Vash and meryl relationship quiz

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vash and meryl relationship quiz

List of Trigun characters The Trigun anime and manga series features an extensive cast of characters created by Yasuhiro Nightow. All Quizzes Fresh Lists Trending Topics He is initially discovered by Meryl and Milly, representatives from an . Although she does not have a relationship with Wolfwood in the manga. First off, when Meryl and Milly open the door on Vash, he doesn't .. accepted name for the relationship between Wyatt Logan (portrayed by. Vash & Meryl. Best written characters with the best written relationship, in my opinion My favorite couple pairing in Anime Meryl Stryfe and Vash the Stampede.

In Volume 12 of the Trigun Maximum manga, it is revealed in a flashback that it was severed by Knives in retaliation for Vash shooting him in the shoulder after Knives massacred an entire town. It is later replaced by a cybernetic arm that contains an integrated gun. Vash's main weapon is the "Angel Arm," a large cannon capable of destroying cities. The anime depicts it as a modified version of the Dan Wesson ppcspecially created by Knives to fuse with Vash and transform into the "Angel Arm" itself.

In the manga however, it is shown as being a natural part of a Plant, with far greater versatility, capable of being manipulated into various forms other than a cannon. In the manga, it is powered by the life-force of its user, and using the power slowly causes Vash's life to drain, which causes his hair to slowly turn black. Vash later learns better control over his power, forming smaller cannons and defensive feathers, though his hair continues to grow darker until it becomes almost completely black.

The anime, however, depicts no such restrictions. A recurring joke in the anime is that characters will facetiously mistake a cat for Vash. For example, when he and Wolfwood are eating, Vash disappears and a cat turns up in his place.

vash and meryl relationship quiz

This prompts Wolfwood to say "I always had my suspicions that you were no mere mortal, but I never imagined that you were actually a cat. M Anime Reviews say that Vash " Hiromi Tsuru Anime and Trigun: She's hotheaded and strong willed.

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Initially, she finds Vash to be a nuisance and dismisses the idea that he is the legendary Humanoid Typhoon. As time passes, she realizes that Vash isn't the villain that he is made out to be nor the buffoon that he presents himself to be.

Gradually, she comes to respect Vash and love him deeply, though in the anime her love is more romantic than in the manga. Meryl eventually forms a special bond with him that allows her to overcome the obstacles that she is faced with.

vash and meryl relationship quiz

She hides dozens of derringer -style "throwaway" pistols under her traveling cape and is an excellent shot, although she rarely has occasion to use them. In the manga she becomes frightened of Vash's plant-like nature.

At one point she sees his memories as a child growing up and struggling alone to the destruction of July City through his eyes. After Bernardelli shuts down while Knives is ravaging the planet, she and Milly assume support roles along with Brad and Luida to help combat Knives. At the end of the manga's story, the two become investigative reporters for the planet's first television broadcasting channel, continuing to follow Vash wherever he goes.

Milly Thompson Voiced by: Satsuki Yukino Anime and Trigun: Despite physically towering over Meryl, Milly looks up to her and always refers to her in a respectful manner. She appears rather simple, but has a kind heart and also reveals a strength of character and genuine optimism. Milly comes from a very large family, and writes huge masses of letters to them constantly known as "The Milly Monthly". Milly manages to hide a very heavy concussion gun, referred to as a " stun-gun ", under her coat.

The shots, which pop out into the shape of an X-shaped claw, are so powerful they can even knock over trucks. Although she does not have a relationship with Wolfwood in the manga, events after his death indicate that she might have had a romantic interest in him. In the anime, Milly spends the night with Wolfwood before his death and her reaction to the loss of Wolfwood in the anime is considerably greater than in the manga. The manga version of Milly has blond hair whereas the anime depiction has browner-colored hair.

Badlands Rumble English Nicholas D. After showing potential in the orphanage in which he was raised, Chapel trained and modified him, giving him enhanced abilities and the ability to regenerate from heavy injuries using special vials, though this causes him to age much faster than normal.

List of Trigun characters

He was given a special large cross-shaped gun called the Punisher, which contains two machine guns and a rocket launcher. In the anime one of the Punisher's unused arms is shown to contain a small gun rack filled with handguns. He fails to do so and is instead sent by Knives to protect Vash until he is able to meet him.

After Vash is captured, Wolfwood rescues him and battles his childhood friend, Livio, and his master, now in a wheelchair. He manages to kill Chapel and defeat Livio as well as Livio's alternative personality, Razlo, but having overdosed on the regenerative vials, he soon dies while having a drink with Vash. In the anime, Wolfwood was raised by an abusive guardian, whom he later shoots and kills.

He was taken in by Chapel, who trained him to be his successor. He meets Vash while he is stranded in the desert and the two join forces. Wolfwood's purpose is to raise money for the children in the orphanage he runs, trying to keep other children from suffering as he did in his own childhood. He initially holds the ideals that he must kill, though he eventually comes to accept Vash's ideals. He eventually fights his master, but spares him after defeating him. Legato forces Chapel to shoot Wolfwood, who stumbles into a church and dies.

Vash then takes his gun as an act of honor and uses it fighting against Knives. During the series, Wolfwood develops a relationship with Milly that crosses from close friendship into romance and him sleeping with her shortly before his death. They are both born during a mission to further the human race, and they are taken care of by Rem until Knives disrupts the course of the ships, causing them to crash. While Vash believes all beings have potential for good and deserve life, Knives believes in the survival of the fittest.

After discovering experiments performed on other plants, he decides that humans are evil and grotesque, and that they need to be eradicated. Vash does not agree with his plans and seeks to stop him, and Knives seeks to dissuade Vash from basing his life around the "idealistic nonsense" preached by Rem.

His character changes, even if slightly, from the manga to the anime; the manga version is shown to be apathetic towards humans but has a caring attitude with other Plants as he mourns the death of Plants and even apologizes to one for his impulsiveness when "sacrificing all of those companions" when he was younger and cares about Vash to the point of almost absorbing his twin brother so they can stop fighting and prevent his death.

Before his general hatred, Knives is shown to be the most enthusiastic of the twins to interact with human beings, before the discovery of Tessla. In the anime, Knives evolves from an introverted child to a ruthless sociopath bent on exterminating all humans on the planet. Although he is the primary antagonist, he appears only in flashbacks for most of the series and only appears in person during the last few episodes.

Acting on a tip from Wolfwood, Vash finds Knives at a desert oasis in the final episode, leading to a cataclysmic battle. They hold each other to a stalemate at first, but Knives gains the upper hand and tries to annihilate Vash with the power of both brothers' angel arms. Vash shoots him repeatedly, disabling him, then bandages his wounds and carries him back to the nearest town.

His role is far more prominent in the manga. Many years after landing, the two meet in the city of July, and the face off leaves Vash without his left arm and Knives in a very critical state. He slowly regenerates over a period, and forms the Gung-Ho-Guns to act for him. After he revives and learns that he is slowly dying by using his abilities, he begins absorbing other plants into himself, which causes his powers to grow exponentially. After fusing with thousands of plants, Knives launches his "Ark", a floating ship designed to leave humans without any resources.

As he absorbs more and more plants, his Ark takes on the form of a sentient organism, capable of defending itself and, in some cases, even teleporting short distances.

Vash and Knives eventually fight for a final time, and after the battle, Knives saves Vash from the exploding Ark. After he brings Vash to safety, Knives uses the last of his power to make an apple-tree and then dies.

Legato Bluesummers Voiced by: He serves directly under Knives, which also gives him command of the Gung-Ho Guns. He gives Vash a case and each Gung-Ho Gun a half coin to place into it, stating to him that "something interesting will happen" after it is completed. After Knives recovers, Legato's body is crushed and his neck twisted for using the Gung-Ho Guns for his personal agenda.

Legato is consequently restricted to a coffin-like container, which is carried by an ogre. Legato later gains a new coffin with metal appendages that allows limited movement. He eventually learns to use his threads to manipulate and strengthen his own body, and takes up a ball and chain weapon and a handgun to battle.

He later fights Vash with the coin case completed and subsequently activated, which nullifies his threads, and loses. He then forces Vash to kill him by threatening to kill Livio.

In the anime, Legato, recruited by Knives to make Vash's life a living hell, is placed as the leader of the Gung-Ho Guns and receives Vash's left arm from Knives, granting him the ability to manipulate victims with telepathy. He worships Knives as a god, and sees humans like himself as garbage, only good for consuming resources.

Legato forces Vash to kill him by using his powers to threaten Milly and Meryl. Legato thus becomes the first person that Vash ever consciously and willfully kills, fulfilling Legato's promise to "make Vash the Stampede feel eternal pain and suffering". Rem Saverem Voiced by: On Earth, Rem had a lover named Alex, and she took part in the mission in order to start over after his death.

