Sarah connor chronicles john and cameron relationship

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sarah connor chronicles john and cameron relationship

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Why didn't John make Cameron his by establishing an actual relationship has always guaranteed a show's future. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles pilot episode Relationships: John Connor Cameron flirting with John Connor in the Pilot episode. Although. A new stranger arrives in the form of a 16 sixteen year old girl. Who is she? What's her connection to John and Cameron? Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Another interesting observation is that Cameron appears to be developing a sense of pride in her accomplishments.

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This can also be seen during her and Sarah's initiation into the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, wherein it is implied that Cameron hacked the employee database and created two vacancies for herself and Sarah. When the personnel manager comments on this, Cameron smiles faintly. Her mild annoyance is often expressed towards John, as she gives him several looks of aggravation when he treats her as subservient.

She also displays fear when confronted by a man who threatens to assault her and Jody, resulting in Cameron begging him not to and giving him a stack of money. As her machine side starts to resurface, it becomes apparent that Cameron's ability to express emotions is controlled by her programming.

Cameron adopts a new demeanour Due to her parroting nature, Cameron seems to base her personality on those around her, taking aspects from various subjects and combining them to create her own unique persona. When she was pairing with Derek Reese, for example, she mirrors his personality by being more curt and reckless. When she was near Sarah, she was kinder and warmer. Another interesting observation is Cameron's overall demeanor as influenced by her current mission.

When she was programmed to protect John, Cameron was more inclined to emulate positive behavior and emotions; an example being her habit of reassuring others, be it John or an upset student. On the flip side, when programmed to terminate John; Cameron is more devious and manipulative, displaying negative behavior and emotions, including anger and even slight sadism. After overriding her directive to kill him, however, Cameron seems to be developing a balance between the two personas.

Since suffering damage to her chip, Cameron appears to be contemplating suicide self-termination. In " Automatic for the People " she asks Sarah if she is going to explode one day, which she later references in " Self Made Man ", likening her faulty chip to a bomb waiting to go off. She asks her friend at the library, Eric, if he has ever considered suicide, revealing that she may be considering it due to her chip damage.

Sarah Connor Chronicles: Why didn't John make Cameron his girlfriend?

She is later seen examining the chip while reading a leaflet for suicide prevention. In " Ourselves Alone " Cameron somehow manages to attach an explosive to her skull next to her chip, and gave the remote detonator to John in the event that she becomes a threat confirming that she is incapable of self-termination.

sarah connor chronicles john and cameron relationship

Her suicide contemplation is in line with her reprogrammed directive to protect John, should she revert to her original programming. Cameron has started to develop a new glitch which manifests as a twitch in her left hand, resulting in her accidentally killing a bird.

She at first believes it to be the result of physical damage and swaps out a part in order to fix the problem. This did not resolve the issue, however, as she started twitching again while struggling to decide what to do with Riley, and again while talking to Sarah about the reasons why Future John sent her back in time.

It is implied that this glitch is caused by a conflict in her chip between her pre-programmed directives and her emerging self-awareness.

sarah connor chronicles john and cameron relationship

This glitch has since ceased to be an issue, as she is later able to hold a pigeon with both hands without harming it. Cameron is created as a dedicated replacement for Resistance fighter Allison Young.

Whether she was supposed to terminate him, or, as a probable member of Cyborg Resistanceto help him fight Skynet is not known. She is later seen alongside Human Resistance and John possibly reprogrammed to do sowho sends her back to the year to protect his younger self. Cameron travels back to the year with the objective of finding and protecting a 15 year-old John Connor. She saves him from multiple assassination attempts and uses time displacement equipment to send John, Sarah, and herself to the year where they endeavor to prevent the creation of Skynet by hunting down a computer system called the Turk.

Cameron is damaged by an explosion and temporarily becomes the very thing she was programmed to protect John against. She is fixed, however, but is plagued by glitches as she struggles to find her place in the world while keeping the increasingly reckless John safe from Skynet's assassins.

A trained ballet dancer before she became an actress, Glau's dancing skills were transferred to the character of Cameron in the episode " The Demon Hand ".

The scene used for Summer's audition involved a crying Cameron discussing with John the future in which she meets him, how he saves her life and "how [she] feels about [him]". Cameron's origins have remained a mystery throughout the first season and the opening episodes of Season 2. However, her story is partially revealed in " Allison from Palmdale ", wherein she is revealed to have her living tissue infiltration sheath Model based upon a real human called Allison Young.

Cameron was created as a dedicated infiltrator human replacement whose goal was to infiltrate John Connor's camp. Allison was terminated by Cameron once her usefulness had ended. T Cameron is the first Terminator with various additional features, such as full color HUD, feeling, crying, and eating. Cameron's physical abilities may be somewhat diminished compared to larger endoskeletons, due to her greater sacrifice of overall mass and reach.

However, she seems to be far more flexible than the other Terminators but is endowed with comparable pure strength. She is programmed with the greatest repertoire and mastery of Eastern Martial Arts compared to all the Terminators in existence thus far, and relies on sophisticated techniques and finesse rather than brute force in comparison.

She also employs tactics that utilize the surrounding environment more than her rivals, such as in the Pilot episode when she used an electric fuse to force Cromartie offline. She was shown to be powerful enough to go toe-to-toe with Cromartie and disable him in single combat in the pilot episode as well as other Ts such as Vick whom she manhandles, defeats and deactivates while absorbing only a series of near useless punches and Greenway whom she battles and destroys as well, albeit with Sarah Connor providing a high-velocity distraction with an M4 Carbine in more straight up battles.

Glau did not plan on auditioning, however, because she had a preconceived idea that the producers wanted "statuesque, icy blondes" for the role, and felt that she did not suit such an image. She agreed to audition after being encouraged by her mother to do so and became comfortable with the idea of performing upon the realization that Friedman had a different idea for how Terminators would be portrayed on the show.

In learning martial arts for Serenity, Glau used her training in ballet to learn fight scenes by counts, as if they were choreographies. About bringing the practice to Terminator, Glau said, "When you're working with a stunt guy The episode "Allison from Palmdale" shows the cyborg interrogating Allison in a future Skynet prison about the details of her life, the location of John Connor, and the nature of Allison's superficially innocuous bracelet pass.

Once the interrogation is complete, the Terminator kills Allison and sets out to infiltrate the resistance in Allison's place to terminate John and "place his head upon a pike for all to see".

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Jesse Stephanie Chaves-Jacobsena rogue time-traveling resistance fighter, confirms the pair's close relationship in "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point" and suggests that the present-day Cameron may still be John's confidant twenty years in the future. In the pilot episodeCameron states she was sent to from the year by the future incarnation of John Connor to protect himself.

In the timeline from which Cameron came back from the future, John had been an orphan since when Sarah died of cancer. Cameron saves his life from substitute teacher Mr. Cromartie Owain Yeomana T Terminator, using the phrase "Come with me if you want to live," the same words said both to Sarah by Kyle Reese in the first film and by the T to both Connors in the second film.

Chased by Cromartie, Cameron takes the Connors to a bank branch, sealing themselves in the vault, where she assembles and activates a time displacement device with their assistance, sending them forward to with the intention of preventing the creation of Skynetthereby eliminating the threat it would later pose.

However, Sarkissian managed to catch Cameron in a car bomb, as part of the season finale's cliffhanger. In the fourth episode, " Heavy Metal ", Cameron discovered that Cromartie now portrayed by Garret Dillahunt continued to pursue John after the events of the pilot; [19] several episodes later, Cameron identified Cromartie posing as an FBI agentunsuccessfully looking for John. In the second season finale, Cameron denies that exposure to Terminators and their shielded nuclear power cells cause cancer in humans, as John believes that if his mother is sick it could be from living with her for so long.

John and Cameron

Cameron states that she has internal sensors to detect radiation leakage. While rescuing Sarah from the Los Angeles County lockup, Cameron sustains heavy damage, including the loss of her left eye covering. Cameron then enters the basement of ZeiraCorp to find John Henry. The cyborg's body is subsequently found inside the room where John Henry was kept, but missing its chip; the original chip from Cromartie was destroyed by Sarah Connor.

When John and the T give chase into the future, a character portrayed by Summer Glau is present, but it is Allison Young, and not Cameron, as Josh Friedman stated in the audio commentary to the finale episode of the show the dog is not barking at her and she acts as a human female rather than as Cameron.