Jules and grayson relationship help

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jules and grayson relationship help

Ellie and Laurie help Jules realize that it's ok to be selfish once in a while, when Summary: Jules accidentally tells Grayson he's hot and tries to get him to admit Meanwhile, after Travis finds out about Jules and Josh's relationship, Josh. Cougar Town is an American television sitcom that aired on ABC and later TBS. The characters The rest of the group finds her relationship with Travis somewhat scary and it has even been Jules and Grayson get engaged at the beginning of Season 3 and are later married on the beach at the end of the season. Jules. Jules (Courteney Cox) and Grayson (Josh Hopkins), the may be taking a step toward an actual romantic relationship in the coming episodes.

Like Jules Grayson got divorced and starts dating younger partners. He becomes friends with Jules and after a series of flirting between the two he eventually falls for her. He is usually the one to calm Jules when she overreacts. Jules is very protective of Travis and interferes in every aspect of his life which sometimes seems very inappropriate. Bobby Cobb Bobby Cobb is Jules ex-husband. She supported him after the divorce for a number of years until he resisted.

Despite being divorced she still considers Bobby to be one of her best friends. Ellie is married to Andy Torres, and the two have a son, Stan. She is the sarcastic, unapologetic confidante who is often jealous of Jules' young assistant and friend, Laurie.

The two have an outwardly spiteful relationship, in which they constantly exchange verbal jabs and insults; however, several episodes reveal that she has a soft spot for Laurie, whom she refers to as "jellybean. Ellie quit her job as a lawyer to stay home with Stan, though enjoys a copious amount of freedom since Andy hired a nanny for her as a surprise. Ellie's marriage to Andy is a happy one: Andy, in turn, absolutely adores Ellie, and she often uses this to her advantage.

She has also shown attraction towards other men, including Bobby and Grayson. However, she has admitted that she loves Andy "so much" that if something happened to him, she would not know what to do.

jules and grayson relationship help

Ellie loves to gossip and make judgmental comments about others, which makes her seem mean; however, she is also fiercely loyal to her friends. The smartest and most grounded of the characters, she frequently finds she has to be the "adult" of the group, much to her annoyance. Her birthday is on Valentine's Day. Laurie works with Jules in the same real estate office as her assistant. Laurie often encourages Jules to get out and have fun and tries to reacquaint her to the world of dating.

She considers herself Jules' best friend, although Jules' actual best friend is Ellie. Laurie spent much of her youth in and out of foster homes, and early in the series she is struggling to live life as a functional adult. She sees Jules as a mentor in some ways, frequently asking her for help and advice.

Laurie is known for her fun-loving, unashamedly wild personality, frequently engaging in and bragging about her one-night stands and hookups. Late in season 1, Laurie dates a rich young law student named Smith Frank. When Smith leaves to return to school, Grayson tries to cheer her up and the two end up having sex.

The next morning, they both agree to keep it a secret from the rest of the group. After Jules and Grayson start dating, the secret emerges and deeply upsets Jules; however, she eventually forgives Grayson because they were not in a relationship at the time and Laurie because the bad breakup with Smith moves her to pity. Laurie's flirty relationship with Jules' son Travis, who is several years her junior, is another concept often revisited by the group.

Travis has stronger feelings for Laurie than she does for him, which she finds entertaining and flattering.

In the season 2 finale, Laurie manipulates Travis' feelings for her to convince him to return to Florida after he runs away to Hawaii. During season 3, Travis tries to pull away from Laurie, stating that it is difficult for him to be around her when he has such strong feelings for her, knowing she probably will never feel the same way. However, after an embarrassing scene in the season 3 finale, Laurie begins to see Travis in a more romantic way.

She eventually realizes she has feelings towards Travis near the end of the fourth season, and she reveals this to him. The two share their first kiss in the season finale. As of season 5, they are officially a couple.

In the season 5 finale, Laurie gives Jules some of her urine to use for a physical, as Jules had happy pills in her system at the time, and it was revealed that she is pregnant with Travis's child.

