Zhang muyi and akama miki relationship problems

Zhang Muyi became her music coach when Miki Akama was only 8 years old. also many opponents who think the base of the couple's relationship is .. The reason why he's never got into trouble is because they've never. Post Generation Teenager Akama Miki to Marry y-o Teacher teacher, a Chinese named Zhang Muyi for their 8-year-old girl Akama Miki in If it was the case of a girl who has a bad disease that would bring the. Zhang Muyi and year-old Canada-born model Miki Akama made it wasn't until Akama turned 12 that they confirmed their relationship.

Hebephilia is defined as a chronophilia in which an individual has a sexual preference or exclusive sexual attraction to individuals who are of early to mid stages of pubertal development, generally agedalthough onset of puberty varies.

Admittedly, Zhang Muyi is grooming her for sex.

The Zhang Muyi & Akama Miki Controversy: From Teacher to Husband | What's on Weibo

It is unrealistic to have the same things in common, famous or not as a child and an adult. Neurologists have confirmed that you are able to make rational, less risky decisions at age 24 and believe that this is the age of full maturity where you can be called an adult.

This further confirms that his choice is a purposeful one. By supporting Zhang and this child you also support that children are sexual beings who can consent. We know spiritually and statistically that this is false.

Canadian child Akama Miki and adult pop star Zhang Muyi may have different cultural boundaries as they are not American, however child sexual abuse is a world problem that is not legitimized through a race, class, nation, economic status or other condition. If these two were not in the public eye professionals and anyone who was aware of this case of child sexual abuse grooming would want to intervene before it becomes rape.

Of course, we will stay pure until marriage. The couple became a big topic of discussion inwhen the then year-old Li tied the knot with the then year-old Lin. Li Kuncheng with his 40 year younger fiancee inimage via Asianpopnews.

About Zhang and Miki, one commenter writes: The goal of pedophilia is unpure [sex], but they have been together a long time.

Pedo Pop Star Zhang Muyi Declared Love for 12-Year-Old 6 years ago, Now Tying the Knot

Zhang has no evil intentions. Renowned Chinese sexologist Li Yinhe answers a question on Weibo about whether this is pedophilia or not. If it is in line with these three principles, it is not punishable by law. The law can punish adults who have sex with girls under the age of 14, but if they wait with having sex until they are both adults, then the law cannot control them.

Pedophiles are people who sexually assault children. This is clearly not the case here. Init made international headlines when the then year-old Chinese popstar Zhang Muyi publicly declared his love for year-old Canada-born model Miki Akama. She replied to Zhang, saying: On April 4, Zhang wrote on Weibo: Miki responded to the post, writing: On September 11,Miki will turn 18, and it will be ten years since we first met.

The fundamental reason for this is that there is an unequal power relation between teachers and students, which makes it difficult to speak of an equal and truly harmonious connection between two people.

Let alone if one of the two persons is underage; this further intensifies the unequal relationship in terms of knowledge and experience.

In their articles, they are deleting the part that really matters: When I was 8, I met Muyi and he was my music teacher; teaching me how to sing and teaching me self-confidence. By the time I was 12, my parents had let me read many books and see many movies, and I had a good education at school.