Wife and husband relationship mantras tibetanos

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wife and husband relationship mantras tibetanos

Budismo tibetano . If I compare a man to a dragon and a woman to a volcano, a man is freer than a and wanting permanence in a relationship that is doomed to be impermenant like . I would like to know why it is better to say the mantra times. .. But how do I see this when my husband told me that he leaves me ?. Práticas que apóiam Dzogchen A Grande Perfeição do Budismo Tibetano Neal J . or Tibetan Buddhism2 (also referred to as Mantrayana, Tantrayana, and Secret Mantra). The third person is the Bodhisattva RELATIONSHIPS BETWEEN 57 “The Hindus tell a story of a woman ascetic who once visited a particular. "Woman holding colorful earthen oil lamps on the festival of Diwali." . The Saraswati yantra brings manifold blesssings in love and relationships as well as healing and . Singing Bowls Mantra, Buddhismo Tibetano, Simboli Di Buddismo, Dalai Lama, Nepal, .. "I think you should have painted elephants at your wedding.

Generally, I do not think there is anything wrong with advertisement and selling things. It depends on one's motivation. Especially in this 21st century, which is the century of communication. Communication is through email, newspapers and magazines because this is the way to communicate. Therefore, we need to adapt to this century's way of communicating. We could just let students know of teachings, but this is just a few people.

There are many other people, lay people, that need and want teachings. These people need some picture to reach into their lives. We can't knock on people's door and tell them, so these advertisements are the way to communicate with them. I also feel that it is very okay to sell things. Again, it depends on motivation. For example, if someone is not a good teacher, does not know things, and they just like to make business and make themselves important, then this is bad motivation.

But if you have good motivation, to help people, then these two things can come together, no problem. In my view, there is nothing wrong.

Of course, only the person themselves knows their true motivation; no one else can really know. There are a few month since I think I lost my right way. I ask some special people, if the new place was good for me. These people say it was a good place and also I felt that it was a good new place. I also get a pucha of your monks they have been in Murnau last year and they come to me and have done a pucha for me and my practice. I thought it was really a good start for my new place.

wife and husband relationship mantras tibetanos

But there are only disasters. Really nothing is going easy. I ask me all the time what it means to me, what want it to say to me, where I have to look at it? Have I to change the place again, have I to change my work or Taking a horoscope is this a good idea or is this an evasion of me?

Yours sincerly Verena Response from Tulku Lobsang: Generally it is a very good idea to make some kind of astrological chart. Maybe there is some explanation. It could be a bad moment, or a bad year for you. If this is the case, there might be some kind of method to be free. Maybe some ritual or method can release these problems. It is very possible. It is also possible that your house can be in the wrong place, or facing the wrong direction.

The commonly used Chinese term for this is feng shui. So, the external feng shui could be off, or maybe the internal feng shui is off. An example of this is if the furniture and such is arranged in a wrong way.

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So, it may be beneficial to have someone check the feng shui of the place. Then, it is also possible that there is something going on within yourself.

It's possible that it is something in your mind. Just look, sit, meditate. Look carefully at yourself to determine what is going on. Maybe you will find something there to change. It is difficult to say exactly what is happening, so I just give you a few possible options. I cannot answer so directly. Compassion is comming fron love. So where does one find unconditional love for one's self?

I find this the most difficult, can you please help Response from Tulku Lobsang: In the end, meditation becomes love and love becomes meditation. Love is the way to be silent. And meditation is the way to open your heart.

Deep down they are the same. To love yourself, you just need to be happy with yourself. Everything that is going on within yourself, simply accept. That is the only way to be happy. Tomorrow morning I had a dream: I asked you a question everything was in a blue light. When I waked up I looked to your homepage and realised that it is realy possible to ask you questions How is it possible to have a continious feeling of happiness.

What might I do? Meditation helps me much, but not to be continiuos in a relaxed happy and friendly state.

Is only possible to be in a relaxed happy state during meditation? My wish is to be in happyness and trust every times. Every day you must choose to be happy. Not only this, but every three hours you need to remind yourself about your choice to be happy in life.

That is the way to continually be happy. How to deal with people who steal energy from us that way? Warm wishes, Monique Response from Tulku Lobsang: It is best to keep distance from people like that.

Don't think so much about these people. Just have compassion for these people. This is the best way not to lose your energy.

When you have fear you lose your energy more easily. Maybe they take it and maybe they don't, but still you will lose it. I'm sure not many people have this kind of power to take energy, but whatever we believe comes true. Therefore, it is best to have compassion toward this person. This is the best protection amulet. One point that I remember is you said "If you are going to take a serious spiritual path you cannot be in a relationship with a man ".

