Shu and inori relationship quiz

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shu and inori relationship quiz

Suzaku K., Shu O., Inori Y. - Words: 8, - Reviews: 11 - Favs: 23 - Follows: 30 The writer does not know about Shu's birth mother but since she died from . had made the two nations having a great relationship for the past few decades . P.S.S. The history pop quiz' questions must be weird for you. After finding out about what happened to Hare, Shu lost it. You knew the relationship between Inori and Shu was special and you did not. Buy Taito Guilty Crown Premium Figure - Inori Yuzuriha: Action Figures [1] The story of Guilty Crown is set in and revolves around Shu Ouma, a boy who.

In the personal view of all Japanese, Britannia was at fault, as they were the one who started an invasion out of nowhere and without any declaration of war, thus breaking the promised alliance that had made the two nations having a great relationship for the past few decades.

At last, then came the annoying synthesized voice from the train's speakers saying they are about to arrive to their destination, and thus they should be getting ready to leave and have a nice day.

He only brought essential things, so he was fine doing some light jogging to the school, which was located not far from Lake Kawaguchi. He got to sprint around it and after a few blocks he'll see the private academy soon. Despite the excitement of getting better education Shu didn't expect his time there would be as easy as when he was in Tennouzu. For all the stirring rhetoric Britannia spouted about being a Meritocracy, the whole thing was just an Autocracy. People weren't judged on their uses, strength, and actions, but by their birth and status in society.

In Tennouzu there were only Japanese, and with Britannia taking blame of all the hatred there wasn't much bullying there. Most just keep complaining about Britannia, so a closed guy like him wasn't being actively targeted to be a punch bag. But the education there sucked a little. The teachers were lazy because their payment was insufficient, and the ones who took their jobs seriously were too strict for him to ask for help with his projects.

He wondered how people will take him there. Would the teachers try to make sure he'd be treated fairly? Or would they instead encourage the usual superiority over commoners? If he had to admit something it would be him being scared of stepping foot in the classroom. He finally stepped into the classroom- a mid-level Math class. He internally bawled while making sure to stand straight and appear rigid instead of melting.

He had met up with the headmaster. Ruben Kemp Ashford was a very nice old man. The man wasn't prejudiced, and his carefree granddaughter made his mood easier.

But he was still a little nervous. Those were just two people. Two very influential people here but still just a couple. He had to face a full class yet. Based on his psychology and entrance exam, he'll be placed with the middle class of English Literature, Math, and Art; high class of all Science branch and History; low class of Music and Civil and Government; while PE was a unity along with the Britannia ideology class.

It looks like despite her flirtatious nature, Milly was very observant. She decided to handle his introduction in class, as her status as Madame President would keep the students at bay if they ever find out. Oh yeah, had he mentioned that he and the Ashfords agreed to not reveal his birth as a full Japanese to the school full of Britannians?

It was a crazy thought, but it hardly constitute as a loony one. No Eleven had ever tried to enter a Britannian school for seven years, and no Britannian school had ever accepted the enrollment of one because they were either a elitist b xenophobic- no matter what they claim Japanese and Numbers to be c trying to protect the children from the virus which was a disaster of an alien disease that labeled all who is found out to host it to be former Japanese, because only Japanese people that got affected by the virus, before Britannia took the chance and invaded Japan, caging it with forces to prevent any Britannian and the outside world from getting infected with the virus.

Shu didn't harbor the virus, so option c was cleared. Ruben Ashford didn't mind him being an Eleven, and was only able to know Shu because Shu himself tried to enter, instead of waiting for the headmaster to find out about his existence.

Besides, Shu himself looked a bit like a Britannian, with his mother having a foreign as her father. It was a Britannian text book courtesy Haruka made sure he memorized so that he wouldn't mistakenly bowed before them as Japanese. Milly looked pleased, and raised her palm to interrupt any questions, "Okay, guys. Shu here has been homeschooled. So please refrain from asking personal questions, he's not used to crowds.

It would be bad if they quickly spread the fact that he was an Eleven by finding out that he once stood out in Tennouzu. A boy with dark blue hair is it natural? And he didn't want to mention his Dad. We already pass the first month. All preliminaries are over, you know? But school stuff won't be so hard compared to my work, right?

