Sirius and remus relationship test

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sirius and remus relationship test

James thinks that Remus might be in a secret relationship with Lily. Well, he was "Thanks Moony," Sirius said, grinning at his friend as Remus handed his essay back to him. "Where . "Let's test that theory, shall we?" James. Writing by J.K. Rowling about Remus Lupin. To Lyall's delight, Hope accepted his proposal of marriage and threw herself enthusiastically into . befriended by two cheerful, confident and rebellious boys, James Potter and Sirius Black. The quiet Remus Lupin? Or the loner Sirius Black? This test Love and relationship quizzes -» Your celebrity lover tests -» Harry Potter lover.

Even if it isn't Lily he's dating, he should still tell us if he's going out with someone!

sirius and remus relationship test

How would you feel if I didn't tell you I was going out with someone? Sirius rolled his eyes. You'll just have to trust that Remus isn't shagging Lily. Just to make sure. And if you're the friend you claim to be, you'll let him keep his secret. He was right to keep that secret, wasn't he? If nothing happens between him and Lily while I'm watching, I'll drop the whole thing. And besides," he added, and Sirius opened his mouth.

James quickly discovered that surveillance was boring. He sat on the floor of the library, covered in the cloak, peering at Lily and Remus through the shelves. It was already dark; they were studying by candlelight at this point, and the library was almost due to close.

He'd half-expected to walk into the library and find them huddled away in some corner kissing. When that didn't happen, he reasoned that was a stupid expectation. It was Lily and Remus; he'd have to watch and listen for a longer period of time to catch them at anything. Their conversation was much less interesting than James would have hoped. He sat there for almost an hour as they discussed their teachers and the Hogsmeade weekend and the latest Death Eater killings.

They talked about some muggle things that James didn't really know anything about and they talked about Lily's sister. James was just about to give up and leave when the conversation turned to him. From his tone, James guessed they'd had this conversation many times before. James's ears perked up. Not only had Remus and Lily shown no signs of being in a secret relationship, it appeared Remus had been trying to talk James up to Lily.

sirius and remus relationship test

That sounded suspiciously like… "Lily…" Remus said. You don't need to tell me again.

sirius and remus relationship test

Did Lily like Remus? Had they been in a relationship previously? Why had Remus not told James if it had just been that Lily had unrequited feelings for him? He was practically hitting on her! If I was going to date any girl, I'm sure it'd be you. Nothing was happening between them, he reminded himself.

Lily wasn't secretly in a relationship with Remus. The important thing was that Remus was not going behind James's back. It did break his heart a little to know Lily liked someone else… but he could always change her mind. She wouldn't like Remus forever, and surely James could convince her that he was the better option?

Feeling bad for not trusting Remus more, James began to retreat once more. Like the last time, however, he was stopped by Lily's next sentence. Black is a lucky guy. Surely she didn't mean…? I always have to rewrite them for him, and he just expects me to do it.

JKR never stated either way (but she said he had no girlfriend).

And he leaves them until the last minute. Okay, so maybe Moony was as gay as a daffodil. That was surprising news. Although, James thought, it certainly explained how he could resist the charms of the beautiful Lily Evans. And he liked Sirius.

sirius and remus relationship test

James wondered whether he should tell the other boy; he didn't want to make things awkward between the two of them, but it seemed like something Sirius should know. Thankfully he wasn't close enough for the two to hear him. I suddenly found inspiration one day when thinking about a Secret Santa game I played in seventh grade.

It's a bit late for Valentine's Day, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. If you don't like it, don't read it. I'm just a poor little fangirl that likes to borrow them.

sirius and remus relationship test

He was curled up in a squashy armchair by the fire, finishing his reading assignment. James perched on the armrest, poking Remus until the boy snapped the book shut and scowled at him. Remus let out a long-suffering sigh.

Speaking of which—Oy, Sirius! Sirius was conversing with a small brunette girl in the middle of the Common Room—or rather, the girl was chatting away and Sirius was pretending to listen with a glazed look in his eyes that told Remus he hadn't heard a word of what she had said.

Looking relieved to have an excuse to get away, Sirius politely broke off the conversation and came to join the two boys by the fire. Remus here wants to know what we have planned for Valentine's Day.

Remus/Sirius v. Remus/Tonks in Canon: Contrast and Compare… - Harry Potter Essays

It's a bit like Secret Santa, but instead of giving presents, you give a kiss. Then we mix up the names and each person picks out a name.

They have to snog the person whose name they picked before the day is over. I'll make the announcement tonight, so that everyone will have enough time to put their names in. Valentine's Day is tomorrow. I can think of several people already.

You don't have to worry about having to snog a Slytherin or a first year.

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And try to convince Evans to join? I'll work on Moony. Sirius slid into the armchair beside Remus—which, being a one-person seat, meant that both boys were now squashed together and much too close for Remus's comfort. I just don't feel like snogging random people I don't even know. What if I get the name of one of my friends…or worse, one of my friends' crushes? Besides, what if you get the name of your crush? You've been a little too happy lately. If only you knew, Remus thought. The spicy scent of his friend filled his nostrils, the aroma making Remus slightly dizzy.

He felt the blood rush to his face and leaned back. Their noses were almost touching. Remus's breath caught in his throat. He was sure Sirius could hear his pounding heart. He wanted to look away from those pale eyes—but couldn't. There was something—alluring—about the emotions that swam just out of reach in those blue pools. Sirius's smile faltered for a minute, but returned as he sat upright, putting a comfortable distance between the two of them. Then let's go put your name in that hat.

Maybe he'd get Sirius's name. He let his mind follow in that strain for a while. The daydream ended with Sirius and Remus confessing their feelings for each other and kissing—among other things.