Please forgive me for misquoting you, and surly misunderstanding. Can one grow more spiritually by being free from committed relationships? After all there are many ways to be in love. The reason I say this is because to seriously practice the spiritual path, you need complete freedom. You need to be free to do what you want.

But, in the usual type of relationship, neither of you is totally free. Your partner doesn't let you do everything, maybe you need to always spend time together, so you can't do other things. This might cause trouble. Of course, it is also possible that you might be in a relationship where you both have the same kind of warmth, the same kind of ideas, and then you don't block each other so much, only help. It depends what kind of relationship it is.

wife and husband relationship mantras tibetanos

Not all relationships aren't okay. So, it is difficult to be with the kind of man that prevents you from doing things on your path. They may say yes at first, and then, in the end they say no. This is why I say this. A is beatiful, inteligent, shy, calm, the best friend anyone can find and I feel safe, secure and serene next to him!

He never makes me feel bad! N is beatiful, inteligent, funny, someone I can have conversations about anything and I feel excited, passion and have spontaneaus laughs! When he feels insecure, he tries to make me feel the same! Is it possible to love so different persons? Which one is the true love? I believe both are! I also feel my hapiness is compromise, because I am with A, but always missing N!

I can't really say whether you truly love these men or not. Only you can know that. But it is possible to love not only two different people, but to love countless people. Love is always infinite. But commitment is not infinite. Therefore, when you talk about only being able to love one person, what you mean is that you can only commit to one person. Still, it is possible for you to love two people. People misunderstand love and commitment.

Usually, the nature of love is outside of commitment, but society and culture always say that we need to commit to one person, that you need to love one person. But love does not depend on commitment. Love is just love. Love needs to be free, naturally. I do think you love both men, but I don't know if society will accept this or not.

Therefore, you need to find a way. In this 21st century there are many possibilities. Maybe you can find a way to stay with both men.

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But I don't believe that one can only love one person. It is possible for us to love many people, in the same way or in different ways.

But our system and our society don't accept this. So, it may be difficult, but still you can try. Maybe it is possible for you. Thank you for everything. Generally, nightmares happen around 12 o'clock. This is because around midnight our blood begins to change. Blood moves our conscious energy and because the nature of blood is that of bile, and because the nature of bile is fire, it is connected with anger and aggressiveness. Because of this, you can have dreams that are of fighting or violence and problems.

Therefore, it is best to go to sleep well before midnight, maybe around 10 pm or 9 pm. It is better to go to sleep at this time, for you will sleep better.

Traditionally, we also have a method to help this.

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Try to visualize in every pulse that your master is there. This will help to release nightmares. Maybe you are a person that doesn't believe this.

Then use whatever you believe. Visualize that every pulse point contains the presence of your master or teacher. Use whatever you have belief in. When i mirror my moms anger than she is friendly and seems to give me love but when i am loving to her she is just angry. This kind of behavior means that your mother wants more attention. The best thing for you to do is be silent. That is the way your mother will learn to love without you having to become angry.

Yes, fear is fundamentally a difficult emotion. We have fear that something will happen that we don't like, or fear that we will receive what we don't want, or hear what we don't want to hear. We have fear of losing things that we already have, losing the things that we like. So there is fear of receiving and fear of losing. This means that fear is the enemy of love, because love can only be experienced through giving and receiving. I thought she may be kidding.

I asked "are you made? She introduced me as a post graduate and informed me " whatever happens, now i can't think of other men than me. Now we are very good friends. However, it has not been bad at all as i met other people who are similar to my ex- but with ut the quilities that i disliked. Steven Johnson will this work for me? Noraa Samoht Heyyyy thats what I felt too buddy lol man the power of words!!! It makes you sensual and desirable.

It peps up your sexual power and desire. It makes your eyes magnetic and your entire physical body attractive. It works from within your body and mind creating a sensual and charming aura around you that cannot be resisted O " AngelRai Miranda Well I don't know what but at first, I thought that this mantra doesn't work cus I used it to a girl I was once attracted to, but after a few weeks she left and so I thought this is all a lie; then after a few weeks I had the chance to meet another girl, more lovelier, caring and more loving than the first and though she is a little older than I, our relationship grew ever since and now I even made a proposal to marry this girl wow!

Antonina Rivituso times? But as I listened and began to say the words, I felt exactly that! As I continued to listen it was as though the energy reached right up to my heart and turned it upside down in my chest!

Theresia Frida me and BF had hard relation, number of time we just arguing or fighting even for small reason. I had recited some other mantra for40 days in Feb-March