Before anyone else asked Milly clapped her hand, "Okay. That's enough I think. Shu, why don't you sit with…" She bit her lip a little. The only empty chair left is the one beside Nunnally, who was sitting near the middle window.

There was a reason it was empty but… oh well, Lelouch would just have to deal with it. Shu seems like a nice kid so far anyway. But he did fidget a little after a few minutes sitting down. He just noticed the girl next to him hadn't opened her eyes once. And her chair is strangely regal.

shu and inori relationship quiz

Nice to meet you, Shu Ouma. She's like some sort of princess with that smile of hers. It's not something you'd think to ask, so I don't blame you. I hope we can be friends. Just call me Shu. And there's no way she's any type of bully. Keeping her voice quiet so the teacher won't hear them, "nice to meet you too. She sent her a nonchalant smile in which she frowned in response.

Lelouch- or as her hare brained official profile stated- Luna Lamperouge sighed. In her mind, there were two rules regarding her extracurricular activities 1 We do not talk about gambling as an extracurricular 2 Never go alone. Regretfully, when she started gambling, she was only friends with one person other than Milly. She could hardly take Nunnally with her, and Milly had to keep her reputation clean or as clean as she deemed.

You can't trust a perverted old man hiding inside a blonde bombshell's sanity. So she had to take Rivalz, who was unable to keep a secret even if his virginity depended on it. If Shirley doesn't keep preaching about morals and being a diligent student, she might sank her criminal fingers deep enough into Rivalz.

Luna faced Shirley an innocent smile. She was never a fan of body contact. Besides, it's not like her grades are dropping. For such a kind girl like Shirley 2 to 1 odds is hard. Well, Luna was well-liked and popular here.

If skipping class and staying on the top of her classes didn't say for itself that the girl found school boring and unnecessary, it was the rumors about her illegal gambling that made her interesting. Maybe discarding rule 1 isn't too much of a bad idea. Being popular around a school of nobilities, mean that even if you're not buddy buddies with them, you can ask for help. And provided their too ignorant and stupid, they'd settle for a relatively harmless compensation.

The violet eyed girl took on his appearance, before deciding that he's not so interesting though eyes as red as his is a little weird, even amongst people with silver or blue hair.

He probably found her to be one of those narcissistic top students. It's best for her sake. If she'd been a boy, acting aloof as a plan to intimidate students would backfire like hell, and instead it would make girls ape-shit crazy.

Guys won't be so forward to an ice queen, so being a bit of a bitch gave her a lot of free time- Not that she wasn't nice most of the time. She just had to let them know that she's not to be taken as a high classed social pole to latch on.

Been homeschooled until now. His parents are researchers. Not that Luna wanted to make him an expendable ally, but for Milly to handle his apparently school tour and give additional notes on him must have mean that Milly wanted her to be nice to him, which means that he must have gotten Milly's interest. What kind of dirty secret he has? She mused, just in case he's too annoying.

Just call me Luna please. Maybe he judged her too early. And gambling… well, no wonder. But you kinda… took my Mom's money when she went gambling as a dare. Your name slipped when she went drunk. You ruined your own classmates' mother. Now, will you please stop gambling? Anyway," Shu waved her apology away relatively easy. My chess matches actually do something good. But I have to run for another appointment.

Mostly because she doesn't want to suffer Milly's offensive mouth power again. While it was okay for her to skip regular classes, especially reviews, high marks for test scores is a must.

One might wonder why she doesn't skip school and go to college already, but… Mom would have wanted me to go to school, of for the sake of having friends of the same age.

She always feared my high intellect would get me further deep into the Imperial affairs like Schneizel, but much earlier than him. She shrugged, dispelling the memory. I guess I have to cancel for today. I do not have a surprise test. Sucks to be in high level History! Luna glanced at him, "Aren't you supposed to go with them? Although, being on the high class, I don't suppose you'd need it much.

I have a pretty good memory. I just can't seem to use it for subjects I don't have interest to do. It was the standard Nokia that was famous decades ago.

Don't have an SGP? He only got a strained smile, "I do have one. I just prefer using this. GHQ, despite what they say, was created to contain Japan. It was a common knowledge that GHQ can access records of the phones they created, so they'd know everyone's internet history, who they called, what they texted, etc.

But it was no different of a situation from years ago, and it's not like they're planning a coup d'etat, so no one was disturbed. However, she's calling high classed nobles and unsavory people, it would do her no good if she got caught doing chess gambling.

It was illegal, after all. She opened her contacts list and found the name of the person she's supposed to substitute today. Can you go ahead? Shu figured it was probably something private.

Felix McPhenser possessed several blueprints, vital upgrades of the Yggdrasil Drive, a device that stabilizes the Core Luminous- a cubed form of the explosive Sakuradite that is stored in KMF's torso and served as the activation key, developed by Rakshata Chawla and Llyod Asplund during their college years. He was challenged by Eric Spacer, a common noble who is head of the Munica Estate, owner of many lands for private buildings that houses the many nobles who had decided to settle in Area 11 and drink its value.

Tapping the call option, she waited for McPhenser's voice, [Hello? McPhenser had lost to her 3 years ago, and is now her puppet to fish out prideful nobles who might be interested with gambling. She made sure he knew his place, playing the part of a nervous, rich CEO to lure in daring foolish nobles to challenge him in a gamble.

Spacer already had the place set up! Ignoring his concern, she decided to settle it quickly. Shall I give him the phone? How dare you just order me like that?! McPhenser, and I am his superior. She can practically feel Spacer gritting his teeth on the other line.

Or you pay a forfeit of five hundred pounds. They were noticeably late. About 20 people not many pursue history it seems. And Ashford is a private academy so there was not many candidates either. Luna's reputation to skip classes precedes her, but none chastise her.

The court nobles had done their job too well. Not liking her mother who was once a Britannian commoner, they destroyed any record of her ever being Marienne vi Britannia. Using her mother's frozen account and her Princess yearly allowance that she liquefied right after her mother's death, yet before her self-exile, she funded and reorganized Ruben's shamble of a KMF industry, in exchange for his help in her future endeavors against the Empire and hand in shining her mother's name. Blessing him with her mother's Lamperouge name, it reminded everyone that her mother had once been the best pilot in the world, since all the nobles had gone into a dull sense of ignorance after Marienne settled down as the Emperor's consort.

The name would also explain why the headmaster would allow two students live in the school's west wing, and it deterred anyone from looking down on Nunnally's crippled condition. It also let her into most of the teacher's good graces. She was left unpunished from skipping classes thanks to her top marks, and the only reason she's not the top student in all of Ashford is because she doesn't want the extra outside attention, and often neglected her homework, especially P.

Even if it was a common gossip that the Vice President went to do chess gambling, it was still a rumor. She was a princess. She never had to subject herself to such behavior, but she was now a commoner. Straightening up, she placed her hand on Shu's back, pushing him forward lightly. He's a new student who's been homeschooled until now. Please take a seat Mr. Are you an El… Are you Britannian? Shu made sure his knees didn't quiver. After the interruption, Luna took her seat beside the window and Shu sat beside her, a row behind.

Before I was so rudely interrupted," the rather playful teacher smiled as most of her students chuckled, "we'll continue.

Only 1 question for each so raise your hand as quickly as you can. First question and it was already horrible for him. Several hands got up, and the teacher pointed a student with bright red hair, coming close to sunlight orange. They don't know the meaning at all. They came a couple years after it actually happened.

It wasn't some tragic day. It was basically genocide by unknown cause! Can you tell me what virus it was? With half a quarter of Area 11's thick population dead, Britannia created the Sephirah Genomics to conduct a research on it and help curing the people. Near half of the population got stranded on the streets with parts of their bodies crystalized-sick, but not dead, and Britannia quickly seized the chance to invade Japan that had passed its prime instantly.

We thought they were stupid. Japan is having an epidemic and they're charging in right after the virus explosion. But instead of numerous soldiers getting infected with the virus, Britannia sent thousands of humanoid war machine known as Knightmare Frames. With semi-permeable air vent they soldiers inside were free to breath, gunning down steels of tanks and basically pulverizing Japanese last main defense line.

Two, what is the purpose of GHQ? It was a bit depressing how his sudden burst of obvious giddy dwindled when the teacher looked at him. Four, Miss Fenette already answered why it's called as such, but what exactly does the Apocalypse Virus do? He was going to be a perfect gentleman and let her take the question, but she quickly ditched it. Very nice, please continue. Whatever answer he gave is going to describe his intellect, as Haruka warned to him.

