Murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

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murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

Kivanc Tatlitug-Tuba Buyukustun-Murat Yildirim. #KPA - Magic Couple .. Turkish Actors, Most Favorite, Turkey, Tips, Kisses, Actresses, Turkey Country. Tuba Büyüküstün and Murat Yildirim photos, news and gossip. Find out more about. She refuses to believe on what it was quoted from Murat Yıldırım. Tuba Büyüküstün: I haven't loved my husband at first sight and there is a you have formed together a more successful couple, what is your comment? I repeat my advice to everyone that they also have to be at peace with their bodies and their souls.

Tuba Büyüküstün & Murat Yıldırım (ASI❤DEMIR) Unforgettable Love

I think that what is offered by those projects catch the interest and the feelings of people in the Middle East, especially the Arabs. In the end, we live in the same area and we have the same feelings and the same problems and we experience similar living conditions; and therefore, the stories and the emotions we present in our series are universal themes and feelings.

As for me, it is a great honour to be loved by Arab people and to benefit from this considerable support out of my country. This is a blessing for me, Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I am Turkish and I know very well the specificity of the audience in my country and how it deals with the projects presented. But I do not know the Arabs, how they deal with our series and their habits in watching TV, so I do not know whether it will succeed without dubbing or not. In a previous interview with Snob Magazine, you have said that you would like to learn Arabic, where is that wish now?

But I know a few words and short sentences and phrases. On the other hand, there is no need to become a singer since there are so many talented and professional singers who have wonderful voices.

murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

And the chemistry between the actors is very important for any acting project since without it, the public will not believe us and the project will not succeed.

Also, both actors differ from each other in their character and their way of performing. Personally, I love and get attached to each character I perform and every role I play. Is the dispute still ongoing? And why, in your opinion, he said what he said? We heard about a joint Arab - Turkish movie in which you are the leading actress.

murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

How true is that? It has also been said there is series project which brings you together with the most prominent Arabs and Turkish stars?

All About Tuba Büyüküstün: Biography, Private Life and more

But as a matter of principle, I do not mind at all participating in a project of this kind. The most important thing for me has been always the quality of what I present and the story it deals with.

Is it true you're considering buying a house in an Arab country, is likely to be Lebanon? Also, the idea has not been raised for me so far.

Murat Yildirim: biography, personal life, photos

But this is not true at all. He is, in my opinion, one of the best actors in Turkey and the most important of them currently. There is nothing else but love.

murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

I have my own way that I am taking. We were good and very close friends for nearly five years. Year later he acted in two serials: The first one tells about a simple Turkish family that respects the foundations and traditions.

Murat Yildirim: biography, personal life, photos

The main theme of the second series is complicated and unpredictable fate of the heroine named Reyhan. He played an ambitious character named Ali, who is in love with beautiful Zeynep.

murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

Their love is mutual, but not all wish them to be happy. The drama tells of a girl who had an abortion and after marriage she is pregnant again. Later, she begins to seem that the soul of the dead child's thirsts for revenge. Murat Yildirim played the husband of this young girl.

murat yildirim and tuba buyukustun relationship advice

A year later no less bright and very successful serial Asi was released where Murat Yildirim and Tuba Buyukustun become one of the best on-screen couples of The series tells about the relationship of a young man named Demir and farmer's daughter Asi. They wish to keep their family origins, love each other, but on their way there are huge obstacles.

This dramatic revolutionary film is about a young and wealthy man who went into politics. The main hero fall in love with a Greek prostitute, and even plan to marry her, but his father is against this marriage and threaten to deprive him of all the inheritance.

Political intrigue and military unrest are the backdrop of this film. The story of betrayal, hatred, deceit and love, are became one of the most popular all around the world. The story is about four friends who know each other since childhood.