Lelouch and kallen relationship trust

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lelouch and kallen relationship trust

Apr 12, And why did CC remember everything, but Kallen and Suzaku didn't? Given the likely relationship with Geass—" "I may have borderline personality disorder and severe trust issues, CC, but you have anxiety that dwarves. The end of Season 1: Lelouch and C.C. trigger a trap that links their minds, but this reveals how much he trusts Suzaku and also how he hopes that Nunally will give His relationship with C.C. feels like a marriage, all of the sudden. is in one of the photos with the other Black Knights, showing that Kallen feels at least. Dec 1, Yes he tried to kiss Kallen and told her to comfort him before but that was because he What is the relationship between Lelouch and Shirley in Code Geass? . out Lelouch was him she felt bad and hated and didn't trust Lelouch for a while.

Something that he is very much intending to do. See, Lelouch is a brilliant young man. He has a strategic mind that is almost unmatched, even among the Britannian royal family. He had a great deal of siblings, and each and every one of them regarded him with respect. Many hated him, given the fact that his mother was not of noble birth. However, they respected his intellect in a profound way. His brilliant mind is his most valuable asset, but it is not his only one.

After the initial invasion and conquest of Japan, there is a lot of rebellion against the Britannian military. One day, Lelouch just so happens to get caught up in a battle and finds a young woman by the name of CC referred to as C2 in the show.

She is shot and Lelouch is about to be killed. As he is about to die, she grabs him and makes a contract with him. She will give him the ability to save himself, if he does something for her. The terms are unclear, but he accepts. For Lelouch, it allows him to have absolute power over a person he gives a command to.

They cannot disobey that command. However, this talent has limits. For one, he has to have direct eye contact. He can also only use it on a person once. With this talent, he is finally able to begin his revolution to bring down Britannia. Lelouch does this through a masked persona called Zero.

And if they ever found out that he is a Britannian prince, they would likely kill him. Thus, his masked campaign to bring down Britannia begins. So, how to talk about this character. The biggest thing about Lelouch is that he is torn in a lot of ways. The further he gets down the path of destroying Britannia, the more he realizes that the reasons he starts out — to make a better world for his little sister, are getting lost among the battles and the choices he is having to make.

See, there is a constant battle within Lelouch over how far to go with his revolution. As he goes further and further, he is having to make harsher and harsher choices.

lelouch and kallen relationship trust

But what sets him apart from a character like Light Yagami is that while he does do horrifically awful things and uses people in cold ways, he has an awareness of his actions and it does cause him a lot of inner turmoil. Something that gets harder and harder to deal with as he is having to make more of them over the course of the series. It makes his character growth that much more fascinating, as he is having to choose where his loyalties lie.

Another interesting aspect with Lelouch are his personal relationships. While he bitterly hates his father and the nation of Britannia, there are a lot of mixed feelings about members of it. For instance, one of his half-sisters, Euphemia, was who he considered to be the first girl he genuinely loved. He also had a fair amount of respect for Schnizel and Cornelia, the siblings who were a genuine threat to his intellect, though for very different reasons.

Cornelia was the lesser threat, as she was just about vanity and destruction, being big about offense and going all-out. She only becomes a threat to him in actual battle. Schnizel, on the other hand, is a mental threat in the highest. He always seems to predict his moves. Lelouch once mused about the fact that growing up, he could never beat Schnizel at chess. Had things not worked out the way they had, who knows what their relationship would have been.

The biggest relationship in his life is with his little sister, Nunnally. He believes her condition to be psychosomatic, due to the trauma of seeing their mother killed. Having been her sole caretaker for a long time, he has a deep bond with her that makes the points when he has to use her trust in him that much harder for him.

However, this ties in to the fact that he is having to make harsher decisions as he goes along.

lelouch and kallen relationship trust

As the series progresses, you see the relationship become more and more strained. Another important relationship in his life is CC. She becomes his closest ally, though they were initially distrustful of one-another. He looked up at the mirror again to see CC leaning against the door behind him.

It's like I need to stay awake after you go to class, so we might as well talk now. And you don't have to worry about anyone else remembering. At least, you shouldn't have to. I—I couldn't lose you. Separating to catch his breath, Lelouch rested his forehead on hers, their heavy panting in unison.

We couldn't before because of my own mistakes," he continued apologetically, "but whether we find a way to get rid of your code without me taking it, or if I have to take VV's code and continue on with you, I will not leave you. But what is this, then? You know me better than anyone, and stayed with me through two years of chaos and war and pain.

I don't really know what love is beyond my affection for Nunnally," he admitted honestly, "but I know there is no one on this earth who I would rather have at my side. She released him from her arms to allow him to begin to dress for school. Lelouch shrugged in amusement. I don't want you to be worried about that.

I'll see you tonight. The student council meeting had gone by quickly once he'd actually buckled down on it, and he'd drifted through his classes without thinking, too preoccupied planning his next moves to actually pay attention. He didn't even really think about his conversation with CC this morning; there was simply too much to do. The most immediate dilemma is how to approach the future Black Knights, he concluded as the bell rang. All of the different options had their own pros and cons, of course.