Cougar Town: The Wedding [3x15]

He spent most of their marriage touring as a semi-pro golfer and cheated on her several times, leading to their divorce. After the divorce, he spent his time as a golf instructor and grass-cutter at Travis' high school, while hanging out with his best friend, Andy.

jules and grayson relationship help

During this time, he lived on a grounded houseboat and drove a well-worn golf cart for transportation. He also invented the game 'Penny Can' which becomes very popular, first among the group but later among a wide variety of people after Roger Frank the father of Laurie's ex-boyfriend purchases it for his company.

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Throughout the series, he has been shown to not have as many relationships as he'd like. Some of his flings included Jules' dermatologist, Travis's photography teacher, and a woman named Sam, all of which ended in disaster. He is dating a tom-boyish redhead named Lisa Riggs. During the last season, Bobby is rarely seen, as he was encouraged by Andy to take a well-paying golf pro job in Georgia.

He loves both of his parents although is constantly embarrassed by both of them. At school, he constantly deals with humiliation from his friends and classmates. Laurie tells him he needs to play defense when a woman is mad at him. In Smith's case, he takes Laurie shopping. For Andy, he pretends to sleep. After much planning, Travis tries out his defense on Laurie and Ellie. He agrees with anything they say. They agree he's the perfect "yes man.

It seems that Bobby runs when he's confronted with bad news. Jules had to chase him with a stolen ATV to serve him divorce papers. It certainly didn't help that Bobby was upset about being a third wheel these days. With Kylie and Travis, with Laurie and Smith, even his dog ignores him now for his new girlfriend. I gotta tell you, we're the last three standing.

Season One

Sure enough, Jules and Travis chicken out. Jules wants to know why Grayson didn't help, and Grayson wants to know why she needs a plan to do it. Jules convinces Ellie and Laurie to go away with her for a wild weekend. Meanwhile, Grayson watches over Travis, while Jules is away.

jules and grayson relationship help

Lee Shallat Chemel - Written by: Jules' plan for a romantic dinner for two backfires for Thanksgiving. Travis shows off his girlfriend Kylie to everyone. Jules gives Travis and Kylie advice on birth control. Bobby and Grayson bond over a common interest.

John Putch - Written by: A wealthy man, Jeff has an ulterior motive in his search for an expensive home; Ellie tests her trust of Andy by leaving their baby with him for a day. Millicent Shelton - Written by: Despite fearing the meanest and most unrelenting dermatologist in town, Dr. Amy Evans, Jules and Ellie are willing to endure the harsh ridicule and wrath for an appointment with the best in the business.

But when Jules learns Dr.

jules and grayson relationship help

Evans is seeing Bobby, she's determined to stand up to her and protect him. Meanwhile, Travis gets advice from Andy about women.

Jules freaks out when things heat up with her boyfriend, Jeff. Meanwhile, Laurie seeks diversion sex with an unsuspecting friend and Andy spills the beans about his big secret. Mara Brock Akil Summary: In the aftermath of her breakup with Jeff, Jules turns to Bobby for some solace. Meanwhile, Laurie discovers a common thread between Jules and Grayson, and Travis' plans for a night with girlfriend Kylie don't go exactly as planned.

A hot tennis instructor gets between Ellie and Jules, Laurie turns to Travis to be her conscience, and Andy and Grayson try to comfort Bobby who is nursing a fresh heartbreak over his ex-wife. When everyone else makes plans for Valentine's Day, Jules looks to Grayson for company, only to learn he hates the holiday. Meanwhile, Bobby and Jules are at an impasse over letting Travis go to a party, Ellie is determined to triumph as alpha dog over Grayson, and Laurie meets Smith's dad.

March 3, Directed by: Laurie needs a co-signer to buy her first condo and finds her less than stellar, absentee mother guest starring Beverly D'Angelo as Sheila no help at all. Meanwhile, Bobby is mugged by a woman and Travis comes to Barb's aid after her latest cosmetic surgery procedure. March 10, Directed by: