Shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi's Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan go down How has MATSH changed your perception about life, love and relationships? Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. Radhika Madan and Shakti Arora some time out of their shoot to speak with us, and address their fans' commonest questions. According to the prank, Radhika upbraided me for spreading rumours about her dating Arjun. Let's face it, there have been so many problems in RV's life that we Popular Search Terms: shakti arora and radhika madan relationship.

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

What annoys me a little is his tendency to kid around. Radhika is a confident girl and works very hard. This is what has made her a very good actress over the years. One thing about her that annoys me is she sometimes throws starry tantrums!

I think we both are, to a certain degree. Recently we played a prank on Radhika: A TV channel approached her, saying they want her help in playing a prank on me. According to the prank, Radhika upbraided me for spreading rumours about her dating Arjun.

Here's why Meri Aashiqui Tumse Hi's Shakti Arora and Radhika Madan WON'T team up again soon!

Later on, she had to admit that they were kidding and playing a prank on me. But I acted as though I was very upset and stormed off the sets. She was very scared and apologised to me and tried to calm me down.

Have you ever laughed out loud in the midst of filming a serious scene Radhika: Usually, while filming romantic scenes we tend to laugh out loud and actually mess with each other!

Like, sometimes during an emotional scene, Shakti will tease me by saying my pimple can be seen, and make me laugh! There are lots of instances when either Radhika or I forget our lines and fumble, turning an intense scene into a funny moment. On the show, saris with backless blouses are my favourites. Off screen, I usually prefer a comfortable look — like shorts and a T-shirt coupled with some accessories.

When my character transformed from Ranveer to RV, my look was changed from checkered shirts to suits, and it looked very classy. In real life, I prefer jeans and basic T-shirts, along with accessories like sun glasses, a nice watch etc.

It was hugely appreciated by audiences, critics, top directors and people from the production house.

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

The scene, where I got shot for the first time was also quite special. The show was at its peak then and all of us were extremely enthusiastic about everything. It was an emotional scene and both of us cried our hearts out.

Small screen’s sweethearts

My suicide scene where I stood on the railing of a bridge - feet above a creek was quite a horrifying experience. I was wearing no cable or harness on an extremely windy day. I had zero confidence in myself but my director was confident that I did pull it off. It came off very well and the TRPs soared. Well, there were many who said I could not act for nuts. And that I was just good-looking. I remember after the gunshot scene, I was supposed to cry.

I wept and there was pin drop silence on the sets.

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

No one said anything. Ideas about love keep on changing whenever you meet a new person in your life.

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

They sparkle whenever they come together. The emotions and tears come naturally. I ran away from the shoot one day. I was a pampered spoilt child who knew she would get away with anything. I used to sleep daily for hours. Here, I was shooting non-stop for 24 hours, 48 hours and what not.

Small screen’s sweethearts

Then, people told me that I could not run away. I used to go home and cry wondering what I was doing with my life. All that frustration vanished when I saw my first scene on TV. I felt it was totally worth it when I held my first award. The show has made me a stronger person. I know good acting is important. When people tell me that they have shed tears with me, I felt it is a worthwhile journey.

Tell us about your relationship with Radhika Madan, you co-star… Shakti: We were great friends on the sets. Radhika and I are bulls…Taureans. We have huge egos but that was only there for each other laughs uproariously. We used to fight and makeup. Off sets, we never partied together. We did not prefer to party as we have different set of friends. Woh mujhe bahut acche se janti aur samajhti hai. Radhika knows my mood swings, which are frequent.

A fan told me to break up with Neha and start dating Radhika: Shakti Arora

I also understood hers. Radhika would be irritated and cranky on some days, when she would shout at technicians — aur sabka class leti thi. I knew how to calm her down. I will miss the unsaid chemistry between us, which is rocking. Well, I did not know the A of acting. I remember, at the start, we used to take retakes for a shot and I thought it was normal. Everyone was so patient with me.

In a shift of 12 hours, we complete only a shot or a shot and a half. Shakti played a huge role initially.

shakti arora and radhika madan relationship questions

He would come to my room and make me rehearse my dialogues.