The first to have been ruled out was actually telling them that he was a prince. That was almost sure to cause more trouble than it was worth. There was the long term risk that they would eventually find out and react similarly to when Schneizel told them before, but as long as Lelouch Lamperouge was at least known to them in some way, that should be manageable.

Geass was a more difficult question. It might make sense to at least tell some of the leaders—maybe even all of the original members—about it, but making it common knowledge once the Black Knights started to grow was out of the question. See something you like? The prince realized he'd been absently-mindedly looking at Kallen and gave a noncommittal shrug. Kallen's been out with some sort of illness for most of the semester.

How did I ever put up with him? Also, she's on Milly's short list for the student council, and she asked me to talk to her about it after class today. He ignored Rivalz for the rest of class, finally finding relief when the ending bell rang. Standing up, Lelouch snaked his way around the desks to reach his target. Could I speak with you, please? It's regarding student council business. We're a bit short-handed right now, and you need an extracurricular anyway, so she figured you'd fit right in," he explained as they exited the main building and walked toward the student council 'capitol', as the President liked to style it.

I mean, I guess so. You're the Vice President, right? Mostly, we just handle festivals and such, like the absolute silence party and swimsuit day—" "Wait, those actually happened? I thought that my friends were just bullshitting me! Be warned, Milly forces the student council to 'cooperate fully,' so I was the one stuck actually being involved in the damn things. Speaking of getting familiarized with our jobs, though, you shouldn't have a problem.

To be honest, we don't do a whole lot, and what you need to know you can figure out on the fly. He took out a nondescript phone from his pocket and opened up the single text message in the inbox before offering it to her. What on earth are you doing?! Wasn't the induction supposed to be tomorrow?

Kallen's not even been back a day, and you're already making moves. At least wait for an explanation. Drop it, just this once. There were equal parts curiosity, amusement, and concern warring in the blonde's eyes and she cocked her head to one side, but she shrugged.

Milly grinned at the shocked expressions of the other three members. Is it so hard to believe he did it again?

Looking Glass - Kallen and Lelouch

And since she just tried to beat me up, I doubt that will change in the near future. Oh, not again… The prince groaned internally as he watched the familiar scene unfold.

He was surprised it happened a day earlier for some reason, but Kallen still managed to get soaked with champagne. At least I won't get threatened with a knife this time. She was quiet for a moment, too embarrassed to ask, but finally built up her courage. I want to talk about our 'mutual friend', but… could you face the door while I dry and dress? Have you read the message?

Kallen Kōzuki

Kallen realized she'd forgotten to do so and pulled out the phone. He is one of my oldest and most trusted friends, and will help you as well. Still, this Zero had led us to victory once because we'd trusted him.

I suppose I owe it to him to at least give this Brit a chance. I'll accept that you work for Zero, but you need to answer some of my questions. Her grip on the hidden knife in her pouch tightened and she took a step toward him. Lelouch breathed a sigh of relief. As to the most important one to you—why I'm fighting my own country—you've already met her.

But before I continue, I want your word that you'll not tell anyone about this, other than this Ohgi that Zero spoke of; I assume he's the leader of your group. You two will be able to convince the others to at least give me a shot, we can build trust from there, but I can count the number of people who know even parts of my story on my fingers, and I plan to keep it that way. It's safer for her. In the same attack, Nunnally was crippled when a bullet hit her, and was also blinded—apparently a psychosomatic response to the trauma of witnessing her mother gunned down in front of her.

lelouch and kallen relationship trust

When Britannia invaded, instead of going back, we took refuge with the Ashford family—they'd been friends of my mother's and I met Reuben several times in Pendragon—and changed our names. I doubt it would surprise her, though; she's smarter than she acts.

But why fight back against the empire as a whole? But you're right, there are other reasons. First, Nunnally can't live happily as long as Britannia exists; it will just continue to label her as weak and thus not worth any attention. Maybe more importantly, I've dug up evidence that my mother was killed by the Emperor, or at least someone close to him.

The evidence is circumstantial, but pretty conclusive. I hate the empire for hurting Nunnally, and the emperor for letting my mother's killer get away with it, and working with Zero lets me achieve my goals. Is that convincing enough for you? Is it really enough to explain it all? He's probably not telling me everything, but I barely know him.

And even though I hate Britannia because it oppresses my people, I'd be kidding myself if Naoto wasn't a big reason. And I promise not to talk to anyone but Ohgi about it.

I'd heard the stories, but if someone that close to her is terrified… The red-head suddenly realized just how much trouble she was in for as Lelouch opened the door to the student council lounge. Lelouch heard Nunnally's cry as soon as he opened the door. It still surprised him, the way she knew who was coming. It's a mistake, right?

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Suzaku didn't kill Clovis! His thoughts racing, Lelouch rushed to Nunnally and took hold of her hands, squeezing gently. Of course he didn't do it, Nunnally. And once they figure out he didn't do it, I'll make sure to bring him here, OK? I'll talk to you tomorrow. He'd originally planned to introduce CC then, but his sister had been so preoccupied that he didn't want to pile on any more stress.

He'd never do anything like that, even to someone who deserved it. Once court figures that out, he'll be fine, and then we'll meet him again, OK? Nunnally nestled her cheek in the palm of Lelouch's hand. Suzaku's going to be alright, and we're going to talk to him again soon.

I love you, big brother. She… she said she loved me.