Renton and eureka relationship quotes

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renton and eureka relationship quotes

Contents[show] List of Eureka Seven Quotes Renton Thurston It all sucks. This town sucks, my life sucks, but as long as I got waves, everything's okay. As long. Why does Renton stop narrating the story after the halfway mark? [quote="" yushi""]That's actually a pretty interesting connection, I didn't think about it like that. If you enjoyed the series, check out these 23 powerful Eureka Seven quotes! I believe in you with all my heart, no matter what happens, so please, Renton, talk to me about 25 Emotional Anime Quotes About Love And Relationships.

When Renton is entranced by the Compac Drive and attempts to remove it, Eureka panics, grabs his hand, and pleads with him to never leave her, as they enter the Zone. In the Zone, she searches for him, and at the end, they are in a golden beach-like dream and hold hands.

As Eureka is being absorbed by the Scub Coral, she starts to feel afraid and cries out for Renton, rather than Holland or anyone else, to save her. When Renton comes to secretly visit her, she tells him that her heart is racing, but she doesn't know why. However, they get into an argument and when Renton runs off, Eureka tries to reach out to him before passing out. She later asks where he is, but everyone avoids the question. Eureka starts to wonder where Renton is and why he hasn't visited with her, and begins asking questions about love.

Later, she becomes distraught after finding out that Renton left the Gekkostate, and discovers a desire to see him. Eureka falls into a deep depression over her missing Renton and blaming herself for pushing him away. She starts wearing his clothes and doing his chores to fill the void. She also learns to compare her feelings for him to the term "love" and becomes desperate to see him again.

Eureka starts to understand what love means as she keeps missing Renton, and immediately defends him when Holland says he is not important. She even becomes angry at Holland when she learns of how he abused Renton just to get her attention and justified it in her name.

She leaves the ship to find him on her own, even risking her life, and when they reunite, she admits that he is the only person for her and they open up to each other about their feelings. Episodes is the most obvious period in which Eureka starts to realize her love for Renton, due to her missing him and feeling, as she called it, a void in her chest.

But the question is: Holland once told Renton, "You believed in the world and so the world kindly answered your belief. Even from when Renton was a small child, Eureka's name appeared on his Compac Drive. Because of this, the Scub Coral must have found him as a suitable partner for her and was calling to him that he was the chosen one to be the new hero of the planet.

In the manga, he was the "seed" to guarantee the Coralians' survival. Eureka was created to search for Renton and bring him to the Coralians for them to "eat" and evolve. What wasn't anticipated was that Eureka would fall in love with Renton.

When this happened, the Coralians actually called Eureka a mistake for developing emotions and fighting against her own kind for the sake of a human boy. I think I can get a good picture with the light shining in.

Eureka Seven

I'm having enough trouble just trying to keep this thing lifting. You don't get it, do you? Fine art is something people gladly risk their lives for. Eureka is up against his back in gravity Renton: Okay, so just when I was about to give up, I hear my honey's voice calling out to me. That's when I really cut loose! I went after those pirates and took them down one at a time inadvertently squeezes too much mayonnaise on his breakfast Hilda: What a stupid dream, and you're using way too much.

It's a dream come true, sweetheart! Who the hell are you calling sweet? Hey, I had a good dream last night, too! I dreamed I was on a date with Moondoggie.

I was paralyzed in my sleep and woke up covered in sweat. Who do you think you're kidding? It seems that the Nirvash was the only one ot make it to the other side again, huh Being completely thrown off the board I was able to get a nice picture. I assure you it's the fault of that miserable Coralian!

It's not as if I've lost my touch. I get it, Hen-Goh, relax. This world is full of hate and there isn't any reason for it? Let's go back together. I keep telling you, we gotta go west! Sorry, but is west the direction of the hand you hold your fork with? This guy is really nuts. Tell me which way north is on this map?

North is always up, and, by the way, you've got it reversed. Looks like we both fell for troublesome ladies. Huh, how do you know my name? Please don't drop them. Leave it to me. Even though I look like this, I've got incredible reflexes. Hey, you two, can I ask something? Where's the Puncha Nut? Oh, yeah, that thing? Nobody here gives a damn what you think of it! And, by the way, what the hell time do you think it is right now, anyway?! Oh, honey, there's a real good reason why we're late You reek of booze!

Stop it, that hurts! You're ripping my ear off! We're acting like we're completely justified to fly through the skies with a dug-up LFO Have you ever wondered why the LFO takes the shape of a human being? I think about that Adroc may have even been able to answer that question.

