Phoenix wright and miles edgeworth relationship

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phoenix wright and miles edgeworth relationship

A look at why the three main Phoenix Wright characters will be forever dateless. relationships in the Phoenix Wright series—I couldn't help but notice . where he wrote the suicide note “Miles Edgeworth chooses death”?. Miles Edgeworth character art from Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth. Edgeworth shares a strong working relationship with police detective Dick. Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth - Prosecutor's Path* He summarizes a few relationships, says he doesn't like shipping because.

Phoenix and Edgeworth are probably closer to each other than they are to Larry. I suppose calling Larry by his last name is a bit awkward, considering his name's pun. Still, the text box always refers to him as "Butz". It probably isn't that important, but I'm just curious. Anyways, I think Larry's gone by three names: Larry, Laurice, and The Butz. The first one is most definitely the most commonly used, with the middle one probably only being used to address him by folks other than Phoenix and Edgeworth who didn't know the real Larry, so to speak.

Your question, thus, is why does Edgeworth refer to Phoenix as 'Wright' and vice versa while both refer to Larry usually as 'Larry'.

Think it might be a thing of respect for each other? I mean, both are professionals while Larry is, for lack of a better term, a loser. The Dual Destinies trial itself is full of characters making quips about how close the two lawyers are.

phoenix wright and miles edgeworth relationship

Even Fulbright, an emotionless killer, comments that they exemplify the phrase "close enough to argue. The Judge steps in to smooth things over, assuring Edgeworth that the defence is only concerned about his ocular health. When the trial is over, Athena comments on their "love-hate" relationship.

Add it all up, and it seems that quite a few people in-game seem to regard the face-off between the two lawyers as a marital spat. At the end of Dual Destinies Phoenix has realized that Edgeworth stepped in to speed up the process of getting him reinstated because it was too easy a process.

Edgeworth hadn't mentioned this or tried to take credit for it, but he admits he has a lot of debts to pay up to Phoenix. He says the same in the end credits, since he now owes Phoenix again for helping acquit Blackquill, but swears to repay him someday while doing his head-tilted half smile pose.

There's also the bit where Phoenix tells Edgeworth that the frown lines on his forehead are getting too deep and he should smile more; Edgeworth tells him while smirking that he'll think about it. If you ever ask Edgeworth if he has "any ideas", he grumbles about Phoenix leaving the states without telling him.

Phoenix asks if Edgeworth missed him, which Edgeworth characteristically deflects. Apparently the Queen of Khura'in, who has never met Edgeworth, managed to predict with her immense spiritual power that he would insist on accompanying Phoenix to his audience with her. Funnily enough, it's later proved that the Queen has no spiritual power to speak of, so apparently Nick and Edgey just radiate Ho Yay vibes for miles around. They both speculate how much fun it would be to sightsee in Khura'in if they weren't there on business, although Edgeworth teasingly adds that Phoenix is the last person he'd want to go with.

And later on Phoenix makes fun of Edgeworth for his gaudy taste and his grey hair, asking if he wants to dye it black. Investigating anywhere at the Bazaar will have Edgeworth wax sentimental about how he and Phoenix are finally investigating a case "side by side", only for Phoenix to tease him for being so sentimental.

Apparently Edgeworth not only investigated Maya's kidnapping while Phoenix worked the relevant case probably a Call-Back to Justice For All where they pulled the exact same stunt togetherbut he also chartered a jet for the entire Wright Anything Agency to go to Khura'in another Call-Backthis time to Trials and Tribulationsand pulled rank with all the investigators and legal officials in Khura'in to help Phoenix.

At the beginning of their segment together, Phoenix confesses that he would have been "totally lost" without Edgeworth's help. So, how about that movie? While the infamous "unnecessary feelings" line is absent, the acting and framing in this movie makes already subtext-heavy scenes a thousand times more so, especially on Edgeworth's side. It helps that Edgeworth, for the most part, is played as less malicious and smug compared to how he is in the first game, and is a bit more clearly broken and woobie-ishand has more apparent shame in Phoenix seeing him as he is now.

Special mention goes to the second time Phoenix visits Edgeworth at the detention center, and gets his chance to explain that he wants to save Edgeworth in return for Edgeworth saving him in the class trial. Edgeworth's response is to say Phoenix's name in a tone that can best be described as "the actual sounding of an ice king's heart defrosting rapidly.

Or the utterly adorable and shy smiles he and Phoenix give one another when they meet in court during the credits. In the 3DS remake of the trilogy, the following gem appears during Iris: Edgeworth, who is Mr. He is a very dear and indispensable friend. Well, in a sense, yes. And now with the Ace Attorney anime's first episode being released, the opening involves Phoenix and Edgeworth each with a chain around their wrists, linked to one another. The anime also kept in the line about being "saddled with unnecessary feelings".

And the anime introduces a shared set of trinkets the Signal Samurai owned by Phoenix, Edgeworth, and Larry since childhood. We've yet to see adult Larry's, but Nick and Edgey still have theirs. Edgeworth even had to fight to keep from losing his to Manfred von Karma.

English speakers will never witness the joy of Phoenix and Miles switching from formal 'you' to informal 'you' in French, after that emotional talk in the last case of Trials and Tribulations. This is a big step that means they're way closer now. Even the merchandise is getting in on the action, and not merely in simple 'pose them close enough to fit on the cover' ambiguity. In Septembera series of Ace Attorney themed jewellery was announced. Most of the characters represented got pendant necklaces.

Phoenix and Edgeworth, however, were blessed with rings. Very beautiful, very engagement-like rings.

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Ace Attorneyespecially with Klavier's line about Apollo inspecting him the same way the ladies do. In the last case Trucy tells Apollo, in regards to Klavier, "I know it's hard for you but he's a handsome guy. Their very first meeeting, Klavier says to Apollo that "I've never felt this way towards a man before". At the end ofApollo's internal monologue remarks that "Prosecutor Gavin's even more dazzling to look at now".

And then in Dual Destinies, we get this moment of hilarity.

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Speaking of Dual Destinies, we also have this exchange between the two men. The Gavinners are getting back together for a one-time special performance. Even though you guys disbanded?

phoenix wright and miles edgeworth relationship

Which was a shame, by the way. Ja, I know how much you When examining a poster for a live show, Apollo mentions that there will be a band playing the Gavinners' songs. Phoenix then proceeds to taunt Apollo, calling Klavier "Herr Forehead's eternal rival". Apollo gets flustered over Phoenix calling him Herr Forehead as well, and declares that "the only one who is allowed to call him Herr Forehead is Klavier". When Miles proposes, these factors collide in the worst possible way, and painful misunderstandings abound Is it even possible to fix a relationship when both parties believe it to be completely broken?

His classmate Miles hates the silly holiday, but wants his friend to be happy. This Christmas though, that would change. This year, Miles is tired, at the end of his rope and heart sore, wondering why he even bothers.

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Will this year be different? Feeling awkward, Phoenix finds himself spending more time with Miles in an attempt to "cure" himself. Miles isn't so willing at first though! PXE in the end. The day before the bar exam, Miles finds out just how serious Phoenix is about law - and about their relationship.

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