Storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

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storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

Explore Morgan Kordas's board "Snake Eyes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Comic art, Snake eyes and Storm shadow. Snake Eyes: 15 Things Even Superfans Never Knew . The relationship between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is wonderfully complex. Storm Shadow is a fictional character from the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero toyline, comic .. The relationship between Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow is best showcased in the Season 2 episode, The Sword, when it is shown that they both.

Joe's toughest missions, and the bond between them would be both strengthened and tested. In a story arc titled the "Snake Eyes Trilogy", the Baroness seeks revenge upon Snake Eyes, under the mistaken belief that he had killed her brother in Southeast Asia. She captures Snake Eyes while he is recovering from plastic surgery to repair his face, and shoots Scarlett in the process.

For the first time in many years, Snake Eyes speaks Scarlett's name, and she wakes from her coma, eventually returning to active duty. Joe series is drawing to a close, Snake Eyes and Cobra Commander finally battle each other in issue Snake Eyes eventually wins against an armored Cobra Commander, but the Commander would have the last laugh, as he captures Storm Shadow and successfully brainwashes him back to the allegiance of Cobra.

Joe until its disbandment. Snake Eyes had an encounter with Cobra Commander prior to the formation of Cobra, where Cobra Commander befriended Snake Eyes and tried to recruit him into murdering a judge. The judge had convicted Cobra Commander's older brother of arson and insurance fraud, resulting in the ruin of his brother's life, causing his spiral downward into alcoholism, and ultimately the car accident that claimed both his life and the lives of Snake Eyes' family.

Snake Eyes agreed to accompany Cobra Commander, but at the last minute refused to go along with the plan. Cobra Commander then killed the judge, and swore revenge against Snake Eyes, resulting in him hiring Firefly who in turn subcontracted Zartan to kill Snake Eyes while he was training with the Arashikage Clan. After the official disbandment, the original G.

At the end of this story, Storm Shadow returns to his ways as a ninja, and says he will deal with Snake Eyes when he is ready. Snake Eyes and Scarlett move back to his home in the High Sierras, where Timber has died but sired a litter of pups before passing, and Snake Eyes adopts one. Joe Team disbanded, Snake Eyes and Scarlett leave the military and become engaged, but for unknown reasons on the day of the wedding, Snake Eyes disappears and retreats again to his cabin in the High Sierras.

However, Firefly kills Ophelia and escapes, leaving Snake Eyes devastated. As a result, on his wedding day, Snake Eyes breaks off his engagement to Scarlett in front of Stalkerthen again disappears to his compound in the Sierras.

Sean asks Snake Eyes to train him as a new apprentice, after watching his crew also get slaughtered by Firefly on the night Ophelia was killed. Some time later, Jinx and Budo call Snake Eyes to investigate new intel on the location of Firefly, who is working for the "Nowhere Man".

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

Snake Eyes confronts Firefly, who is meeting with another masked ninja, revealed to be Storm Shadow. Sean is eventually given the name Kamakuraand would later join the G. Joe's reinstatement, and the two again became engaged. Snake Eyes is involved in many skirmishes with Cobra, including altercations with Storm Shadow, [47] the return of Serpentor in which Snake Eyes was injured by a grenade blast but quickly recovered[48] Snake Eyes' triumph over the Red Ninja leader Sei Tin which gave Snake Eyes control of the Red Ninja clan[49] and a close-call defeat at the hands of the heavily armored Wraith.

However, Scarlett meets with Storm Shadow who had broken free of his mind controland they rescue Snake Eyes and Duke from a convoy.

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In his last moments, Scanner activates the Icelandic station's self-destruct mechanism, killing Overlord in the blast and saving the Joes. Snake Eyes would later help in defeating the Shadows before their plot could be set into motion, even fighting leader Wilder Vaughnwho escapes. America's Elite issue 16 Snake Eyes as a "Commando" once more homage to version 1 uniform Snake Eyes is reactivated as a member of the team in G. With their new covert status and reduced roster, they continued to track down Cobra cells and eliminate them, from their new headquarters in Yellowstone National Park code named "The Rock".

He finds her on Destro's submarine in the Pacific Ocean, and succeeds in rescuing her, but Destro escapes, and Snake Eyes dies during the operation. Following the session, Scarlett unmasks Snake Eyes and is shocked at the sight. He then argues that Snake Eyes should not have given up his ninja skills, and that he wishes to work with him to restore his faith.

He informs them that the Baroness is free and looking for revenge on both G. Antarctica, Snake Eyes is part of the team that is called to investigate an Extensive Enterprises venture in Antarctica. Joe team eventually split up to find Tomax and Xamotand Snake Eyes goes with Snow Job to infiltrate their base, where they fight and chase Tomax off.

When the Joes start hunting down every member of Cobra that they can find, Snake Eyes and Scarlett apprehend Vypra[66] and capture Firefly in Japan. As the evenly matched Plague and G. Joe teams clash, Cobra sleeper cells attack government buildings in nations across the globe. Joe prison facility "The Coffin".

