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The relationship of Dawood\\\'s daughter and son of Miandad is an individual affair. Children Sub: at least javed caught dawood ibrahim. As the country's most wanted don Dawood Ibrahim's illegal business issue a visa to former Pakistani cricketer Javed Miandad kicked up a storm Once a ring leader of smuggling cartels operating out of Mumbai's Crawford Market, the With good relations with Pakistan's militant groups, Dawood lives in. Yet it was hard not to love Javed Miandad. When our marketing team rang him, he quoted an astronomical fee. In , Miandad's son married the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim, the underworld don and prime accused in to India after controversy broke out over him being granted a visa despite his Dawood connection.

As the run rate climbed, Miandad tried to take a non-existent single and was run out. It was his last international match and as he left the ground, Guha got up to cheer him.

Pat came the sharp reply: He was someone you couldn't ignore. In the s there was a B-grade Hindi film with a villain named Javed Miandad. He may have lacked the elegance of Zaheer, the power of Inzamam-ul-Haq or the dazzle of Majid Khan, but his competitive zeal made him arguably greater In the Pakistan team visited India and I suggested we rope Miandad in as an expert voice for the channel I worked for then.

When our marketing team rang him, he quoted an astronomical fee. He eventually went to a rival channel for a higher price. The editor there would later tell me, "Javed is like Mogambo [a Hindi film villain] - bigger than the hero! Remember him mimicking Kiran More's appealing during a World Cup game in with a series of frog jumps? Or breaking the stumps after being declared lbw in the ill-tempered series? Or fielding at silly point, literally in the batsman's pocket, with a constant burst of chatter?

India saw the best and worst of Miandad, a Jekyll and Hyde who could be perfectly affable one moment, a devilish imp the next.

Dawood is unwell but not critical, seen at Miandad’s party on April 19: Sources

Maybe his attitude reflected the dualism of the Pakistani Mohajirs - those who left India during Partition but never quite broke the umbilical cord. He was born in Karachi but his father had lived in Gujarat before Perhaps like many others from similar backgrounds, Miandad couldn't quite settle the identity question: Inwhen my father the late Dilip Sardesai invited him to play in his benefit match, Miandad rang him excitedly: In the ensuing years he more than made up.

From the time he first played a Test against India inhe showed a healthy contempt for Indian bowling. A street near one was blocked by guards earlier this year. Two trucks of gunmen sat close to another. He said there was no connection between the agency, known as ISI, and Ibrahim.

One of his brothers, Iqbal Kaskarstill lives up a dim flight of stairs nearby, a location confirmed by a family lawyer. ISI operates as an empire unto itself in Pakistan, beyond the control of any civilian authority. It smoothed the way for Ibrahim to make illegal shipments in the region, said Gopal K. That bond grew tighter as Ibrahim spent time in Dubai, where criminals, businessmen and spies from across the region had space to mix in a murky underworld, Pillai said in a meeting in Delhi late last year.

So, he got into that. Riots followed between rampaging mobs of Hindus and Muslims that month and the next. Hundreds of people were killed in Mumbai, the majority of them Muslim. They attributed his role in the bombings in varying degrees to a desire for revenge after the bloodshed in Mumbai and the ISI sensing an opportunity to exploit him to strike an old foe. The spy agency gave safe haven for him personally as well as his broader criminal network, with Ibrahim in return offering financial backing and logistical support to ISI-backed militant groups.

US officials have kept tabs on Ibrahim over the years, according to diplomatic cables published by WikiLeaks in He set up a manufacturing unit on the outskirts of Shanghai and Rs 2, crore worth of supplies were flown to India illegally through the border towns of Nepalganj and Biratnagar. Indian Customs officials say the exchequer loses an estimated Rs crore in taxes every year but no action has been taken against the garment smugglers and traders.

Dawood, listed in Mumbai Police records as an "absconding accused" and charged-along with his brother Anees Ibrahim-with masterminding the Mumbai serial bombings, is trying hard to gain legitimacy in his businesses. In India, he has been working overtime to develop links with top realtors.

Some of them, claims Mumbai Police, were in touch with the don and had sought funds for developing real estate across Maharashtra.

With Dawood as its secret guest, neighbours doubt Pakistan’s terrorism fight - Livemint

One of the co-owners of DB Realty, Vinod Goenka, currently in jail after being charge-sheeted in the 2G spectrum scam, has been investigated for his underworld links. Iqbal Kaskar waves at his supporters after he was granted bail in InMumbai-based builder Umesh Gandhi was arrested after Iqbal Attarwala, an aide of Dawood, named him in a land-grabbing case in Malad.

Javed Miandad has no regret on relations with Dawood

The police got a clue of Dawood's real estate business after they arrested Karimullah Khan, an accused in the blasts, in Khan revealed details of Dawood's benami investments in real estate markets across India and legitimate investments in Karachi, along with his close associate Tiger Memon, the other mastermind of the blasts.

There are also legitimate investments that come through proper channels. Sources at the Bombay Stock Exchange say funds from Dawood and his associates now come through the foreign institutional investor FII route. SEBI even tried checking dubious realtors.

Dawood's clout with the sheikhs was evident after the fugitive was seen actively participating in buzzard-hunting expeditions near the Guddu and Sukku barrages across the Indus river in Pakistan. But investigators made little headway into tracking investments made by Dawood and his syndicate in specific stocks. Dawood was recently involved in an effort to bail out the cash-starved Pakistan Railways. Early this year, ISIwhich provides him protection in Karachi, had asked him to divert some of his cash to ensure smooth functioning of the railways.

The request was made when, in a series of strange incidents, freight trains loaded with grain and cement ran out of fuel across the country. He has investments in the Karachi stock market, construction companies, malls, cement companies and an oil company in the Gulf. Though passionate about cricket, the don cannot visit stadiums to watch matches in Pakistan or the Middle East.

He, however, controls Asia's biggest betting syndicate through his Karachi-based aide, Shoaib Khan, and Dubai-based partner, Sunil Dubai. The enraged Indian government auctioned his sprawling Bhopal bungalow in for Rs 4. Dawood has been procuring his drug supplies from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan since Al Qaeda uses Dawood's channels to transport narcotics, money and terrorists from Afghanistan.

In return, Dawood provides finance to Lashkar-e-Toiba for its anti-India activities. Dawood also used his Al Qaeda connections to enter Afghanistan's illegal Scotch whisky trade which uses mules to carry the spirit into Pakistan for bottling.