Laura aikman and leigh francis relationship help

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laura aikman and leigh francis relationship help

Lemon La Vida Loca. Like this show. ITV2 sitcom following Keith Lemon. 12 episodes (2 series), - Stars Leigh Francis and Laura Aikman. Aug 2, Not that I'm overly interested but I just saw keith lemon on This morning with his girlfriend talking about their new 'katie & peter' li. Leigh francis is a married father of 1 . Please help to bring Madeleine home safely to her family xx She's called Laura Aikman - played May (junior doctor) in Casualty. Apr 5, LAURA AIKMAN AND KEITH LEMON. 2. “I auditioned for the first series and didn't get it,” reveals the actress. “I was on the way.

He is talking to another woman you about problems with his current girlfriend.

laura aikman and leigh francis relationship help

Men of integrity, men worth having, don't bad mouth their women to other people. This is a big one for me.

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I've never understood phone sex or virtual sex. Personally, I'm not going there, you have to make your own choices. But it is, for all intents and purposes, sex. Say you got back with him.

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Is it alright with you for him to have virtual sex with other women when he is your boyfriend? He is not being honest with you. Does he want you or her? If he was being honest with you, you would feel confident about it.

To me it sounds like he may be playing both of you. Maybe the problem is that he isn't being honest with himself and doesn't really know what he wants.

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So the question is. It may be far better to move on. In any case, right now you are coming from a position of weakness that says "treat me any way you want and I'll put up with it, I'm a door mat. A man worth having doesn't want a doormat. You want a man who will not mistreat you and who would be faithful to you.

Is Keith Lemon's girlfriend Rosie real?

Eventually you are going to want to get married. You don't want to marry someone that is going to be heartache and headaches. Exciting is not a bad thing, money is not a bad thing, handsome is not a bad thing If he's all about money, you are just an ornament. If he isn't about money at all, you are going to be struggling financially and stressing the relationship too much.

We'd written and shot it just before I'd gone out, and I'd said to myself 'Well, I'm not going to have a drink until we've found out that we've got the green light. I think comedy is probably my strength; I love to do drama, but there's less room for improvisation or putting your own spin on a role. If you've lost a baby, you've lost a baby. You just have to act it as it's written.

That pre-empts our next question actually: I mean, there's no script, it's completely improvised comedy, but we'd write a story arc and then completely improvise out the scenes. It was amazing, a really free experience and I've never done anything like it before. It was brilliant, I really enjoyed it. That sounds equally exciting and nervewracking, especially around Keith!

He's quite an extreme, manic character! Yes, you never know quite what Leigh is going to come out with when he's being Keith! He's Keith all day long; he's even Keith at lunch time. So, um, yeah - it's a lot to cope with! So, to a point, I did try to take on the character, make him do things and go places and be quiet and sit down. All that kind of stuff. But it was great and he was a really great friend.

Laura Aikman

We had a lot of fun making it, and we had a real laugh, genuinely, a lot of the time. It's been a bit of a disappointment to some fans that you've not returned for Series 2, apart from a small cameo Yeah, I mean, it wasn't my choice, Leigh wanted Keith to be single again, and you know, he's the machine.

So it was a shame, because we devised the series together - devised the idea for the show together - but I think he would've wanted me to be Rosie in the way that he is Keith, that I would carry on just appearing as that character, all the time.

And I wasn't prepared not to do any other acting roles. So that kind of meant we had to move away from each other. It doesn't sound like there's much chance of Rosie returning if the show comes back for a third series either then? Um, probably not, no.

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I mean, I know a lot of people have been disappointed that Rosie's gone so I don't know if that will change anything in terms of what Leigh wants to do, but yeah I think maybe unless I was prepared to just be Rosie, I don't think it'll happen. That does seem a shame. You must've come up with the show whilst shooting Keith Lemon The Film?

Yeah, when we started filming the movie, the character of Rosie wasn't very She was just kind of 'the girl next door'. So Leigh had asked me what I thought should be changed, and I went away and wrote this back-story for Rosie and created the character. But we didn't get to work on her that much in the film, so afterwards, as we'd got on really well, he said 'Well, what do you think about doing something else together?

Then you can use all this work you've done on Rosie's background and everything', and I said 'Yes, definitely! We smuggled ourselves into the National Television Awards with just this GoPro camera or something and filmed half of the teaser there, which I'm sure we weren't allowed to do! We took it to ITV2 and luckily he's got a lot of sway there, so it wasn't too gruelling a process to get it green-lit.

A lot of people just really have a brain block when it comes to this! Giggles Even people who have worked out that my name's Laura and I'm being Rosie in the show, many seem to think that I've simply changed my name and I'm just being myself in the show, or they think that I - Laura - am in a relationship with Leigh in real life, and we're both pretending in the show!

I think that Leigh is Keith and that I'm just pretending! I can't, hehe, even now, I've said SO many times that Rosie's not real.

I've said it so many times on Twitter, but I got one even just this morning asking 'Are you and Keith really a couple? You don't really believe that Dot Cotton's Dot Cotton! Why are we having such a problem with this?! What was that experience like? Would you do more studio sitcoms? I love studio recordings! I'm doing a guest role in Citizen Khan actually, in about two weeks.

laura aikman and leigh francis relationship help