Izaya and shizuo relationship trust

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izaya and shizuo relationship trust

It had taken six months before Shizuo Heiwajima finally trusted Izaya relationship before Izaya finally fell asleep around Shizuo by himself. It's a bit strange to think that even after five years of being in this relationship, that Izaya still can't trust Shizuo - not fully. Because to Shizuo, trust comes naturally. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - [Izaya O., Shizuo H.] Why You Should Never Trust Shinra, 2. "Oh for the love of-" Izaya grabbed the book out of Shinra's hands. .. Thinking of Izaya and Shizuo together in a relationship that wasn't destructive, Celty's shoulders shook with her own laughter.

They just did it. One of the reasons he think he didn't notice for so long was the fact Izaya rarely went to bed anyway. The flea was a night owl by nature and always seemed to have work of some kind to tend too… so he usually was spending the night busily working while Shizuo was actually being a normal human being and going to bed at a reasonable hour. Once, Shizuo had forced Izaya to try and sleep with him… only to immediately regret it. Not only did the louse squirm and wriggle the whole entire time, which had been distracting, but he had kept jabbing him with his pokey elbows and frigid feet.

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So he was fine with letting the flea expend his energy and go to sleep when ready. However, despite popular belief, even the great Izaya got tired eventually. The nights when Izaya was clearly bone-tired and was willing to curl up with him was when Shizuo began to notice.

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The informant always woke up incredibly early and somehow managed to slip away silent as a phantom. All the times Izaya had been unexplainably awake when he was clearly dead tired was just the flea biding his time, patiently waiting for him to fall asleep before he did. After all, what did you call a person who Izaya thought would be willing to kill him in his sleep? He was sure his anger showed clearly on his face given the way many of the citizens of Ikebukuro and Shinjuku seemed to make a point of scuttling away from him as they saw him approaching, but he still felt the need to emphasize it and let the flea and everyone know.

The flea had let out a soft sigh through his nose, and deflated a little like a balloon. For a moment, Shizuo actually thought the bastard was being remorseful, but he supposed the resulting disappointment was his fault for thinking Izaya was capable of such a human emotion.

He really had been. It was the same old schtick repeating itself once more.

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

But that table never got thrown. Then what the hell is it then, flea? Even someone of your meager intelligence should know that, neh?

Either way, the result is the same. People who would be willing to off anyone if it meant they got to line their pockets with a few extra dollars by the end of the day. He also knew that Izaya probably had a whole list of people who would be glad to see him dead and mangled on the streets. Hell, only months ago, Shizuo had been one of those people.

Despite his feelings on the subject, what could he do about it?

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The only other thing he could really imagine doing was knocking the flea out to get him to actually go to sleep first… but he doubted that would make Izaya eager to sleep with him or trust him for that matter. So he just grudgingly accepted the fact that Izaya was going to need time and waited. It had taken a while, but one day, it finally happened.

The two of them had been lying naked in bed, basking in the afterglow of their bedroom activities, occasionally idly chatting about something or giving each other lazy kisses. This surprised him as usually Izaya would always spring on the opportunity to lecture him on his unhealthy diet, but the flea was docilely quiet. He had immediately froze, fearing any slight movement would be enough to jolt Izaya from sleep and ruin this little moment.

All he knew was that he was not waking him up. So, moving as gently as he could, he made sure that he himself got in a comfortable position, aiming to go to sleep himself, feeling overly-giddy at the fact that Izaya was actually curled up next to him. He fell asleep soon after, and when he woke up, he was delighted to see Izaya awake in his arms, still pressed against him and not commenting on the fact that they had fallen asleep together. Shizuo knew better than to mention it either.

The two of them just enjoyed the moment and since then, Izaya would occasionally fall asleep next to him if he was tired enough.

For the next few months, they kept extending their trust of the other to whole new levels. Two months after the sleeping incident, the two of them gave each other keys to the others apartment. Another month later, they were actually giving each other gifts on the holidays without even asking first or feeling embarassed by the action.


Four months after that, they were opening up to each other way more than they had before, not being afraid to let out more personal details. Why have so many people come forward with exactly the same testimonies? Are you really choosing to be ignorant?

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

That's got to be a lie. He's never steered me wrong. Why else would it be so irrational…" Izaya couldn't help but involuntarily turn red because how the hell is Shinra able to say things like that with a straight face?

As I've said it's incredibly uncommon, but it can happen. There are no such thing as soulmates and you are listening to fairytales.

What do you think Celty is? Are you trying to say she isn't real just because science can't prove her? Running a hand over his face, Izaya muttered, "No, Shinra, you know that's not what I meant. Celty is… Well, she's very obviously real and she very obviously doesn't have a head. I'm not insulting her I promise. Sighing, he muttered, "Look Izaya, I'm just saying that if Celty can be real, a magical dullahan from Ireland, then maybe this can be real too. Who knows, you might have a soulmate.

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How could I have a soulmate? It meant he was taking the question at face value and Izaya honestly didn't want to hear the answer. It's also said that it will trigger the same things in your soulmate. There isn't much info on it though so I can't just whip something up in the lab to try on you. You will not be doing any tests on me at all! It was obvious from her body language that she was not impressed. I hope to do more business with you in the future.

Besides, Shiki-san was the one who helped me out the most," Shinra mumbled, momentarily irritated before brightening and turning to Celty. I mean, you're the expert here Shinra, I just did want you asked me to. It's more a matter of if Izaya even has a soulmate. You're perfect, you never fail. If Izaya has a soulmate this should induce one of these symptoms within the next twenty-four hours. I might have seriously hurt Izaya. Besides, I needed to test it on someone. I don't have a clue.

Suddenly seizing on an idea, he gave another laugh. Wouldn't that be a joke!

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

Shinra stopped his merriment for a moment to stare at her, a nervous look finally creeping its way onto his face. I mean, what are the chances?

izaya and shizuo relationship trust

But of course, Murphy's law is in effect.