Relationship of opera music and art

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relationship of opera music and art

Opera is a form of theatre in which music has a leading role and the parts are taken by singers. .. he gradually evolved a new concept of opera as a Gesamtkunstwerk (a "complete work of art"), a fusion of music, poetry and painting. Jul 7, Bono, who collaborated with the Edge on the music and lyrics of “ Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” called the show “ Pop - Art opera.” Whatever. Opera: Opera, a staged drama set to music in its entirety, made up of vocal pieces Its detractors have viewed it as an artificial and irrational art form that defies and a distinctly Florentine view of music and music's relation to the cosmos.

Italian opera held a great sway over German-speaking countries until the late 18th century.

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Nevertheless, native forms would develop in spite of this influence. InSigmund Staden produced the first SingspielSeelewiga popular form of German-language opera in which singing alternates with spoken dialogue. Yet most of the major German composers of the time, including Handel himself, as well as GraunHasse and later Gluckchose to write most of their operas in foreign languages, especially Italian.

In contrast to Italian opera, which was generally composed for the aristocratic class, German opera was generally composed for the masses and tended to feature simple folk-like melodies, and it was not until the arrival of Mozart that German opera was able to match its Italian counterpart in musical sophistication.

The tradition was developed in the 19th century by Beethoven with his Fidelioinspired by the climate of the French Revolution.

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Carl Maria von Weber established German Romantic opera in opposition to the dominance of Italian bel canto. Other opera composers of the time include MarschnerSchubert and Lortzingbut the most significant figure was undoubtedly Wagner.

Starting under the influence of Weber and Meyerbeerhe gradually evolved a new concept of opera as a Gesamtkunstwerk a "complete work of art"a fusion of music, poetry and painting. Wagner also brought a new philosophical dimension to opera in his works, which were usually based on stories from Germanic or Arthurian legend. Finally, Wagner built his own opera house at Bayreuth with part of the patronage from Ludwig II of Bavariaexclusively dedicated to performing his own works in the style he wanted.

Opera in the modern age

Opera would never be the same after Wagner and for many composers his legacy proved a heavy burden. On the other hand, Richard Strauss accepted Wagnerian ideas but took them in wholly new directions, along with incorporating the new form introduced by Verdi.

He first won fame with the scandalous Salome and the dark tragedy Elektrain which tonality was pushed to the limits. Then Strauss changed tack in his greatest success, Der Rosenkavalierwhere Mozart and Viennese waltzes became as important an influence as Wagner. Strauss continued to produce a highly varied body of operatic works, often with libretti by the poet Hugo von Hofmannsthal.

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relationship of opera music and art

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relationship of opera music and art