Inori Yuzuriha

Everything he's going to say will determine his future. He always thought she was exaggerating, but looking at their judging eyes he internally swallowed as he realized just how serious social ladder rules the soceity. He steadied his voice. Rumor said it's from a space meteor. But once inflicted, people's living tissue crystalizes as purple stone, and would shatter at some point or by certain pressure point, and it spreads through the country as a rapid form of external cancer.

Special Virus Countermeasure Force, or the Anti-Bodies claimed its trying to invade humanity, but that would imply it has a conscious thought. Afterwards, Shu confesses that he gets nervous whenever he has to look someone in the eyes, since eye contact was critical when using the Power of Kings, as stated by Inori.

She teaches him how to look someone in the eye without being nervous. They test this out on Souta, who is seen unconscious after.

Shu says he's finally gotten the hang of it and proceeds to remove all the students of the school Voids. Inori explains further on what Voids are before Kanon finds them and Yahiro appears, telling them to follow him. It is soon revealed that Yahiro was indeed the one who saw what Shu did the day before and yells at Shu saying that, he shouldn't pretend they were friends, before having his Void pulled out by Shu. Later, after Shu tells Inori to not shoot Yahiro, they made a promise to each other that Shu wouldn't say anything about the Norma Gene and Yahiro wouldn't say anything about the Undertakers.

However, this promise is broken when Yahiro pushes Shu out of a train when they were traveling to school the next day. Inori goes back to school and is saddened and upset over Shu's arrest. She however, builds up the courage to rescue Shu by herself. She jumps off a tower and falls only to float after the effect of Kido's Void. Shu pulls out her Void and destroys all the mecha in the area. She is seen unconscious in his arms after, as Shu joins the Undertakers.

She appears along with Gai as Shu is introduced to the rest of the Undertakers and helps him learn how to shoot a gun, but gets up too close to him allowing her chest to touch his back.

They blush and Inori tells him not to get close to her. She meets with Shu later and asks him why he came with her. Shu however, is unable to give a straight answer and asks her if they could leave together.

She refuses however, saying Gai gave her a name and a world, so she can't leave. Inori reveals to Shu that Gai told her to say and do everything up until now and that she had no feelings for him. Shu is heartbroken at this and runs after her only to find Gai and Inori going into a room together.

Inori and Gai are seen in the room, with Gai hooked up to a machine getting blood from Inori. He tells Inori that she looks more like her everyday and she asks if it bothered him. He replies saying he didn't know. She also watches as Shu passes his mock battle until they receive news that Gai might be dead, to which she showed great worry. They eventually regain contact and they save Gai, who tells them they'll have to think of a different plan.

However, Shu protests, saying that they'll put too much people in danger. Inori watches as Shu runs away after he gets embarrassed and follows him. She tells him to do exactly what she says and allows him access to Gai through her DNA on a glove.

She is seen listening outside soon after. There, she tells two Anti Bodies to stay away or she'll kill them. However, they charge towards her and she shoots them, earning a shocked reaction from Shu. After the Leukocyte malfunctions, Inori appears before Shu but with a different voice.

She asks him if he wants to save everyone and he says yes. She smiles at him and reveals a completely different Void, which was formed by joining her Void with Kido's. She is seen looking up at the sky after waking up from her unconsciousness.

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She is seen later returning to school with Shu, who is very nervous about it. Upon arrival, they are immediately questioned by a few students, who bully Shu by saying he's a criminal adn warn Inori. She seems angered by it only for Shu to hold Inori's hand and pull her away, something she carefully looks at. They hear a slap from behind and look back, only to see Arisa Kuhouin slap the boy who said those things to them. Later at Shu's home, Haruka sees Inori and notices the resemblance between her and the girl in Shu's memories but shakes it off.

On the day of the 'party' Inori is seen with Tsugumi and Ayase who watch as Shu and Gai carry out their plan and rejoice when they become victorious. Shu must use Sota void to unlock the gates on the island to take the stone of beginning, so he's forced to use Inori as a decoy and bring Sota out and withdraw his void.

Later Sota and Inori were coming together to the beach side, but Shu hides in bush and watches them. Sota shows his own handmade video to Inori, the music video of Euterpe like Shu did before him, and Inori says "it's beautiful.