When I'm right here When I'm on this floor, I get really sleepy. I just thought that I should apologize to you about earlier. We already had that conversation. What's wrong with Eureka? I really don't know.

Did something happen between you guys? I always thought that you two made a cute couple. Tell me what happened. I told you I don't know. Can you speak up a little louder? Can't hear you with the wind. I said I don't know what's going on, alright! Jeez, I wouldn't be having so many problems if I did. A woman's mind and autumn wind change often. What the heck is an autumn? Just something people have always said. Renton hits a bump on the road Hey!

You remember when we approached the Coralian that day? I think that it started right before that. Somehow, we're drifting apart. So things were going well until then? Yeah, well, you know, we got along really well. So, what'd you do, you push her or something? Renton blushes and almost swerves off the road Hap: Hey, idiot, calm down, will ya? Hey, were you able to kiss her at least? You didn't get that far? Guy has to push his way toward, you know? Um, Hap, do you realize that you turned the communicator on?

Oh, so I did. I'm sorry about that. Don't give me that! You meant to do it! Hap laughs Neil turns the radio on and music plays Stoner: Don't tell me you only have stuff like this? What do you mean stuff like this? When I listen to this kind of music, I get nauseated. Then you have a drink. Will drinking make me feel better? At least you wont know whether you're nauseous from the music ot all the alcohol you've been chugging like it was water.

Man, what the hell did you give Moondoggie to drink? I asked what's your name? My name's Renton Thurston. That great mechanic grandfather of yours isn't by any chance named Axel Thurston, is he, and lives in Bellforest?

This is the first time someone didn't ask about Adroc Thurston after hearing me say my name. Well, all diggers, unless they've completely shut themselves off from the world, first think of axel when they hear the name Thurston.

It's the dream of every digger to be able to dig up something that can meet that mechanic's criteria. Oh, I wish Grandpa could hear what you said!

So, what do you think dinner is tonight? Same thing as lunch, I suppose. You mean we gotta eat that awful, thin soup again? We're all gonna starve.

Yeah, what is it? Go complain about the noise. Yeah, I don't mind. I'm used to dealing with stubborn, old men. I was thinking more about why Mr. Britney had stopped his excavations, why he had given up. Was that mine really dead? And if so, why didn't he just start to dig the next one? Was this something that was impossible for a kid like me to understand? What did he hope to accomplish by stealing the Nirvash and showing it to his son?

Sis, why did Dad leave me the Amita Drive? Was it something that Dad really found in an old mine? Is it something that I should be protecting with my life? If is isn't so, Sis Everyone says what they want and then destroy my faith in them.

Same goes for Eureka. She doesn't seem to realize how I feel when I pilot the Nirvash. I'm only piloting it for her sake, but Eureka doesn't believe in me. Please, Nirvash, give me Stop running away like that. You used Eureka as a means to get away from the army and then to get away from you-know-who.

When it comes right down to it, you can't do anything without putting the blame on someone else. I'm really not like that at all. With these hands, I Of course, it seems I've been killing people all along. Sis, even when they're in pain, people still become hungry.

My hunger disappeared when I ate, but the pain in my heart didn't go away. I'm in so much pain, yet not one person gives me the tiniest kind word. I'll settle your score with Holland. Do you still decline? Don't beg for things; do it yourself. Then it will be given to you. An old girlfriend maybe? Well, you sound awfully irritated. Why won't you let me get on theEND, huh? He's crying out for me, you know? Anemone, please calm down and try to listen to what I'm saying. It's true, I really did think it was strange.

Charles was so forceful, uncaring of the situations that I've been in, and he's so grand and The meal was so tasty it actually made me cry. Nature and humans can change in the blinck of an eye. That was a surprise to me, but Sis I think maybe this was the first time in my life Humans are truly amazing beings. I'm doing the same things, but the reactions I get are so different.

renton and eureka relationship quotes

Over there, they yelled at me and told me I was being slow, but over here they asked me if I'm done and are surprised at the speed. There, I was told that I was inconsiderate. Here they laugh at me and say that I don't have to do so much. Honestly, this place is very comfortable. I mean, when I was with the Gekkostate, I was just a No, nothing like that. Oh, do you miss your mother, then? I came here to tell you we'll be landing soon. I'm pretty sure he's doing fine.

