Time and patience in a relationship

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time and patience in a relationship

43 quotes have been tagged as patience-and-love: Elif Shafak: 'Patience does not The lovers of God never run out of patience, for they know that time is .. “ Relationships be it dating or marriage, can be viewed as the needle and thread. The harder you try to look for love, the more difficult you may be making it for yourself. Here are 5 things you must do in order to make it happen. But patience does a lot of wonders, not only in the relationship itself, but to the people involved in it. So yes, it's high time that you learn its ropes as it is a primary.

Understanding the Real Need of Patience in Relationships

But without intervention, can start an unhealthy relationship pattern. In the much the same way, the two parties have begun to take each other for granted. Having reached a point where they grown tired of trying to understand one another, leading to constant bickering over small matters. Impatience has taken root.

time and patience in a relationship

Does this feel like your relationship? Patience is necessary if we are to see the best in each other. More often than not, such a relationship loses its joy and meaning. A valuable and essential connection is lost. And without help, it is a very difficult bond to regain. Aristotle once said that patience is a bitter thing, but that the fruit of it is sweet. The truth is we have to work at cultivating our relationships if they are to bear fruit.

Yet, with that said, cultivating patience is something much easier said than done. Almost everything is available at the click of a mouse. Technological advances continually present us with countless ways of doing unimaginable things faster and more efficiently. But despite how efficient this makes us, it seems to have led to unrealistic expectations in our relationships. Add to that the ever-growing demands we place on our professional self, and the pressures to build a solid and stable financial future, patience, at times, may feel impossible.

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Have I tried hard enough and am I really at the end of my patience? Most of the time, we let our lack of patience get the better of us, and in the process lose a person who was much more dear to us than the issue over which we lost our patience.

Hurts like hell, believe me.

time and patience in a relationship

However, if the answer to most of the above questions is 'yes', then it won't be undue of you to blow the lid off. Many people regard a display of frustration or anger as a weakness and a vice.

time and patience in a relationship

But tell me - if you cannot even voice your frustration and vent it in your own home, where then is the outlet for your feelings? Your frustration, anger, pain, hurt are all as much a part of you as your romantic side, your kindness, your sense of humor and your compassion.

time and patience in a relationship

Do not be ashamed of it. Do not shy away from admitting it either. But don't let it go out of hand. Patience is a virtue, yes. But if the person in question does not show any sign of acknowledging it, it is time to walk away; and without bearing the guilt.

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You cannot be the only one trying to make things work. I say 'seeming' because many a time the traits of your lover's personality that are beginning to itch and scratch are in fact, those you were perfectly okay with until a while ago. This happens when we take people for granted and expect them to change to suit our needs. This is not a totally unreasonable expectation given two things - one that you are willing to do the same for the other person, and two that the trait in question affects you as a couple.

If your boyfriend does not keep his music CDs and DVDs organized, that should not create a problem unless he comes in and messes your room! If your girlfriend cannot help impulse shopping, that does not mean you should taunt her about it all the time unless you pay all her bills! If you communicate yourself and your needs and expectations from the relationship clearly with your lover, and if you both agree to change and make things work, there won't be a situation where your patience will be put to test in the first place.

Why don't you give it a try? The situations in your life that will try your patience as a parent the most are two - the learning phases of your child, and the growing up phase. The learning phase requires a lot of patience, as your child learns 'A for A-A-Apple', and most parents succeed in this. However, it is the growing up phase where parents lose it.

The simplest way to keep patience at such times is to have faith in your own up-bringing; to have faith in your children and let them be 'individuals' and not just your kids; and to never ever forget, that you were back there, in their place too, once upon a time!

Let your child err, let them make mistakes. But if the person in question does not show any sign of acknowledging it, it is time to walk away; and without bearing the guilt. You cannot be the only one trying to make things work. People need to be mature enough to understand that age is not a criteria for forming a mature dating relationship, understanding is. Patience helps in making a lot of difference in this regard. Be patient enough to understand what the other person wants rather than harping on your own needs.

If done imperfectly, this results in a lot of anger which has been the bane for many a mature dating relationship. People who might be perfectly compatible for each other often lose out on finding true love in each other if they are unable to comprehend what the other person wants. The best way to get out of this precarious situation is to discuss your problems with a lot of patience. There are a lot of people who are unable to express their true feelings because of myriad reasons.

Take time to understand each other and the world will suddenly be a better place to be in. Where anger and selfishness breed a hostile environment, patience gives way to love and peace.

Patience is the water that puts fires out and when it is coupled with kindness a wonderful arena is set for true, lasting love to spring forth.

It is in forgiveness and gentleness that you will find true rest for your souls in your relationship. Mature dating takes sacrifice, time and dedication but it is well worth it because it creates true fulfillment. Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. This happens when we take people for granted and expect them to change to suit our needs.