Spawn kills god and satan relationship

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spawn kills god and satan relationship

Lucifer shows an evolution of God through multiple persons. Spawn shows aviolent struggle between YHWH and Satan where the truth of absolute divinity Warlock displays the relationship between God andJesus in the roles of High of devout Christian fundamentalists, is the only member Killing the Graven God T Oct 29, But no list of hell spawn could be complete without the actual Spawn. 9. Why He's Scary: He's essentially Marvel's active Satan (although not the father of Satana). He even took away Peter Parker's marriage to Mary Jane Watson by holding poor old Aunt May's life in the Why He's #1: He killed God. And then say "God Spawn also killed Satan! so Al Simmons had wished to have the relationships between man and the deities (God/Lucifer).

They eventually incinerate Spawn, then proceed their endless battle Spawn, now given the powers of a god and the protection of the Mother, gains the power to recreate Earth, restoring everyone to life, but leaving humanity every memory of the Rapture. God and Satan have no role in the "new" Earth, because they're trapped in their perception of a barren Earth until they cease their seemingly endless fight, and Spawn, with his last act as a god himself, closes every door between Hell, Heaven, and Earth.

In his absence, Malebolgia served as the grand master of Hell, creating a massive army of Hellspawn to destroy Heaven. It would seem that Satan is highly feared by the other demons in Hell. Even his former servant Thamuzseemed ready to turn upon Mammon and destroy him at Satan's command. However, Mammon manages to save himself from Thamuz by offering Satan a way to increase the ranks of Hell's army - namely triggering the San Andreas Fault. Resurrection Satan sent his minions to earth's domain to kill Wanda Blake.

Spawn realized if he made the trade, he would be vulnerable and killed immediately. He turned down Satan's offer and Satan accepted his response as a declaration of war. Satan was furious and ordered Hellion to retrieve Wanda, as that was his one job. During this battle, Spawn showed Zera his true power as equal to God and Satan. Spawn defeated Zera and returned to the battle between Heaven and Hell with her head as a trophy. Spawn arrived at the battle as the last of Heaven's warriors was slain.

He believed that he knew one of them. Searching the battle field, Spawn discovered that he knew one of the soldiers as Granny Blake. She realized that she has been betrayed and misled by her faith without God. Spawn faced off against the Hellspawn of Satan's army, declaring that the Earth realm belonged to him.

spawn kills god and satan relationship

Calling him a traitor for breaking his oath, the Hellspawn from all the ages converged on their "brother. Hearing of this, Satan sent all of his remaining warriors after Spawn. Fearing that Spawn would unbalance Armageddon, God did the same. These events where watched by Mammon and a cloaked figure, whom Mammon responded to as a subordinate. During their exchange, it was implied that all was going according to their plan, and Mammon said that he should have never been doubted.

As Heaven and Hell attacked, Spawn with full force that almost destroyed the whole universe, he called to himself all the power given to him by the Mother, and in a single display of power destroyed the armies of and Hell, along with the rest of humanity.

Laughing, he dismissed his act as a way to halt the Armageddon itself, leaving God and Satan without soldiers to use in their battle.

He then asked the Mother to restore his children to their former glory and powers, but refused to fight them. They eventually incinerated Spawn, then proceeded their endless battle The Reconstructed World Spawn, given the powers of a god and the protection of the Mother, gained the power to recreate Earth, restoring everyone to life, but leaving humanity every memory of the Rapture. Both God and Satan had no role in the "new" Earth, because they where trapped in their perception of a barren Earth until they ceased their seemingly endless fight, and Spawn, with his last act as a god himself, closed every door between Hell, Heaven and Earth.

He then asked the Mother to turn him back into Al Simmons, convincing her into letting the former Spawn have the chance to win back Wanda and becoming a fatherly figure for Cyan. A now fully human Simmons returned to his former home, but facing the memories of the miscarriage he inflicted upon Wanda by beating her the last night before dying, he relinquished humanity once more, accepting to go on in his death as the monster he was always thought to have been in life.

Realizing how Al Simmons himself, not Mammon, claimed the Hellspawn role as penance, Spawn, again in his "red-cowled" costume, once more took residence in a deserted and barren Rat Alley. Later a robed figure told Mammon of Spawn's defeating of Clown and closing the portal to hell, which he had wanted Spawn to do, and called Spawn "my good and faithful servant.

She was seen again now as a rotting decapitated head immersed in preservative liquids within a glass container. As she was one of God's favorites, she was granted immortality by God. Zera uses Nyx's body to successfully do battle with Spawn. Mambo Suzanne, however used the conflict as a distraction to shatter the glass containing Zera's head and throw the head to streets below.

