Helios and chibiusa relationship trust

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helios and chibiusa relationship trust

Dedicated to the romance between Chibiusa and Helios (Pegasus) from Bishoujo Chibiusa kept it a secret and completely trusted him, even though he didn't tell encountered, which often involved the concepts of dreams and relationships. destruction of the Silver Melenium that should mean that they have to trust each Chibiusa gets introduced originally in the manga in Chapter 13, . a pedophilic relationship, Chibiusa being the child and Helios being the. futureheld: “ headcanon/meta discussion: chibiusa & helios Other than Hotaru, Helios is one of Chibiusa's most important relationships in canon. I think it's the anime that really shows the level of trust and friendship they.

Not only that, but Helios is an undeniable gentleman.

The Sweetest Dream; Rini and Pegasus (Helios)

He's sweet and kind, which is something I believe young girls should look for in their romantic partners when they're daydreaming about their own prince charming. Chibiusa x Helios is also set up in a way that is meant to parallel UsaMamo. Curiously enough, all relationships in Sailor Moon are set up to either contrast or compare to the main couple.

Chibiusa and Helios

Both ships feature an innocent young girl and a valiant prince that will do anything to protect the one he loves. However, UsaMamo never really seemed to strike the right chord with me but Chibiusa x Helios did. Most of the Dream Arc required Chibiusa to grow stronger in order to rescue Helios and that's something that I really appreciated. But that doesn't mean that Helios was a completely useless partner to Chibiusa.

In her darkest times of despair, Helios reached out to Chibiusa and offered words of warmth and comfort in order for her to push forward.

helios and chibiusa relationship trust

They're not my absolute favorite couple in Sailor Moon, but they've definitely got a solid spot on my list of favorite Sailor Moon Ships. He has the appearance of a thin, white-haired young man in his early teens.

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He also held guardianship of the Golden Crystal, which Queen Nehelenia coveted. However, she did not have a beautiful dream, so she was unable to use its power. His relationship with Chibiusa is gradually built up to be a romantic one; in the anime they talk secretly together and he gives her advice about friendship and love, and is barely able to conceal his own feelings for her. She utterly trusts him, despite his being secretive and refusing to answer many of her questions.

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I use Elysion, but you could spell it Elysian, Elysium, etc. It was somewhat similar to the Judeo-Christian concepts of Heaven, in that the righteous and brave spirits of the departed resided there.

In the series, it is depicted as a once beautiful and magical place ravaged by the destruction of the Dead Moon. It is implied that the place where Chibiusa meets Pegasus in her dreams is how Elysion is supposed to look. The moon disappears, and the light from her dream shines once again. Pegasus starts walking towards her. Before he gets to her, he transforms into human form, and they kiss.

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It was only when they kissed, she knew about Elios In the beginning of episode Chibiusa appears in her princess attire and Pegasus appears a little further away. The sky lights up with stars and Chibiusa walks over to Pegasus and gets on his back. Watashitachi ni Naritakute plays in the background Pegasus flies in the sky and brings her over the city at night.

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He runs through some pink clouds and gets above them where there's a flock of birds. They fly by and then Chibiusa has wings, allowing her to fly too. Chibiusa asks if Pegasus remembers the first time they met.

She says that since she met him in that forest, she feels like time has stopped and she's forever in a dream. The clouds open up and Pegasus and Chibiusa float down. Chibiusa asks if Pegasus believes in destiny and then the dream is over. Pegasus thanks her and says that he knows he wants to tell her everything, but not now.

helios and chibiusa relationship trust

Chibiusa says it's all right, because she believes in him. In another episodethe Amazoness Quartet tries to ride the winged horse but they fail. They got angry and PallaPalla puts an energy bridle on Pegasus. When they tried to get his horn which was the Golden Crystalit sends out flames and Pegasus is surrounded by a ring of fire. PallaPalla gets mad for him burning her and she binds him tighter.

Chibiusa, who has been unconscious wakes up when she hears him neighing. She sees that he is in pain. Ignoring the danger, she runs trough the flames and uses all her strength to rip the bridle apart.