Nepal and usa relationship with thailand

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nepal and usa relationship with thailand

Nepal and Thailand have been in diplomatic relations for last with countries in other part of the world including Africa, the USA, Europe. Nepal and Thailand established diplomatic relations fifty years ago. The status of diplomatic representation was raised from Ministerial level to. The United States and Thailand established relations in and signed a Treaty of Amity and Commerce in , formalizing diplomatic relations. The Treaty.

Thailand and Nepal established diplomatic relations on 30 November and it has been 58 years that our countries have developed close bonds of friendship based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

Our commonalities in religion and culture as well as economic interests have served as great tools that contribute to the increasing people-to-people contacts between Thailand and Nepal. I can honestly say that we are more similar than we think.

Thailand–United States relations

Even when our people meet, we greet each other the same way with our two hands combined. Or even in our religions, while 90 percent of Nepalis are Hindus and 90 percent of Thais are Buddhist, our belief and practices in both religions have been perfectly blended since the ancient time. In Buddhist ceremonies there are also many Hindu elements and we have to always invite Brahmin gurus to conduct our worship of gods like Shiva, Ganesh and Vishnu.

nepal and usa relationship with thailand

These reasons therefore assure us that our friendship and culture will continue to deepen and prosper in many more years ahead. On bilateral relations, our governments have been very cordial and close and we can see this fact from the frequent visits between our VVIPs and high-ranking officials. Since 13 Octoberwhen His Majesty the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej passed away, Thailand has been in the deepest grief but we have also received immense moral support from many dear friends all over the world, including Nepal.

When a book of condolences was opened for signing, a large number of Nepali officials and people across all levels and sectors came to the Royal Thai Embassy to express their condolences, which reflects the genuine care and support Nepal always has for Thailand. Every year on 5 December we celebrate three important events: On a related note, I would like to also thank the Government of Nepal as well as all authorities concerned for your support which led to a successful visit to Lumbini of Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn on 20 October this year.

As we can see, such high-level visits have greatly contributed to stronger political relations between our countries and I would like to encourage the continuity of these visits in the future. To further deepen our political ties, we should plan official visits for other important dignitaries and also to organize the Fifth Joint Commission JC Meeting between Thailand and Nepal.

It has been 13 years since the 4th JC Meeting in Kathmandu. I congratulate Nepal for the smooth and successful election and I wish that this political achievement will soon lead to a formation of the new government which will bring stability and prosperity to the nation and people of Nepal.

The earthquake in Nepal in truly affected the heart of the Thai people. It also raised awareness of the people throughout Thailand to stand by our dear friend, Nepal. In response to that earthquake, the Royal Thai Government immediately sent rescue teams, doctors and nurses as well as volunteers to relieve the situation and save the earthquake victims. Thailand views that these two UN projects are exceedingly important for the post-earthquake reconstruction in Nepal as they will help to restore the living conditions of Nepali people in areas affected by the earthquake and prepare the local community for any natural disasters that may arise in the future.

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The two countries have always been good economic partners and there is real potential for expansion of bilateral trade and investment, particularly in tourism industry, agro-business, consumer products, energy and infrastructure. I view that we should seek new strategies to fix the high imbalance in our bilateral trade volume.

Phya Suriya was unable to find a suitable candidate in Europe, and notified Phya Akaraj Varathon, the Siamese Minister in Washington, that under the circumstances, he had decided to engage an American.

nepal and usa relationship with thailand

InStrobel moved to Bangkok to take the position of general advisor, where he died January 15, Sayre —all but for Pitkin former Harvard law professors. Authority and responsibility were delegated to him. He was permitted a considerable degree of freedom in his work. It was in his capacity as a lawyer, a jurist, an advocate, and a policy counselor that the American adviser contributed significantly to the successful conclusion of the treaty negotiations with the West.

The principal bilateral arrangement is the Treaty of Amity and Economic Relationswhich facilitates U.

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Lumbini does have Lumbini Development Trust so it is a little bit difficult for Thai government to come to help in developing Lumbini. But we have already done some projects in Lumbini. Thai people have donated large sum of money to renovate and develop Maya Devi Temple and its surrounding area. Furthermore, support also has been extended to various Buddhist organizations in Nepal on projects related to Buddhism.

These activities are the testimony of strong cultural and religious link between Thailand and Nepal. Can you throw some light on global positioning, foreign policy and South-East Asian relations of Thailand?

While recognizing the importance of strengthening its ties with existing partners, Thailand continues to deepen and broaden its partnership with countries in other part of the world including Africa, the USA, Europe, Middle East and South Asia.

Thailand–U.S. Relations

Moreover, Thailand encourages people-to-people contacts with foreign countries and plays a creative role in promoting their national interest in international organizations, especially at the United Nations and regional organizations in order to preserve peace and security, promote democratic process, human rights, humanitarianism, environment and sustainable development, as well as cooperation to address all transnational issues that affect human security.

Are there any plans for extending cooperation between both nations further? Since the establishment of Thailand-Nepal diplomatic relations, the overall relations between two countries have always been excellent, based on mutual trust, respect and understanding.

We have close cooperation in various fields of common interest and mutual concerns.