There, demon dogs devoured the head until there was nothing left, thereby freeing Nyx from Zera's possession. This issue lead to the recovery of Nyx and Spawn's friendship as well as Nyx's recovery of her powers. A tale of three brothers Ab and Zab two minor demons create a literal hell house where visitors were forced to face their most heinous sins, due to demons called sin eaters that feed on the guilt by making their prey face the evil that they had done. A woman and a minister within the house were both caught in the delusions caused by the sin eaters, and slowly fed on by the demons.

Spawn confronted Ab and Zab, but was faced with his own sin against Wanda and his unborn child. Unable to break free from the guilt, he was slowly fed on by a sin eater. Nyx however decided to intervene, overcoming a sin eater and breaking it's illusion that had subdued Spawn it is revealed later on that Nyx was becoming more powerful.

Spawn tore apart many of the other sin eaters until he came upon the minister who was being fed on by a sin eater. It was then revealed that the minister was Al Simmons' brother, Richard, who was reliving his own worst sin. Spawn, who up to that moment had not yet recovered all his memories as Al Simmons since he became a Hellspawn, decided to allow Richard to relive his sin so that he could peer into his own past.

It was then discovered that Mammon, under the guise of a man, Mr. Malefick, had a profound influence on Al Simmons' childhood. Malefick a constant visitor in the Simmons' household and close acquaintance of Al Simmons' mother that tutored Al Simmons to torture and murder small animals at a very young age as well hurt his own body, seemingly grooming him to become his servant, who would feel neither glee nor pity in taking another being's life.

Malefick had also influenced Richard Simmons to take drugs as well as introduced him to the drug dealer Weasel. It was only Marc Simmons that seemingly was able to save himself from Mammon's influence, but was unable to help his brothers. Richard called his brothers to come and help him in his predicament. Al Simmons, not wanting him and his brothers to be implicated in the crime, decided against calling an ambulance that could save the drug dealer's life Finding that the sin eater was already killing Richard Simmons, Nyx broke the illusion while Spawn killed the last sin eater.

Spawn then asked Richard about their parents, finding that Richard had neither thought of nor heard from them in years, Spawn determined that Mammon had blocked the memory of their parents and prevented the brothers from even thinking about their parents. Spawn then left, but not before Nyx placed a spell preventing Ab and Zab from leaving the building and Spawn promised to come back for his brother.

Spawn then found his parents' home which Mammon had hidden under a spell and within it his parents, who were trapped there for many years.

During Spawn's first fight with the Redeemer, Leetha underwent a metamorphosis that became Spawn's iconic look, with the the red portions of her costume form becoming black and the cloak she manifested becoming tattered.

She later underwent an out-of-control metamorphosis after Al was taken to Heaven to participate in Angela's trial. The reason Spawn can use his cloak to fly is because it is actually Leetha's wings. How her chains and the hem of her cloak are used. One of her main means of offense. Leetha's intended host was actually Simmons' daughter Morana, and Leetha abandons Al for her when the opportunity presents itself.

All those people Jim healed? Leetha infected them with bits of herself so that she could hold them hostage and drain their souls. Do Not Go Gentle: Leetha knows Simmons is coming back, and tries to take over and failing that kill Downing before he can do so. She fails and is subjugated. Can feed off of evil energy. After Downing learns Leetha has contaminated his loved ones in order to hold them hostage against him, he lets her take over Bludd and duke it out with him in a battle for supremacy.

Leetha's intended host was never Al Simmons, but his miscarried daughter Morana, and the symbiote had made a deal with Mammon to insure this long before being bonded to Al. More recent depictions of Spawn have made that even more blatant by giving calling Leetha a symbiote and giving Spawn fanged jaws and a super-long tongue.

K7-Leetha had made a deal with Mammon long before bonding to Simmons, and ultimately deserted him for Morana, his stillborn daughter - but ends up being bonded to Jim Downing after Al's suicide.

Spawn (comics)

She intended to use him to take over the world, but fails. Even without a host, Leetha can assume a humanoid form or appear as a grotesque mass of darkness and tendrils. When she separates from Spawn or takes over she manifests a mouth full of pointy teeth.

It boasts to Downing that it is an ancient entity who's had multiple hosts over the centuries When brought into Heaven, she transforms into "Combat Mode", forcing Spawn to assume human form to avoid unwanted hostility. When fighting Jim Downing, it manifests as a massive amorphous creature. Really Years Old: It's unknown how old Leetha is, but she's been around a lot longer than was previously suspected, and has had a multitude of hosts prior to Al Simmons.

Betrays Spawn on a semi-regular basis, and later tells Malbolgia her intent is to destroy him, Take Over the Worldand kill God. A standard-issue K Unit neural parasite bred in the 4th level of Hell. Lime greenthe color of necroplasm.

