Julia child and jacques pepin relationship tips

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julia child and jacques pepin relationship tips

Remembering Julia Child: Reflections from Jacques Pépin glorious (and sometimes grotesque) ways in which we create and consume food. Surely, a friendship and working relationship of more than 40 years would yield. Jacques Pépin was an exception to the rule: a TV chef who explained late Julia Child, and former New York Times food columnist—is obscure, exactly. His encyclopedic guide to French cooking, La Technique, . Pépin's vague, improvisatory relationship with recipes is refreshing, even liberating. Jacques Pépin, the man who showed me the way to back to the light. Ask Jacques Pépin, one of the world's first celebrity chefs, for his tips on designing a home kitchen. . of course, Julia Child whose Mastering the Art of French Cooking I had another relationship, a better one, though it also ended.

So I asked him to at least share with me one of his favorite memories of Julia. Something that truly captured her spirit.

5 Questions: Chef Jacques Pépin whips up a new show -- and an enduring story of Julia Child

So he took me back to a taping of their program together. And because the show was on PBS, they had sponsors instead of advertisers, so frequently, representatives from the sponsor companies would come to tapings.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship tips

She says she wants to use the food processor. I want to use Crisco. And that was Jacques. The reason so many of us still love Julia, and especially Julia and Jacques together, is because they made cooking, which to many had seemed like nothing but drudgery and work, a true pleasure.

She had no taboo in that sense. I think we demystified cooking to a certain point and showed the fun of cooking together and sharing food together.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship tips

This article was syndicated by MediaFeed. How has your cooking style evolved during your career? It did evolve and it didn't.

julia child and jacques pepin relationship tips

Again, when Julia and I did our series, my cooking style was certainly less French than hers in many ways. We'd start to do something and I'd want to do it one way and she'd say, 'That's not right, that's not the French way' and so we'd argue and we'd have a bottle of wine and everything would come out fine.

Someone wants to learn to cook. What are the first three things they should know? Too many people start to learn to cook with big handicaps, like bad knives or an ugly skillet. That makes their lives very difficult. You should have a nice setup too — a big butcher block table or enough counter space to work with, good lighting, a layout that makes it easy to access different areas easily.

Then if you don't know how to cook, have a friend who likes to cook come over and have a bottle of wine, put a chicken in the oven for an hour and it will be good. It doesn't have to be complicated. Early in your career, a cook, even a chef, was very much a blue-collar worker.

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Now it seems like they're a combination of rock star and social movement leader. I find it amazing. Before, people wanted their children to be doctors and lawyers, not cooks. Nobody ever said cooks were artists or cooks were geniuses. But it can go too far as well; some people really do start to believe they are geniuses.