Louis and armand relationship quiz

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louis and armand relationship quiz

This is a quiz based on Anne Rices famous character, Lestat de Lioncourt. I have used references his mother. the wolves. Nicolas and their relationship Lestat was in Paris when Louis and Claudia were abducted by the coven. True. False. Their relationship often vacillated between seething hatred and .. Armand Louis de Pointe du Lac Marius de Romanus. This is the titular. He meets the vampires Louie and Claudia when they come to Paris and he . Klaus, though a series of events had soured their relationship.

Which story had vampires who lacked bite?

louis and armand relationship quiz

Question 8 Do you recognize this character from The Vampire Diaries? She was the sheriff's daughter and her life changed drastically after she was turned into a vampire. Understandably, her entire world was rocked. She felt as though she was seeing it for the first time and in a sense, she was. This character was not only incredibly strong in spirit, but also very loyal to her friends.

She would do anything for them. What is her name? Question 9 Do you recognize this vampire slayer? Nicki Kennedy Faith After Buffy's brief brush with death, another slayer was called. When she tragically lost her life, this slayer came into the picture, despite the fact that Buffy survived.

She was always kind of Buffy's dark reflection, the "Cain to her Abel", as Caleb the evil preacher once said. However, like Angel before her, eventually this slayer sought redemption. She had a great many sins to atone for, but by the time the series ended, she was well on her way.

Do you recall her name?

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A spell A cross An invitation This myth can actually be traced back to many types of mythological creatures, most likely to make people feel as though they had some semblance of control over the situation. Like most other vampire lore, we can thank Bram Stoker for this officially becoming a part of their mythology. The answer actually isn't as straightforward as you might think, considering placing new shoes on the table can act as a welcoming mat for the undead.

What does a vampire need in order to come on inside? A silver sword A wooden stake A golden scythe There are several ways to kill a vampire. Typically, it comes down to fire, sunlight, beheading or this weapon.

In early vampire tales, these objects were typically used to pin a vampire to its coffin while it slept. What weapon was used? Question 12 Does this vampire couple look familiar? Their relationship was incredibly toxic, but they were also monsters, so somehow, it worked.

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They may have been soulless, but they did love each other and both characters quickly became fan favorites. These vamps also showed a completely different side of the undead and it was a largely sympathetic one. We may not have been rooting for them to die, but we certainly wanted them to survive.

Question 13 Who is this vampire hunter? Blade Morbius Rafe Kovich Based on the Marvel Comics character of the same name, this film - titled for its central hero - was released in Wesley Snipes starred as the human-vampire hybrid who had "all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses".

He used these gifts to protect humanity from the undead. His mother was bitten while she was pregnant with him, so he wound becoming what was referred to as a "daywalker".

Book vs Film: Interview with the Vampire

Do you know the name of this famous vampire hunter? Question 14 Typically, what do vampires see in the mirror?

louis and armand relationship quiz

They appear as old as they truly are They see how they will die They look more demon than human Nothing, they cast no reflection We return now to another bit of lore that can be traced back to Bram Stoker: Of course, this is not true in all stories.

For example, we have already been over how much Twilight departs from typical vampire lore. However, in the vast majority of vampire tales, this is what the undead see when they look in the mirror. Can you remember what it is that stares back at them? Question 15 Do you recognize this True Blood vampire? Seriously, fans were just as drawn to this charming, taciturn and oh yeah, handsome vampire as Sookie was - at least until they got to know Eric. The poor guy never stood a chance. Still, the actor who portrayed him, Stephen Moyer, is married to Anna Paquin, which explains their undeniable chemistry.

Viewers can be fickle, but their real life love was not. Question 16 Aside from their looks and taste in men, what did Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert have in common? Both she and Elena were played by Nina Dobrev and there was much fan speculation about the bond between the two women who shared the same face. Of course, they had more in common than that. Aside from that, there was a very special tie that bound them.

Like he had slaves and this is a thing. Which is, um, better than nothing, I suppose? Very slightly better than nothing. Two to three victims a night is nine hundred victims a year.

Lestat turns Louis in and is definitely still in New Orleans in the early 19th century. By which calculation he must have killed somewhere in the region of thirteen thousand people. According to an census the population of New Orleans was eight thousand five hundred. Which means Lestat de-populated the city one and a half times between and And maybe he only did that once or twice a year as a special treat although even then two or three dead peers every year gets noticed way faster than Team Double L apparently did.

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I mean, if you think about it, in London in a city of four million people the admittedly grisly deaths of five prostitutes shocked the nation and led to a city-wide manhunt. But apparently Lestat can just off Countesses and their young lovers at swanky society parties and nobody gives a crap. Sorry, I went on about that for a really long time. And that very metaphorical nature of vampirism also has some really interesting implications for the relationships between the characters.

If you can unpick all of that or, at least, find a way to make yourself comfortable with not having unpicked it, it actually becomes an interesting exploration of the nature of love.