Downing tells Leetha he let her take over him and that he's fooled her all along. Can morph her cloak into anything she or Al desires, and can disguise Al's ruined visage as a human. Your Soul Is Mine: How she sustains herself when she's not leeching off her host's necroplasm or ambient evil energy. They gradually come into contact with the hellspawn and became wary, distant allies. Twitch is both a formidably smart investigator able to solve enigmas easily and an excellent marksman who could defeat Overtkill by shooting him in the right place.

spawn kills god and satan relationship

Sam constantly sends Twitch out to fetch food that is either greasy, sugary, or both. Twitch and Sam, respectively. They started out as minor characters from Spawn, then ended up with their own comic.

In the animated series Twitch develops one with journalist Lisa Wu, both complimenting the other one on their intelligence. Twitch in the animated series. Twitch is especially renowned for his dry wit. Donut Mess with a Cop: Sam sure loves his pastries. Friend on the Force: Eventually come to play this role for Al and later Jim as well.

Sam's fat, Twitch is skinny. Subverted with Sam, who looks and acts like one, but is actually one of the cleanest cops on the force. Because he never does. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Sam; he is brutish, aggressive and tends to use foul language, but he is one of the few honest cops where he works, and his aggressiveness tends more toward bad guys.

Leave Behind a Pistol: They give this option to their chief in the animated series after they discover he's been working for Wynn and was the one who shot Twitch. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Guess who for each one. Are the best of friends and partners, but constantly snark at each other. Ugly Guy, Hot Wife: Williams is, in Sams' words, the 8th wonder of the world with curves like a racetrack. Which is a pretty accurate decription.

Cogliostro An enigmatic homeless man who appoints himself something of a mentor figure to the confused, uncomprehending new Hellspawn. It then turns out he's actually a hellspawn who quit the armies of Hell himself. Old Cog usually just pops up long enough to scold Spawn for his callousness and issue cryptic advice before vanishing, but it's later revealed that he was one of the original Hellspawn.

It gives him a sort of hobo wizard look Is over years old, and is still incredibly powerful. Is positively ancient, but still has a few tricks up his sleeves.

Literally; he used to be the original Cain. Betrays Al to take over Malbolgia's circle of Hell. After Spawn defeated Malebolgia, Cog reveals himself to be Cain, kicks Spawn out of Hell, and turns him back into a human. Reappears to inform Sam and Twitch about Al Simmons' return. Julius Beethoven da Vinci: He was originally Cain, the first human murderer, but he took on many guises since then.

He was the characters known as Malcus, Merlin, and Faustus written and told about in stories and myths. Plays this role to Al at first. What The Hell, Spawn? Gives these a lot to Spawn in the animated series, whenever the latter indulges in Murder Is the Best Solution. Also when Spawn uses a Bed Trick on his ex-wife Wanda, not only because she was tricked but because this accidentally got her pregnant from a hellspawn, which will endanger her due to a prophecy that the child of a hellspawn and a human woman would play a crucial part in Armageddon.

This places her right in the middle of the war between Heaven and Hell. Angela An angel tasked by Heaven with slaying hellspawn, especially during their vulnerable period on Earth for the first time.

She's an angelic warrior who's been hunting Hellspawn for centuries. Appears only once in the animated series before being replaced by another angel bounty hunter named Jade, who largely fills the same role. In her brief appearance in the animated series, she lures two gangsters who made lewd comments and later threatened her into an alley and gleefully curb-stomps them.

She's also pissed off at not being allowed to hunt the latest Spawn. She's an assassin sent from Heaven to kill Hellspawns. To Marvel's universe. It was initially ambiguous as to whether the Angela that debuted in Marvel Comics is the same one in Spawn, as she says she was involuntarily pulled into the Marvel Universe from her own and very few details of her home dimension were given. It's ultimately revealed that Marvel's incarnation of Angela is not only Asgardian but Thor's long-lost half-sister, making her a completely different character from Image's incarnation.

spawn kills god and satan relationship

When she failed to kill Spawn she was put on trial for treason. A metal bra and panties are all the armor she needs to hunt demons. She developed a romance with Spawn after he saved her. Flees from Heaven after being framed for treason and becomes Spawn's lover after he saves her.

Her mask covers her eyes and leaves the rest of her face exposed.

Spawn (comics) - Wikipedia

Is fierce and temperamental. How she finally helped Spawn to defeat Malebolgia. The angel girl is named Angela. On her circlet that she wears in battle. Our Angels Are Different: A stripperiffic bounty hunter who kills Hellspawn for a living. She's been doing her job for hundreds of years.

spawn kills god and satan relationship

Falls in love with Simmons after he saves her life. Neil Gaiman himself has questioned the practicality of Angela's dress code. Wanda Blake Al Simmons' wife prior to the series, it is love of her that motivates him to barter with Malebolgia, becoming a Hellspawn in exchange for being allowed to see her again.