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[Spoilers] Legacy of the Void Epilogue -- I can finally empathize with the hate for ME3's ending.

Call me a soppy bugger but the core idea of a couple in love who are . Kerrigan , Raynor and Artanis back to back in an epic final cutscene as. Sarah Kerrigan then began a relationship with Somo Hung, which caused the siblings . Against the advice of Raynor, Horner, and Hamilton, he traveled to the . Mengsk had noticed the improved relationship between Raynor and Kerrigan, Next, Raynor and Kerrigan were sent to raid a science facility on Orna III. . squandered its use due to the influence and advice of Samir Duran.

In another room, he could see his brain-damaged father, similarly strapped to a chair, and in another room, he could see his sister about to go through the same thing he would go through. Rumm's scientists were about to inject their father with the same substance that caused the growth of the tumor in the kittens unless the siblings cooperated. Instead, Sarah threatened to kill herself along with their father, which causes James to plea with Sarah to take him with her if she does so, because he does not want to use his powers for the Confederacy.

James was quickly injected with the needle and quickly lost consciousness. Amy and Rumm felt that they have no other choice but to deploy the neuro-adjusters. Doctors quickly discovered that James Kerrigan fell into a coma during the operation, and he was subsequently moved into a room.

Raynor and Kerrigan

A week later, James Kerrigan woke from his coma, and he immediately went through the neural processing treatments, which left him withdrawn and introverted. James Kerrigan would spend a year undergoing mental torture at the hands of Amy. What Amy didn't foresee were the consequences that this and her actions would have on him later on.

James Kerrigan's further training involved training with knives, swords, and firearms, including a combat scenario between him and two elder opponents, one done using swords, and the other done using knives, while scientists watched from above.

Even at his young age, he was able to defeat them.

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In defiance, he used his psionics to destroy the windows of the viewing room where the scientists were watching from and he knocked back his trainer, slamming her against the walls.

Such defiance came to nothing - The Confederacy broke him down so far to the point where he could kill without remorse. Such brutality did come at a price however, and Amy didn't realize what her actions would translate to until one day, James Kerrigan caused an incident which triggered an emergency in the Ghost Academy.

James Kerrigan managed to sneak off and climbed the stairwell towards the top of the living quarters where he stood, causing everyone - trainers and trainees alike, to gather around. Rumm felt that he needed to do something to avert the crisis, as he quickly shoved people to his side with Sarah Kerrigan in tow. He then hastily climbed the stairs to the floor James Kerrigan was on, and he confronted him in an attempt to stop him from committing suicide.

Rumm pleaded with him to step down, but James rebuffs him, stating that the cruelty his trainer put him through along with his separation has pushed him close to the edge. Rumm then presented Sarah Kerrigan as his final card in a gamble to avert the crisis, and he reunited the siblings. As he descended the living quarters, he meets Amy along with authorities who arrests her on grounds of her unnecessary cruelty she inflicted on him.

Rumm then finished their training by polishing out James Kerrigan's firearms and knife skills, and began training the Kerrigans in teamwork, something the program doesn't often do, as agents have traditionally operated as "lone wolves", as Rumm feels that the siblings as a team would not just be formidable, but a valuable asset in the Confederacy's goals.

Revenant, and often referred to as either Ghost N7 or Ghost No. As a Confederate agent, he would go on with his sister to assassinate many of the Confederacy's enemies.

The Assassination of Angus Mengsk Edit InJames Kerrigan was sent to Korhal with Sarah Kerrigan and ghosts andwith the assignment to assassinate Angus Mengsk after he declared Korhal to be a free world, independent of the Confederacy. They easily bypassed Angus' security system thanks to James, and he would go on to kill Angus' butler before moving in for the kill on the Mengsk family, where James proceeded to assist Ghost No.

James Kerrigan then commandeered a getaway vehicle so they can disappear quick so when the news of Angus Mengsk's assassination blew over, their identities would not be revealed. James Kerrigan provided overwatch as she took position above a political rally to assassinate the senator. Just as she assassinates him, a Umojan kill team closes in on her position, and James Kerrigan eliminates them, giving her a chance to escape.

Just as another Umojan kill team closes in on his position, he quickly rappels from his position, leaving a claymore mine for the kill team as his "parting gift". The duo then engage in an onslaught against the Umojan Protectorate military. James then manages to secure a vulture bike, and the Kerrigans races through the city as Sarah radios in an extraction team whilst they engage the Umojan Protectorate in a gun battle. The Kerrigans are then eventually pinned down on a bridge, after a Banshee pilot destroys a part of the bridge, causing a fuel tanker to fall over.

The bridge begins to grow unstable as they fought tirelessly until the fuel tanker explodes, knocking them unconscious.

Just before they were executed, Confederacy forces engage them and they promptly extract them moments before the bridge collapses. The Fujita Raid Edit "So, you are the assassin who's been butchering my men, hm? Is that who you're after? Of course I'm after my sister you dimwit. He may be a potential candidate. Just as James Kerrigan enters the mess hall of a barracks, he noticed something was amiss. He then quickly commandeered a starship and quickly made haste, tracking Sarah Kerrigan's position to Vyctor V.

