Shiva and shakti twin flames relationship


shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

This powerful divinely guided workshop will focus on important relationships impacting on your life – your relationship with yourself, your. Shiva and Shakti are the twin flames; the mirror image of each other. As Shiva and Parvati got hitched in the human union of marriage, she. Read Twin flame love life, journey, and reunion with the help of various true stories. this is why Lord Shiva or God is also known as Ardhnarishwar Shiva. . Telepathy becomes very strong in twin flames relationship after the.

The Universe always has your back I am so glad I did get on that plane and that I had the guts to trust the words my heart was telling me. He called me the next night to calm me down and assure me we were going to be together when he also came to the village. When he heard I was staying the whole week in the village, he cancelled his plans to go to the city to stay with me.

When we first touched, our hands found each other and intertwined it was like the print of his hand burned into my skin. Hours later I could still feel his touch.

Only two nights later we became lovers and it felt like we were already a married couple. Even though we were in the house of our friend with about 40 Indian relatives all around us, he managed to sneak into my room two nights to sleep in each others arms.

After the village I booked a hotel in the city where he lived and the running slowly started creeping back in. In the village there was no risk of pregnancy. In a hotel room all alone, that became a completely different story. He started refusing my calls, staying away. The night I left his city my team who was traveling with me and I took an Uber cab. With a half address found on the internet and a lot of help from the Universe we found his house miraculously.

The physical and spiritual concept of Soulmates in Hindu Dharma

He came down to see me, I deliberately stayed out of sight of his family because I knew that was the whole reason he was running. He was so happy to see me. I have never experienced anything like that with another human being.

shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

I never felt more loved, or felt more love for the other. It was earth shattering. The next night he stood me up at the airport, we called and he repeated four times he wished he was coming with me.

Yup, he ran again. Twin souls and your soul purpose That was four months ago. He learned from the last time. This time he refused to talk to me on phone, he knew I can hear every emotion in his voice and that he would be a goner if he let me come that close.

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The little communication we have had, has gone over Whatsapp in text. It was brutal, when I finally got him to explain himself. I was trying to make something out of nothing.

My work life has been on steroids since I came back. I have been working like crazy the past months finishing up projects that had been pending and feeling pushed in a completely new direction. In India I had already asked my twin to take over my branding agencyhe is also owner of among other things a design company. Now back home, I really needed him to step in and take over from me, he refused even though nothing had happened — I had done nothing wrong. He had made up his mind.

I had no place in his life anymore, not as a lover, not as a friend and also not work related. I had pushed him before, he always left the message read notification on. Now it was turned off. The oddest thing was that I was getting really positive signs in regards to a mutual future when in my physical reality things only seemed to get worse and worse in any case between him and me.

Because on all other levels things were expanding rapidly.

The physical and spiritual concept of Soulmates in Hindu Dharma

She said, you survived the other two… You will survive this time too and she was right. Although nothing went as I hoped, I have so much to be grateful for.

This run like every time my twin flame ran before, brought me such a gift, the gift of really stepping into my own power completely and living my life purpose. Before my trip to India I knew I had a life purpose greater, than the business I had set up. But I was in no way ready yet to step into my mission. After meeting my twin in real life, everything changed. Now recently as I was working with a healer on my new business and formulating the slogan, a blast of energy started streaming down through my crown chakra all the way down to my root chakra.

I then felt a pulsating sensation in my heartchakra and root chakra in the tailbone. It kept coming up in waves until finally it also reached the seventh. An even more powerful energy flushed through each chakra and I was able to access each chakra with my attention and feel the unrestricted flow of energy move through each separate chakra.

I have never experienced anything like this in my life. After this experience I was much more sensitive to how things feel. Like a heart GPS was activated, to guide me even more securer on the new road I am embarking on. And then there is grace… In the midst of all this the Universe brought another twin flame couple in my life.

He actually has the same first and last name as my twin and she and I both have the same pet name for our man without knowing this of each other. Actually he brought her into my life.

I had met him at the wedding in India and after I left he bumped into his twin quite unprepared and unexpectedly. They were madly in love when he introduced me to her. Keeping a love diary together, writing their beautiful love story together. It took him about one week. I had warned her, she was sure they could skip the runner phase… He ran like fucking hell.

Cold as ice, where before he was hot as lava with her. She was devastated and cried. I stayed with her for hours on Whatsapp to give her courage, to talk her through her pain. To stop her from using guys around her like an ego band-aid like I had done. Giving her the understanding she needed and someone to confide in, where there was no one in her environment who would have understood all this seemingly insanity. I intuitively stayed away from him. He her twin contacted me once at Holi Indian celebration recently.

I asked him how he was and he gave me this bullshit fake answer that his life was awesome and he was doing great. We girls tend to get very detailed and intimate once we share our grieve. Yesterday my twin really closed the last door he had kept open.

