Jacob and renesmee relationship problems

Twilight: 20 Things About Bella And Jacob’s Relationship That Make No Sense

jacob and renesmee relationship problems

Renessme: Jacob, did you ever love someone before me? relationship that would have taken place between Jacob and Renesmee and Quil and Claire. . Yeah, the whole Renesmee Jacob thing is kinda weird, but the only real problem I. Jun 27, So what are Jacob and Renesmee doing now? remote (for the inlaws to visit w/ o issue of course) forest-swathed home somewhere between. Jun 14, Jacob is a werewolf who's also totally in to Bella, creating a tense naturally, Jacob imprints on Edward and Bella's baby daughter, Renesmee.

jacob and renesmee relationship problems

It reached a point where Sir David Attenborough should have started planning a Forkes documentary series. If he did, he could do an episode on the local species known as the Shrieking Bad Running Effect Banshee. Seriously, after five films they still can't make the running vampire look at least as good as the Six Million Dollar Man from the s TV show.

Renesmee Cullen

It would have been more convincing if Edward and Bella had been making na-na-na-na-na noises as they raced along. At least then they could have changed their facial expressions from the permanent 'What's that smell? Parenting with Charlie It was hard not to feel sorry for Billy Burke in this film. His career is on the up, he's made it through the saga without having to engage in any of the glittery shenanigans. He's still rocking that facial hair.

Twilight Characters: Where They Are Now - Jacob and Renesmee - That's Normal

Then just as he thinks he's going to pull an Anna Kendrick and make it out of the series with only an appearance in the strange end-of-saga montage, he gets told he has to shoot a scene in which Jacob comes out to him as a wolf - only after a bizarre half-hearted your-daughter-is-dead fake out though, because Jacob is such a prankster. Fair play to both he and Taylor Lautner, they tried to play it for laughs, but when the director chose that to be the only time in the entire series that a wolf carefully removed every piece of clothing prior to changing it made the whole thing a lot longer than it needed and cranked the awkward up to Bella and Edward on the hunt Then Charlie got to meet his "adopted" grand daughter and was handed a scene where the direction he was given was apparently at best "play numb" but more likely "we just need you to get out of the way.

His character crucified in the interests of plot efficiency, Charlie ducked off to wait until he could attend the world's most awkward Christmas where he could finally get the farewell he deserved, sent to sleep with the fishes Apparently the solution to the social discomfort created by the ridiculous and more-than-a-little icky adult Jacob 'imprinting' on baby Renesmee was a terrible joke about Loch Ness.

Jacob & Renesmee - The Power of Love

Kirsten Stewart clearly didn't want to deliver that line, we didn't want to hear it. Yes humour is a great way to deal with the elephant in a room, but a this joke wasn't actually funny, and b this particular elephant is the kind that needs to submit its name to the local authorities so it can be on a watch list. Perhaps if they'd made THAT joke, particularly given Charlie is the local authority, perhaps it would have Bella's reaction to the imprinting was that of a shocked mother who has read ahead in the script.

Everyone just wanted to get past it and hope the audience would forget. The film should have been proud of its genuinely unique story point, worn it with pride.

jacob and renesmee relationship problems

Perhaps had one character always make jokes about it. By being ashamed of it, it just made the whole thing worse.

jacob and renesmee relationship problems

Don't read on if you want to remain spoiler-free. Dallas endings and random acts of narration Not one but two of the hallmarks of lazy filmmaking were key to the entire film.

jacob and renesmee relationship problems

After the initial rounds of vampire sex, vampire hunting and Nessy joke killing, how to advance the plot? Easy, get Bella to crank out the old voice over. Except the film didn't start that way and we'd really rather lost the whole Dear Diary aspect of the Twilight Saga a while back.

Still, at least they didn't use the old "it was all a dream trick. To be fair, the fake-out battle-didn't-really-happen moment was actually done well, but it was the only moment of drama or plot twist in the entire film. DVD special features in the film Sure, one expects a healthy dose of montages in a film such as this, but having already included the deleted scene where the actors prank each other Jacob and Charlie and the commentary track Bella's vastly unnecessary narrationthe addition at the end of a five minute "let's just check with every actor who has ever appeared in this series" over-effected PowerPoint display was bizarre.

It didn't even pretend to add to the story. One is a vampire, the other a werewolf. Edward follows her around and aggressively guards her, while Jacob pushes her to leave Edward to the point of lashing out in rage and running away. Whenever Bella decides to be with Edward, Jacob tells her how wrong she is and tries to manipulate her into choosing him instead rather than accepting her decision.

She continues to insert herself into his life anyway. Not only that, but he also was ready to stand by the Cullens when the Volturi came, despite them being a major threat to his own life, in order to protect both Bella and her daughter. Despite this, part of his reasoning why Bella should choose him is because she could stay human and live a normal life. She likely would have ended up with Jacob.

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Their two families are very close, so they would have been spending a lot of time together. Instead, he would stay in love with her.

Jacob has always been a bit frustrated with Bella, but he took things too far when he grabbed her and forcibly kissed her on the beach. Afterwards, she calls him an idiot and punches him.

Even Charlie laughs at the concept when Bella is obviously upset.

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Despite their very large age difference, she constantly jokes like Jacob is way too young for her. She acts like he is ridiculously younger than her when they really have way more in common than she and Edward do, and a lot of that has to do with their ages.