I haven't seen him today, though. Why do you ask? Micsha has a shocked look Eureka: I didn't hear what you said. Could you tell me again, dear? Shut your damn mouths, all of you! Renton didn't leave the Gekko in order to mask his stupid whims or his loneliness!

You know raising an adolescent son It's not too bad. Not bad at all. I want to see you. I wonder if Eureka's alright. I think it's obvious she's not alright.

I'm sure of it. I know how she feels. Hey, what do you think we should do about it, Moondoggie? After all, the Gekko is his ship. It was his idea as the leader to bring Eureka here, and then to let Renton aboard the ship. I'm scared another chair's gonna come my way if we try. So, boy, would you like to call Ray 'Mama'? And maybe you'd like to call me 'Papa'? Well, Ray said if you'd like, I mean, it was her idea.

Oh, no, honey, you agreed. Freedom is something that you need to actively acquire.

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It's not something that's given with no strings attached. To be free means to take responsibility, and prepare yourself for what's to come. How long had it been since I left Charles' place?

I kept walking for the promise, the promise of getting to see Eureka. And I was beginning to lose sight of the reason why I kept on walking. Am I being too talkative? Renton goes out to see what William is up to William: I planted my potatoes there.

And carrots over there. I forgot what I planted there. I'm looking forward to this. Even if the commander is that guy. Hey, Mama, is Renton ever coming back home? Maybe he's not coming back.

How about it, Mama? Holland said that he would bring him back here. Yes, and had Holland ever broken a promise to us? A bunch of times! He breaks more promises than he keeps. Eureka is surprised Talho: Wait, what are you going to do about Renton?

A runaway boy or the Gekko? Even a little kid should understand which comes first. Then I guess you're lower than a little kid.

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Eureka snatches Renton's tracksuit from Holland Holland: So, is that Renton's? Have you found him? I'm sorry, but we're changing course to What about Girnus City? We can replenish supplies at Callsus. We're facing Charles now. Because Charles and Ray have hooked up with the state army.

That's not what I meant! You said you were going to Girnus, that you were going to go and bring Renton back to the Gekko! Look, it cant be helped! The Gekko itself is in danger! But you faced hundreds of military guys in the past and beat them! We're talking about Charles here, and you know what I'm talking about! Do you really hate Renton that much, Holland? I don't hate him. Its just that he acts like a brat.

That's why you left him behind? That's why you punched him? That's why you kicked him, too? I just don't feel that way. Eureka runs off and Holland sits on the bed, disappointed after Renton saves Eureka from Charles and they are in the Nirvash cockpit Eureka: I was able to do it because of you, Renton!

It can't be anyone but you! Doing all this on your own. But still, I'm relieved that you're alright. I've wanted to talk to you for so long. There's so much I want to tell you. I'm beginning to feel the tight pinch in the bottom of my stomach. I haven't had this feeling in a while. The tension one feels before death is the feeling of being alive. Been a long time, Ray. Talho Yuki from Intelligence, huh? The office-working spy who was dating her boss and then got demoted.

After getting shot multiple times by Holland I'm real touched! You're soft heart - is the reason you're going to win I knew it from the moment that I met him; the one who inherited the qualifications to be the King!

He will also inherit the Golden Bough, left behind by the last King. A few minutes ago I ended the life of Charles Beams. It's all over now. They told me that I can't have your child. Charles kisses her Renton: I want to know. Wasn't there a way for you not to have to kill him? Why does Ray hate Eureka so much? Charles and Ray always wanted to start a family, but Ray was unable to bear children. Even if it costs me my life, I'm going to protect the two of you, but if something happens to me, I's trusting you with Eureka.

You were the one she chose. Earlier, you asked why it was I killed Charles? Because we're both the type of people that don't know any other way. The same can be said for Ray.

Please, listen to me, Miss Ray! If you won't stop I've decided that I'm going to protect Eureka, and it was Charles who taught me to see everything through the end! So, I'm going to fight It's far too late Renton, Eureka, the one you're there to protect, took every happy future from your mama.

Now it's my turn to take everything away from your future, Eureka. Renton, you've been possessed by a horrible and dangerous monster, but it's alright. Mama will save you, and we'll all go together to where Charles is waiting for us. They say whatever they want to say, and nobody ever tells me the truth. If you talk to me, I can be of help. If you talk to me, I should be able to support you Besides, even if I did something, I'd just Eureka holds his hand and rests her head on his shoulder Eureka: You see, I believe in you, Renton.

