Hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

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hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

As a house, Slytherin does not have the best reputation – yes, we know every one of presence in your life, you could do a lot worse than dating a Slytherin. This OKCupid Study On Hogwarts Houses & Relationships Proves What You Maybe it's because you've always fallen for Hufflepuffs when your best gifts, create the greatest TBR piles, and find the best writing advice. But you know, it was in the begging of the relationship, easier to I'm very, very Slytherin and my wife is extremely Hufflepuff (though she won't.

This seems more uncharacteristic for a Slytherin than Marrying a pure-blood Gryffindor which as far as we know could be a School only rivalry. I have found no absolute confirmed instances of a Slytherin and a Gryffindor marrying.

I have split my answer into three sections. Through all her early years at Hogwarts, Minerva McGonagall remained on terms of friendship with her old boss at the Ministry, Elphinstone Urquart.

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Minerva and Elphinstone met at the MoM, it is unlikely that Minerva would have held any Hogwarts House prejudice towards Elphy, now we know that Minerva is a Gryffindor but I couldn't find anything about Elphy's House unfortunately. Canon Black Family Tree Taken from here. A lot of my reasons for suggesting the following were pairings of Gryffindor and Slytherin falls down to our current knowledge of the family names and their Hogwarts House.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

We know Neville is a Gryffindor and that his father was also brave enough to fight Voldemort and never give up any secrets even under Cruciatus leading me to believe he was also a Gryffindor.

Whether or not the rest of his ancestors were Gryffindor is speculation but It seems likely enough to me. Lucretia Black and Ignatius Prewett This would presumably be Molly's Father, given the time stated on the black family tree. Again it is possible from the family name that he was a Gryffindor. I think it is stronger here considering that out of all the Weasleys we know they are all in Gryffindor. Marriages that have no leading evidence towards a Slytherin and Gryffindor union but has a tiny slither of hope.

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They were everywhere anyway. After all, you're going to be wearing a lot of it. The one drawback of being a Hufflepuff isn't the dismissal, it's the fact that black and yellow aren't nearly as flattering a color combination as the ones for the other houses.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

Gryffindor has red and gold, which is the same color combination that House Lannister in Game of Thrones has, and we all know how good those colors look together. Slytherin has green and silver, which gives off a delightfully creepy vibe, but in a good way. That's why Slytherins always seem to look awesome in their school robes.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

Ravenclaw is even luckier because they have two color combinations: Ravenclaws can pick the combination that looks best on them. That's why Hufflepuffs are so special, only they can rock the bumblebee look. First, you have the Gryffindors in their tower, doing reckless things just because. If the story took place today, Gryffindors would be the guys trying to do everything "for the vine," or trying to create Jackass.

Meanwhile, Ravenclaws are hanging out in the other tower or barricaded in the library, not to study or anything, but because they found out something cool and they won't rest until they find out everything there is to know about it.

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That's a great quality, but it can also lend itself to insanity. As for the Slytherins, they're the guys who thought it would be a great idea to put magical dorm rooms under a lake, which is a supremely impractical thing to do.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

Hufflepuffs knew better, which is why their rooms are right by the kitchens. They didn't do this because they like food a lot, they did it because they know that's the best place for a dorm room. They're hardworking, practical and blessed with a good deal of common sense. This is what's made them realize that there are more important things than who's the smartest or bravest or most ambitious. They understand that the thing that really makes someone great is their actions, and the effort they put in to reach their goals.

On top of that, they're not worried so much about being recognized for their efforts as they are for making sure that the task gets done.

hufflepuff and slytherin relationship advice

Think about the Battle of Hogwarts: They didn't do it because they wanted to shake off their potato house reputation, they did it because it was the right thing to do. Gryffindor had rubies, Ravenclaw had sapphires and Slytherin had emeralds, but J. Rowling hadn't mentioned the stones in Hufflepuff's column.

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A recent tweet answered that question: That's because all Hufflepuffs are diamonds in the rough. That's a sentiment that every Hufflepuff can get behind. We might not know who or what we are just yet, but we know that through hard work, we can find out. Diamonds are the same way.