In the manga, a sentient Plant was born during the mission and named Tessla. The crew proceeded to perform extensive tests on Tessla, actions opposed by Rem and her crew mate, William Conrad, and which ultimately ended with Tessla's dissection and death.

Vash and Knives were born later and, fearing for their safety, Rem kept their birth secret from the other members while they were in stasis. In the anime, Vash and Knives were the only sentient Plants whom Rem protected from the other members of the crew.

She raised and mentored them. Her teachings of love and peace, especially that no one has the right to take a life, had a profound influence on Vash. The reason why Vash wears a red coat is that Rem told Vash about her favorite flower, the Red Geranium, which means determination.

When Knives sabotaged the fleet, putting it on a crash course with the planet on which Trigun is set, she put him and Vash in an escape pod, but chose to stay behind and attempted to prevent the crash rather than escaping. She managed to undo Knives' tampering, allowing a number of the ships to land safely, but perished when her ship exploded in the atmosphere. Her last words to Vash were "take care of Knives".

Each one is human, but has sacrificed their humanity in order to gain power, often leaving them mutilated. Each Gung-Ho Gun has an assigned number, but not all numbers are revealed. In the manga, Legato uses them to play a "game" with Vash. He has them each carry half a coin, and gives Vash a case that contains the other half of every coin.

He explains that if Vash can reassemble the coins 12 in allsomething interesting will happen; it turns out that the filled case can block Legato's powers during their later fight.

Monev the Gale Voiced by: Knives locks him in a cell to train his body for twenty years in order to gain the skill and power required to kill Vash. He wears a powered battle suit and carries two high-powered gatling guns on his arms. These guns fire extremely fast due to the pressure chambers located on his back, and have tremendous stopping powerenough to tear through entire buildings.

vash and meryl relationship quiz

He also carries a wide variety of weapons in a big cloth rucksack, including an enormous minigunpowerful enough to punch through a bank vault.

He is defeated by Vash and killed afterward as punishment. His life is spared in the anime, but he is later killed by E. Mine along with Dominique see below due to his failure. Dominique the Cyclops Voiced by: This effect happens when she lifts her eye-patch, which reveals a reptilian eye in the manga and a red eye in the anime.

Vash defeats her by placing pressure on a finger he had injured previously, allowing him to concentrate on the pain and avoid focusing on her eye.

vash and meryl relationship quiz

In the anime she survives her encounter with Vash but is killed by E. Mine and her body is tied to a cross to display for Vash.

She commits suicide in the manga to avoid being punished. But, it displays his amazing hearing, again he heard her try to take a step towards him before her foot hit the groundand it is the first time he really tries to put in that distance. This, to me, is the start. She tried to take down a monster of a man with her little derringer, all for Vash.

I think many of them would run away. The concentration is very clearly on him and Meryl. His language is very telling. Yes, he strips down naked in the street and barks like a dog in a later episode, but that was to save a life. Milly is the number one shipper. And he can hear it. He can hear her when she goes to move that foot forward to go after him.

But, he hears it.

He just told her to choose between her life and her job, and she was prepared to choose him, which is all the more reason for him to run. Meryl wanted to go after him, and he knew that. Vash is almost always moving, talking, or making some commotion when in the company of a woman. He has moments of sincerity, but rarely silence. With Meryl, he can be silent.

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He can rest and not have to put on a show because she has seen all these sides to him. While he does go off to visit his friends in the cloud, by the end of that adventure, the four of them are traveling as a unit. He could have told them to stay away, but Meryl is persistent, and, I think, he enjoys the company after traveling alone for so long without any permanent points. The girls and Wolfwood become permanent points in his life.

Milly is, again, the number one shipper. We love you, Milly. Of course, ever one to deflect, Vash leaves the conversation before it can really begin, defaulting to goofy mode.

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Vash was letting his feelings get a little too close to the surface, so he had to deflect, of course. I just love the tranquility Vash feels from seeing Meryl care for those children. Get the kids out. I love how it frustrates her so much that she throws herself against him. He tells her everything. How many people know everything there is to know about Vash the Stampede? This is trust in action. He trusts her with every piece of him, with the good and the bad, the hidden and the horrible.

He could have taken the path he did so many other times of just leaving, but she asked him for the truth. She pleaded with him for it. He showed her the darkest parts of himself. He opened himself up to her in a way he never had before with anyone.