I believe in you with all my heart, no matter what happens, so please, Renton, talk to me about everything. I want to know all there is to know about you. I want to know everything about you, Eureka. I want to know more about your life. Eureka looks troubled 29 Keep On Movin[ edit ] Hap: Hey, what are you doing? What do you mean? I'm cleaning, can't you tell? Gonzy walks by Aah! Gonzy, I just finished mopping up that part of the floor! I'm sorry I did this without permission. I thought that as long as I'm on board this ship waiting to talk to Holland, I'd try to make good use of myself.

Don't be saying depressing stuff like that. I really don't know what you've determined to do with your life, but I'm not gonna get in your way. I'd like to cheer you on because you're one of our dear friends. Talho comes in Talho: We didn't create the Gekkostate in order to pretend we're some sort of an extended family. Hey, Talho, there's no reason for you to put it that way.

Why don't you just shut up, Hap! I think the reason this ship exists is in order to go to war. By any chance do you happen to know why we're at war? So you can fight without knowing the reason why? I cant fight at all. And I can't fight at all, either. Even if this war was started by that famous father of yours, Adroc Thurston, who saved the world? Renton and everyone is shocked Adroc was working as a technician for the army when one day he made the shocking assertion that this land, Scub Coral, was actually a Coralian, a sentiment being.

He tried to prove his assertions, but in the process of the investigation at the Great Wall. The army officials, hearing of this, decided to get rid of the Coralian, and Adroc, in the end, was against it.

He was convinced, he was absolutely convinced, that the Coralian was an intelligent life form. That qas why he had searched for a way to co-exist.

His conviction was cemented by the emergence of a human-shaped Coralian. The name of the humanoid Coralian Holland never forgets about people he used to care about, about Diane, who's no longer here Wait, why would Holland know anything about my sister?

Because he's just that kind of guy. He cant forget about the woman who dumped him. He's unfashionable, stupid, clumsy, and nothing but a fool who knows only how to act physically! He's really a good-for-nothing! I really did like my sister.

Besides, I think you're the only one that can support Holland right now and give him exactly what he needs. We're heading towards an army laboratory? You're not serious, are you? We can't help it. The only place that we can get the Nirvash repaired is the Tressoir Laboratory where it was made. And yet you pull out all the scary stuff like we're gonna go out and rob someone.

Better safe than sorry, I always say. A fake ID code has been sent out. Make sure to grab one person to be a hostage. Oh, so this is where you've been hiding. It's been quite a while, Eureka.

Looks like you've been well. You see, this was the first place they brought back when they found me. I've known Sonia since that day.

renton and eureka relationship quotes

I'm not sure that I can be convinced of each and every thing. But it's not him to take responsibility for it or anything. I just wanted Holland to stay the Holland that I've always known What is up with this old-fashioned music? Puts me in a bad mood. You haven't changed a bit.

You've always hated old music like this, at least since I've known you. We say all this stuff now, but someday we're going to be old men and women, too. I said shut up. Matthieu and Hilda have shocked expressions Matthieu: It's not like he's in any condition to freely move around. She changed her hairdo. Put straight, she got dumped.

Eureka Seven Hi-Evolution - Official Clip - Nirvash Awakens!

Oh, put straight, she just realized her real age. I like being with you. It makes me forget Renton blushes and grabs her shoulders; after a long pause, she closes her eyes to let him kiss her and come just a couple of millimeters from kissing Eureka: Nirvash is really angry right now.

I've got to go. Nirvash is violently rejecting the repairs Eureka: Nirvash doesn't like what you're doing! The job was to repair it rather than upgrade it. He doesn't want to go back to what he was before! He doesn't like it.

renton and eureka relationship quotes

He wants you to accept him The pre-eminent man in the research of archetypes! You don't know him? Sorry, but I've never heard of him. Greg Egan, who's nickname is Dr. Bear, never steps outside of his lab and only researches things that spark his interest. However, every paper that he publishes is always top notch, or rather, he goes far beyond current thinking, and not many people can understand him. In other words, a looney.

You'll get cursed for saying that! Until recently, that boy was still wetting his bed every night. Since when has he been able to walk out in the world all on his own without me having to pull him along by the hand?

It really was nothing more than an instant. In time, he'll grow to be an adult. He doesn't need me to help him along with that. This is the last time I'm ever going to mess in that kid's affairs. My last job is to deliver this board, and I'm gonna make sure it gets delivered!

What should I do?! How can I ever be forgiven for what I've done?! Please, someone tell me! After all, I'm a Talho walks in, grabs Eureka and slaps her Renton: