Jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship goals

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jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship goals

Sasikala is proposed to become the next Chief Minister. Jayalalithaa and Sasikala shared an enigmatic relationship and the latter was the. But, I hope they identified it's not serving any purpose for both corrupt spearheads. The relationship between J Jayalalithaa and her companion Sasikala. MGR, who was considerably older than Jayalalithaa, founded the AIADMK (All her early political career to her relationship with MGR, Jayalalithaa asserted . her willingness to sanction violence in pursuit of her goals -- eventually reversed .

Sasikala Natarajan: Friend, shadow, sister and now Jayalalithaa’s political heir

She soon announced that she was keeping a distance from her friend. But Sasikala too was named in 39 cases and was arrested in June for alleged illegal foreign exchange transactions. Having passed the loyalty test, Sasikala was back in Poes Garden. But even as she gave up her jewels and her silk sarees, putting the years of ostentation and splendour behind her, best friend Sasikala surrounded Jayalalithaa with her family members, who peddled their influence in the state.

Turbulence, however, returned to their friendship in A terse statement issued at the time, instructed AIADMK cadres to not have any truck with Sasikala and the others expelled from the party.

A moving letter she had written was beamed on Jaya TV. For 24 years, I have been living under the same roof. Joining the controversy about who would own what of the late chief minister's property, cash and jewellery and now joining the controversy is Jayalalithaa's estranged younger sister's daughter Amrutha who lives in Kengeri on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Let it be handed over to the government and this can be utilised for the people of Tamil Nadu," Amrutha said. She was extremely heartbroken when she was not allowed to visit her aunt while she was under treatment at the Apollo hospital in Chennai. When we went over there, the police said that she wasn't there and was being treated elsewhere," she said.

She along with her family members rushed to Chennai but was denied permission to see Jayalalithaa's mortal remains. It was a leader belonging to the DMK who took us to see her. It was difficult for him as well but he did his best," Amruttha said. In Jayalalithaa dismissedstriking government employees; a court reinstated them shortly thereafter.

Sasikala, In Tears, Reveals To Lawmakers 'Jayalalithaa's Last words'

But her decision came back to haunt Jayalalithaa as the ire of the fired employees and their families is believed to have played a significant role in the electoral drubbing the AIADMK took in Political party or cult of personality? SBU Jayalalithaa is the consummate autocrat. A prominent Congress party official described the Tamil Nadu political parties this way: Congress isn't a party, it's a mob that comes together for elections. Senior AIADMK leaders, especially men, used to physically prostrate themselves before her to demonstrate their obeisance.

Jayalalithaa has since started to discourage the practice after the English language media began to mock it. SBU Her party's devotion to her literally marks Chennai's visual landscape. Visitors to Tamil Nadu soon take note of the political parties' liberal use of billboards, flags, and posters. Gigantic cut-out posters and paintings of the AIADMK leader dot the city, with representations of Jayalalithaa through the ages -- from young movie star to today's more matronly political look.

Her supporters' fervor takes on a religious tone. In the past her supporters have run into trouble with religious groups for depicting her variously as a Hindu goddess and the Virgin Mary. Jayalalithaa is the party's sole decision-maker; even the most mundane matters require her personal approval.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship goals

She accepts counsel from a very limited circle of advisors, none of whom is allowed to become too powerful on their own. An unusual relationship, extreme corruption Sasikala, as she is widely known, is variously referred to as Jayalalithaa's "confidante," "companion," and "associate.

How ties soured between Jayalalithaa and Sasikala

The marriage of Sasikala's nephew V. Sudhakaran saw the intersection of their unique relationship and the corruption allegations that have long hounded Jayalalithaa.

jayalalithaa and sasikala relationship goals

Then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa formally adopted Sudhakaran as her son prior to the marriage. She hosted the wedding, making liberal use of public facilities, workers, and funds in the process.

According to media reports, the wedding was CHENNAI OF performed beforeguests in a thirty acre tent which had been designed by movie art directors. The lavishness of the wedding made national and international news, and is widely credited with leading to her defeat at the polls. A senior member of The Hindu's editorial staff told post that although Indian voters expect some corruption from their political leaders, Jayalalithaa's "ostentatiousness went too far" for the electorate.

He added that Sudhakaran's wedding was "the final straw.