After Thorin's death, Gandalf comforts the mourning hobbit and travels with him in the return journey. The wizard already figured out Bilbo had the ring ever since they escaped the Goblin Tunnels.

Gandalf comes right out and says he is very fond of him, but a "[small] fellow in a wide world. He visited Bilbo from time to time and supported him when he turned years old.

frodo and bilbo relationship help

He seems to care about and becomes fond of Bilbo more than the other dwarves do. Almost seeing Bilbo faint, he asked if he was alright, which was not. When Bilbo came after changing his mind to fallow the dwarves until the end, Balin smiled at the hobbit's signature.

Balin was glad to see him alive and coming to their rescue. Near the journey's end, Bilbo is accompanied by Balin half-way. The latter tells Bilbo that he doesn't know what awaits him but advises Bilbo not to wake the dragon.

Additionally, the courage of hobbits never ceases to amaze Balin. As Thorin starts to fall, the dwarf terrifyingly confides to Bilbo that the Arkenstone is to remain lost. Balin says goodbye to Bilbo before he leaves and watches his friend leave. He was at first are not that respectable to Bilbo's possessions.

He treats Bilbo as if he was their third piece of their siblings. He abandoned Bilbo to the trolls, but they both came back in the end. Fili was frantically looking for Bilbo and relieved to see him alive. Bilbo is scared when his friend is captured and killed right in front of him and his friends. After Fili is killed right in front of Bilbo, the hobbit mourns him for a second, closing his eyes and about to cry.

He teased Bilbo, but it wasn't until he softens on Bilbo and loved him like a brother. They all eventually did. Bofur Bofur and Bilbo are good friends. Bofur has a brotherly, protective streak for Bilbo when he pulled the hobbit into the center of the group when the Elves returning to Rivendell.

One night, he realized that Bilbo was trying to leave. Bofur unsuccessfully convinces Bilbo to leave, as he's part of the company. He unintentionally hurts Bofur's feelings and tries to apologize. He just encourages Bilbo with all the luck in the world before they are captured by the trolls.

Bofur also points out Bilbo's disappearance to Thorin and relieved to be free. He gets angry that Bilbo's leading them into the cellars and his idea of the barrels. As of the Quest continues, Bofur stays behind, Bilbo asks where he is, but the dwarf had drunk too much. After they are victims of Lake-town's destruction, Bilbo reunites with Bofur and the others but warn them they need to leave because of Thorin's madness.

They originally had a scene together in The Battle of the Five Armies, in which Bofur encourages Bilbo to leave Erebor, saying goodbye to him, knowing it would be the last time they would see each other. Bofur also helped Bilbo escape from Erebor to the battlefield, seeing him off for a second time. After the Battle at the funeral, Bofur tearfully says good-bye to the Hobbit, and invites him and the other dwarves to "come in and don't bother knocking.

The hobbit was awkward when they first and found it odd that a dwarf was there. At first, Dwalin doubted Bilbo and his skills, but eventually came to respect Bilbo. He put a protective arm over Bilbo when they were hunted and Radagast was distracting the Wargs.

Relieved that he was alive, and even helped Bilbo regain his footing when he was about to fall off of the Misty Mountains Dwalin defended Bilbo and the unconscious Thorin when Azog finally cornered them. Sometimes, the hobbit can get annoyed by Dwalin's distrust in Bard the Bowman, and sometimes just annoyed by Dwalin himself. Bilbo says he's grown very fond of them.

In the Incident on Ravenhill, Dwalin charges at Orcs that were about to kill the hobbit, and also says his goodbye to Bilbo at the end of the final film.

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Bilbo says that he can eat his out of food whenever they come to visit. Bard Bilbo met Bard when he and the company were 'attacked' in Bard's "raid". He seems to have no problem with distrust, unlike Dwalin.

Bilbo is also the one aware of Bard's name. He also seems annoyed by how the dwarves don't respect him at all. During Bilbo's time when he gives away the Arkenstone, Bard is fond of Bilbo by smiling when he jokes about being sorry about stealing the keys under the nose of his guard.

He is also fear for Bilbo's safety when Thorin almost kills Bilbo. The Dwarves Bilbo thought that the dwarves were messy and ruining all his prized possessions.

frodo and bilbo relationship help

They all want Bilbo to be their burglar and lucky number in the end but some of them doubted Bilbo would return. Gandalf said that the dwarves and Bilbo would get to know each other and become friends.

He offered them food for the supper and the afternoon tea in the book. Most of them were worried that Bilbo was not around when the spiders attacked them. His idea of them fallowing through the barrels was thought to be insane until Thorin told them to do as Bilbo said. They all hope that Bilbo will find the Arkenstone, but then Ori worried that Bilbo was being burnt alive by Smaug.

frodo and bilbo relationship help

They did manage to get back in to Bilbo's aid. Enemies Smaug Bilbo fears and dislike Smaug.

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He tends to taunt Bilbo in some numerous ways: His titles are declared "lovely" and even Smaug is impressed with these as well. Smaug attacks Bilbo nearly six times. The first was when he was running from him. The second was when Bilbo outran the beast. The third time was almost attacking Bilbo and his companions.