He is partially successful, but Tomax manages to free Firefly and several others, while killing those Cobra Commander considered "loose ends". Storm Shadow then joins Snake Eyes and the rest of the main team in defeating several Cobra cells, and disarming nuclear weapons that Cobra Commander has placed in the Amazon and Antarctica.

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

In the end, Snake Eyes is shown among the members of the fully restored G. Reloadedwhich featured a more modern and realistic take on the G. Although he did not serve on the team, it was shown that Snake Eyes was interested in Scarlett, but the series ended before anything further was explored. Snake Eyes appears in G. The Transformersthe Devil's Due crossover series with Transformers set in an alternate continuity. Joe is organized, Snake Eyes is assigned to a group of soldiers protecting a peace conference in Washington.

He is called "Chatterbox" but does not actually speak, because he had been dared by the other soldiers to actually keep quiet for a time. Snake Eyes is terribly scarred, and loses his voice, when a Cobra Commander-controlled Starscream shoots Cover Girl 's missile tank out from under him. His family is also killed during the attack. Joe and Cobra to team-up to retrieve them.

After recovering all of the Transformers, they arrive back on Cybertron.

Storm Shadow (G.I. Joe)

Joe was originally planned for publication during the same time as G. The Transformers by Dreamwave Productionsuntil they announced bankruptcy, leaving only the first miniseries completed. The story features the Transformers meeting the G. Joe team inwhere Snake Eyes is prominent in defeating the Decepticons by opening the Matrix. In the second miniseries set in the s, Snake Eyes is somehow still in fighting shape, despite having been a member of the team in Joe comics, and started a new series that continues where the Marvel Comics series ended.

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

This continuation of the Marvel series is again written by Larry Hama. Joe comic series that does not connect to any of the past continuity. Snake Eyes is once again a member of the team, and throughout the first storyline, he is a renegade agent of G. Joe, with whom Scarlett is in communication unapproved by Hawk. Snake Eyes first appears in the Crimean Rivera chasing Nico. Scarlett sends him a message signed "Love Red", which is a code telling him to run. He heads to Seattle where he finds Mainframe[80] and gives him the hard drive that Scarlett requested, containing information about Springfield.

Once there, they retrieve evidence from a secret lab that Cobra exists, before the town is leveled by a MOAB. With the evidence in hand, the two are accepted back into the G. Snake Eyes eventually heads to ManhattanNYC, to meet his old mentor, who helps him heal his mind after his defeat. Origins, Snake Eyes receives an update to the origin of his wounds.

Snake Eyes' face and hands are completely bandaged, and he is now mute because of the explosion. He later appears in his black uniform with a visor and sword, a variation of his original figure's uniform, as part of the second storyline on a mission in London. Snake Eyes started in Maybeing part of the G. Cobra Civil War saga. After Cobra Civil War ended, G. Snake Eyes continued into the new story arc G. Cobra Command, finally showing why and how he deserted the Joes and what part Storm Shadow had played.

His survivalist skills are unmatched, but he's not just an adept militarist. He's also a medicinal practitioner of alternative, herbalistic medicine. Understanding that he, Jinx, and Storm-Shadow are all that is left of the Arashikage ninja clan, Snake-Eyes sets himself on a path to find apprentices to carry on the clan's traditions.

Tragically, his first pupil, Ophelia, was killed by Fire-Fly on her final mission before graduating into The Arashikage Clan. It sent Snake-Eyes into a deep depression, causing him to miss his own wedding and consequently ending his engagement and relationship with Scarlett.

Later, the martial arts movie obsessive Tiger-Claw would become an apprentice to the stealthy commando. Timber is still a free wolf that Snake Eyes has been able to develop a friendship with over time. Timber constantly visited his cabin in the High Sierras, and would usually guard the area whenever Snake-Eyes was away on a mission.

Local townsfolk in the area started to refer to Snake Eyes as "Werewolf" since they were always together. When the Joe team was finally shut down after years of operation, Timber who'd lived to an old age passed away.

storm shadow and snake eyes relationship counseling

At the time, Snake Eyes and Scarlett had built a cabin for themselves. Just before Timber passed, he fathered a litter of wolf pups who still live near the cabin to this day. Their story is touching and gut-wrenching all at once, and their subplot is one of legend. Storm-Shadow Tommy and his rival were old war buddies, meeting on their first tour of duty in Vietnam. Storm-Shadow saved Snake-Eyes' life during a rescue mission.

One night, their master was assassinated by the Cobra agent Zartan.

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Storm-Shadow was implicated in the murder, but Storm-Shadow thought it was Snake-Eyes that committed the heinous act. Storm-Shadow's lust for vengeance led him to the doorstep of Cobra. Joe, who went by the codename Scarlett. In one of his first experiences as a Joe, Snake-Eyes noticed a tough as nails soldier giving refresher courses to cadets.

They weren't taking her seriously despite the fact that she bested them in hand-to-hand combat. They gained a fast respect for one another, serving on numerous missions together.