Okay he could finally block my phone number, but I have no interest in driving him that far. This is clear enough. Even though it seemed a nightmare come true a few months ago, it felt exactly right now. Sure, I wished we could still be in each others lives but still this felt exactly as it should be. Just before, I had decided that seeing that I had asked all these signs from the Universe again recently and got each and everyone, I was going to take a leap of faith this time and trust them blindly even when they seemed impossible looking at the current reality.

The last sign was so amazing that the Universe showed it three times not to me, but someone close to me. Just to make sure that I would really understand how much this was really a sign and not a figment of my imagination. The next morning I wake up to messages of the runner twin from the Indian twin couple, who is now finally showing his real feelings.

He is telling me how much he still loves her. How he will never love again as he loves her. That he sees no other option than to choose for his family, but that he himself has lost what was most precious to him.

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  • Shiva And Shakti – Union Of Tantric Twin Flames

That you realize that what your runner twin is showing you, is not how he really feels about you. Seeing this other twin flame couple up close like I have this past 1,5 month, really showed me that most of the things that I did my best not to take personally and not always successfully — were not personal at all, they are Universal for the twin flame process.

When I asked why, he said no reason. Just a matter of preference. It was like he was telling me the sky was green and not blue. When I decided to fully rely on the signs I was getting from the Universe no matter what I saw in my current reality, my twin shut the door completely Yes, I could stalk him and make him change all his contact info- but this is already far enough for me!

The point is that although twin flames are destined to be together most of the time, depending on what they agreed on before incarnation, the purpose of the relationship is not romance. The purpose is deep healing and immense spiritual growth, the birthing of love like I said before….

shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

To serve the world. If you can see your twin flame bond as a blessing instead of a curse — it will drag you through all the sludge and gunk that is blocking your internal and eternal bliss and let you shine bright as the diamond you were born to be. In the end you might end up together with your twin and have romance too, but that is the cherry on top… For more Twin Soul insights and to follow my personal Twin Flame adventure — Check out My Indian Love Story, a modern day Twin Flame adventure.

The base of the twin flames relation is so strong that it can withstand any test of time and life and capable of overcoming all the negative impacts as opposed by physical or astral forces or adverse circumstances. Negative and aggressive forces whether physical or astral cannot harm twin flames as they always remain in the love and care of divine protection.

As seen in the case of devotee Meera.

shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

Twin flame love and stages Twin flames mean one soul in two bodies. Twin souls are two aspects of the same soul a spark of God reflecting in two different bodies like the two sides of a single coin.

The soul frequencies, habit formations, astrological signs, nature and physical signs all have some specific logical relationships. Generally, they are male and female but this is not necessary they can be two males and two females too.

Twin flame love and Divine love stories In mythology and history, very few cases are recorded which lights on the relationships of twin flames. Relationships of true spiritual teacher and disciple are generally the twin flames relationship.

Some school of thought believes that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were twin flames. Shri Aurobindo and Mirra Alfasa were also recognized as twin flames. This is not necessary that both the energies incarnate on physical plane at the same time. It may be possible that one incarnate and other not. Incarnated counterpart energy works as an angel for the discarnate energy. Its reverse is also possible as in the case of Mother Meera and Lord Krishna.

shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

Meera was believed as a reincarnation of Radha. After liberation both the energies dissolve in the cosmic energy and do not rebirth again. As mentioned above this may be that one incarnate first and other incarnate after several of years. This may also possible that both incarnate at the same time and passed their lives separately without knowing to each other surprisingly this occurs in most of the cases.

There would be many more stories of twin flames, which are not on the record just because of the feelings and laws of the society and the culture because in some cases both of the flames may be married or one of them may be married.


Moreover, after maturity of the spiritual growth twin flames detached totally from the earthly fame, popularity or any kind of credit, therefore, they never wish to be recorded in the literature or elsewhere. Twin flame love and Telepathy Telepathy grows as love grows. Telepathy becomes very strong in twin flames relationship after the reunion of the twin flames.

These two counterpart energies can easily talk together. One can commune to another internally without any physical medium. One twin flame can view another flame any time in its consciousness. Every physical activity is possible between twin flames internally without using any physical medium. Twin flame love and Astrology An astrological relationship is very logical between twin flames. Both may have either same birth sign or opposite birth sign. For instance, both might have Pisces sign in the first houses or in one chart might have Virgo sign and in another Pisces.

Their days of birth date also have some particular relationships. Sometimes both are born on the same day of date but different months or years. Other planetary combinations are also found common in both the horoscopes. Twin flame Physical signs Twin flames are physically aligned. Both have same kinds of body build up like same heights patterns. For instance, if a male is tall among boys than female is also tall among girls. Twin flames have same body marks and signs.

Sometimes both are found suffering from same kinds of diseases. Both have the same kinds of palmistry too. Twin flame love and their Habits Both have same habit formation as written below: Twin flames are same in eating and sleeping patterns.

They have similar taste in foods, dresses, and colors. Twin flames have same sleeping habits. If one likes sleeping without the use of pillow other also have the same habit. They have same reading habits. If one likes to read the book or new papers from the last page other also have the same practice. Email Address Any query related to the post will be highly appreciated and answered.

shiva and shakti twin flames relationship

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