When he asks Inori, she responds that voids will change if people's hearts change too. Later on the mission, Shu must take Inori's void to fight, but he cannot do it and runs away from Inori, so Gai is forced to cancel the mission. After he went home, he finds Inori waiting for him to say farewell and give him a brand new song she made, but Shu starts to see illusions of Inori as Mana with the cancer virus like a monster.

He panics and slaps Inori's hand away, causing the music drive to break apart and yells "Monster! Before the mission, Inori asks Gai about Shu, feeling curious about Shu and asked him if is she loves Shu. Because she feels that way, Gai avoids it and says they'd talk about it later. Inori then says the song was not right, and that chaos was going to happen causing her to scream, "Stop it!

Romantic relationship between Shu and Inori ?

They come up with a plan to soothe the virus, meanwhile Funell found Shu in a movie clubroom near the school, Tsugumi speaking to him through Funell, says everything was destroyed because he didn't come to help, and because of that Gai and Inori might be dead all because he abandoned them.

He manages to get back into shape and with the help of Hare he calls Arisa, Kanon, Sota, and Yahiro for their help. Inori stands on the top of the radar building in the airport and sings " Departures ", and the lights that stand over the building cure the people affected with the crystal cancer.

Gai's cancer disappeared and he was able to rest. Shu came with his friends to rescue Inori using their Voids, managing to defeat the obstacles and reach Inori. However, just as Shu was about to reach Inori, a mysterious boy appeared from behind her and pull her Void out, which forced her to stop moving.

The boy attacked Shu with Inori's Void, but it ended up slashing Gai, who protected him. Inori was then taken away by the young boy. Inori was used as a sacrifice to bring back Mana, so she could cause another outbreak of the virus around the world but Mana's rebirth was prevented by Shu and Gai, however the sacrifice was already over and Mana infected Inori's body.

During this, Shu, Inori, Tsugumi, and Ayase hide out in the school and try to find a way to escape together. Sota had an idea to make a culture festival to cheer everyone up and have concert of "Egoist" in the festival.

Inori turns out to have a split personality which actually is Mana's infected side controlling her which makes Inori stab Arisa's hand, kill forceful students, and kill a group of bandits.

Inori starts to fear that she might end up killing Shu if it continues then remembers telling her about her void but remarking that Inori is Inori, which helped her understand that even if she was a monster with a fake heart and emotions, to her they were always real.

After they can escape from school through the red line, some group of students want to get revenge on Shu, just as Gai appear and cut Shu's right arm off, and "The King's Power" was absorbed into Gai. Inori holds Shu and runs from Gai, because they were together all the time. Shu feels hopeless by losing his power and his right arm. One day Shu heard some music and found Inori singing Euterpe. Inori stopped and comes to Shu, she says thank you and she'll always be on his side, then she makes him sleepy and go out, and fight with Ghost unit.

She uses the Apocalypse crystal as weapons like the claw, which is the power from the unfinished sacrifice, it's Mana power. In addition she fell to Gai, he used the bow void and shot her, which it become rope and stopped her.

Gai takes Inori to top of the headquarter tower, pulls her up and awaits to erase her memory, and use her body as Mana's vessel. Before Inori's almost devoured, Gai blame's himself because he helped Inori out from that day, but Inori didn't feel that way. She's grateful that she could survive, because she could feel the experience, and that let her meet Shu, who shows the regrets side of this world to her.

She says it's sad but beauty, Shu suffered and doubted himself, he has hurt people and she felt shame of what he did, and that's the reason why Inori loves Shu. Shu shows her the way to live like a human, even though she knows the truth that she's not human, she's just a vessel that one day her body'll be the others.

Because of Shu, she could learn how a human is and get a chance to fall in love with someone like ordinary people.

shu and inori relationship quiz

Then Inori lost the memory about Shu. By that time Shu came into the headquarters, Inori with empty memory couldn't do anything, she sings Euterpe, only Shu could hear it and that sounds lead Shu to Inori, after the song, Inori's crying, and her tears turn into a crystal flower, after that she is fully devoured by Mana.

Mana was reborn in Inori's body. Shu arrived by that time, and Mana went to Shu, but he punched her because she insulted Inori. Mana felt sad and angry, that she let Gai use her void, which is the same void as Inori's. Shu began to fall, but then he saw some lights from Inori's flower crystal, her tears as crystal lets Shu use her power, her void and Shu meet Inori.

Inori tells Shu not to give up, helps everyone and stops Mana.