There, he infiltrated the Fujita Facility, witnessing the atrocities the Confederacy were committing through one of their secret projects. One of the security systems detected James' presence, promptly putting the entire facility on high alert. James Kerrigan then engages the security guards, and he manages to track Sarah Kerrigan in a testing lab, only to be subdued by a ghost agent who is revealed to be Kim Li.

James Kerrigan is then disarmed and prepared for the xenomorph experiments that Sarah was going through. Uprising "Greetings, I'm Alexis Parker, fellow medic. You are on board the Hyperion, a battlecruiser under the command of my commanding officer Arcturus Mengsk.

I was told to pass on his word to you-" points towards room where Sarah Kerrigan is in, moans "Sarah I had to sedate him, pain is too great for him to bear right now. Did he have any requests? He wants to be with the woman behind us. Somo, assist her in transporting him in the room across this one. Arcturus Mengsk orders his transfer soon after.

Arcturus Mengsk, leader of the newly-formed Sons of Korhal, ordered a raid on the Fujita Facility after he received intel on Sarah Kerrigan's location from Umojan sources. The rebels were not told of Sarah's significance or presence, and by this time Sarah was the only active subject left, as subjects who didn't elicit a strong response from the xenomorphs, were killed in order to maintain the secrecy of the project.

James' presence there only stressed matters, as Arcturus didn't see his name anywhere in the intel he received, suggesting that he defected with the same goal they have with her and almost ended up becoming an experimental subject as well.

They nevertheless promptly retrieved the unconscious Kerrigans, along with Confederate defectors and research materials, and they were conveyed to the rebels' base of operations, the battlecruiser Hyperion.

James Kerrigan's neural inhibitor was removed. A number of cybernetic implants remained; years later, James Kerrigan suggested that they did this to prevent the onset of insanity by inhibiting his ability to read other people's thoughts other than Sarah's, as the two share a common bond with each other. Upon awakening in Hyperion's sick ward, James was greeted by Alexis Parker. James was pointing to the room towards the right of him where Sarah was being held in.

He couldn't talk, and only let out a moan as a numbing pain quickly escalated into agony from the removal of his neural inhibitor. James Kerrigan was quickly sedated before being given painkillers to soften the pain.

Arcturus then ordered his transfer to the room where Sarah Kerrigan was being held in so he could be with her while he recovered. After James recovered, he was ordered to meet with Arcturus Mengsk at the bridge to be given a formal greeting. After he was greeted, he began to make his way to Sarah Kerrigan where he ran into Somo Hung, who somewhat recognized him. The two became fast friends, which draws the ire of Lieutenant Pollock Rimes.

James Kerrigan did not get on very good terms with the Lieutenant. Once he was done talking with Hung, he made his way to Sarah, and together they were able to recover more of their past fragments, and further their bond. During an engagement between the Confederate battlecruiser Norad II and the Hyperion, Alexis Parker found James Kerrigan days after her deployment on a space platform, and with Somo Hung, the trio defended the engineering bay while Sarah gave chase to Ghost No.

The trio successfully repelled the attack in the engineering bay, and shortly after, James Kerrigan began a relationship with Alexis Parker. Alexis told him that she was the one who was ordered to keep his well-being after she extracted him from the Fujita Facility, and after doctors removed his neural inhibitor. James Kerrigan, feeling grateful sat closer to her and they shared their stories of their adventures.

James Kerrigan was deployed to Umoja with Sarah Kerrigan, and Alexis Parker was allowed to tag along with the siblings. Sarah grew a liking towards the medic, and the trio were successful in their mission with securing a base.

Sarah Kerrigan then began a relationship with Somo Hung, which caused the siblings to get on worse terms with Lieutenant Pollock Rimes, especially for James Kerrigan who was already on bad enough terms.

Alexis Parker was then needed for a mission to capture a space platform, and after the mission, James got a report from one of the marines who was with her that she was killed in action, much to his dismay. The Kerrigans were involved in a nearly suicidal attack on the Ghost Academy on Tarsonis. James Kerrigan realized that Rumm now a Major and Amy who was released were present at the academy.

James Kerrigan gave chase to Amy, and he managed to survive a booby trap set for him by Amy. Butthurt that I can now empathize with, but still. At least we got John de Lancie in it, and a bunch of new hero possibilities for Heroes of the Storm.


The biggest gripe for me came down to the overuse of prophecy. Everything that everyone did was prophecy. It removes a lot of the agency of the main characters. This is no longer something they did on their own, it's some big game they're all pawns in, being directed by something else because prophecy. Prophecy and chosen-one elements are some of the laziest narrative crutches in existence, and unless you're going to intentionally subvert audience expectations of them, there's almost no reason to even use them nowadays.

Have a kink pop up in the thing, or have the prophecy be wildly wrong or misunderstood. I think my other big issue was just how out of tone it was with the rest of the series. We went from three intelligent species each with a couple different sub-factions battling it out to survive in a harsh, remote region of space.

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There's a lot of interesting dynamics you can play around with there.