Zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship goals

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zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship goals

Hart of Dixie - Cowboy {Wade Kinsella|Wilson Bethel} # Because we love Wade when he is in love with Zoe. - Page 7 - Fan Forum. Hart of Dixie - Sparks Fly: Because Hart Of Dixie over means Wade and Zoe happy .. be the relationship between title character Zoe Hart and Wade Kinsella . Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Zoe H., Wade K. - Words: 3, Disclaimer: I don't own the characters of Hart of Dixie. Sad but Your breath hisses as you circle your outer labia, then your inner labia, getting closer and closer to the ultimate goal. . What does he mean, he was in a relationship?.

Wade remains where he is, cleaning the flow of fluids with his tongue and looking like the cat that just ate a dozen cream stuffed canaries and knows there's more to come. As the convulsions die down, he stands, grabs your waist and sets you down on your desk, legs dangling over the side.

He stands between your open thighs, drops his jeans and boxers down on his feet and grabs a condom from the plate on your desk.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship goals

You shake your head as he tries to pull it on. It's a damn convenient thing Joel's allergic to latex and you needed to get a prescription for birth control pills instead. It's also damn convenient that, being Wade's doctor, you know he's completely healthy, something which sometimes astounds you, considering his track record. You do love the feeling of riding bareback, you just don't want to take the risks involved.

Forgetting about the condom and with one thrust, he's buried to the hilt inside of you. It's just too much.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship goals

The sensations are whirling around you in quick succession, not giving you any chance to get your bearings in between. He fills you like no-one else ever could or ever will. God, how you've missed this!

He doesn't even have to start moving before a third orgasm takes you by surprise. Or perhaps it's a continuation of your second. You don't know and don't care. He doesn't want it to be over too soon for himself too. After a minute or so, as you're lying limp and boneless on the hard surface, he slightly retracts from your folds, only to push back hard. You yelp in surprise and pleasure.

Like before, he starts with a slow, sensuous rhythm, taking your over sensitive parts into consideration. For all the time he's taking, he does know how to thrust deeply, hitting all the right spots that set off sparks in your brain. Soon, it's no longer enough for either one of you and he starts speeding up, still managing to ignite the fireworks inside of you. Then suddenly, he pulls all the way out and instantly you feel bereft, mewling pitifully at the loss.

He shushes you with a caress to your burning cheeks. It's a very soft, sweet gesture, the first none sexual one since this little dirty lunch break started. Then he lets the entire length of his rock hard erection slide over your swollen nub, from the oozing tip of his swollen mushroom head to his tight balls and, excruciatingly slow, all the way back. He's right, it's unbelievable. You groan in pleasure as another flow of wetness rushes down your legs. He pushes back in and you swear he fills you even deeper.

He repeats this little game twice more. You're wailing, whimpering and shaking uncontrollably. The third time he does this, you know you're going to come harder than ever before. When the tip of his swollen member hits your bud, it's a done deal.

Yelping and shuddering like you're in the middle of an earthquake, you feel your orgasm course through you hard and fast. At exactly that moment, Wade pushes himself back and with a gasp, immediately finds his own release, pouring all he has inside of you in a series of wild spurts.

The feeling of your contacting walls milking him enhances the pleasure still flowing through your entire body and you shake and pant in ecstasy for what feels like many, many minutes. Slowly, the quivering subsides and you just lie there, trying to get your ragged breathing under control.

Wade, also still heaving, pulls away from you, hoists up his underwear and pants and wobbles over to the sink. You hear the tabs running and wonder if he feels like he needs to clean himself up. It's a disturbing and sobering thought that he should want to get rid of the evidence of you liaison this fast.

Is he ashamed of you? A startling fact brings you crashing down, almost literally. He's just become a cheater again, doing exactly what you were trying to warn her for. Only, you're the very willing accomplice. You're the other woman this time.

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Oh, the Gods of irony are having a field day now. The tabs are closed. Wade returns to you with some wet paper towels in his hand.

Only then do you detect the stickiness still coating your legs. In the cold, harsh reality it's very embarrassing and you're suddenly grateful for this silent thoughtfulness. You stretch out your hand to take the towels from him, but he ignores it. Instead, he reaches between your thighs and with infinite tenderness, almost reverence, starts wiping the goo from thighs.

The wet cloth is lukewarm and soothing against the raw skin but you don't think you deserve this kind of attention. He was wrong to do this with you and you…well, you should have just pushed him away when he came in. You should have made sure your door really was shut!

This was unforgivable from the both of you and you don't know how you can ever look Vivian in the eye again. Not to mention Wade. Wade, who, so far, has remained perfectly silent, except for the small encouragements during your… you really want to be able to call it lovemaking, but you know better. Eventually, he does look up, one hand still clutching the crumpled up, soggy towels.

Still, it stings and you lash out in anger. It's not like you're the only one who should be regretting this! How dare he come of this cocky, as if he's a prized stud who has a natural birth right to hump as many mares as he can? You actually thought he'd changed for the better these last few months. Oh well, the leopard and his spots, right? Oh, and the pot calling the kettle black too. Let's not forget your own role in this little melodrama. Damn it, Wade, you're in a relationship with my cousin!

I was in a relationship. And how about you, Doc? Heard from Joel lately? Shouldn't you have been calling his name in this little fantasy of yours? And what's he going on about Joel for? Did you miss something? Too many dates spoiled by her son.

Anyway, we decided we'd better quit while we were not throwing furniture at each other. I'm a free man and I have no reason to be ashamed of myself. As for you and Joel…" "Joel's in New York screwing his new female publicist. I found out they were sharing a room when she picked up his cell phone.

He's not coming back, I'm sending him his stuff by mail. It's achingly familiar and kind of unnerving to see him looking so young and vulnerable. With no Vivian or Joel to consider, there is no real reason to be ashamed of what has just happened, yet…it's not quite that easy.

With you and Wade, nothing ever is. Again, he knows you too well. We scratched an itch. Blame it on the heat, or the sparks or whatever you want to blame it on this time. Just…don't start getting all weird about it okay? Don't go like this. I don't want to rehash this for the next weeks trying to figure out what the hell this was and means or doesn't mean.

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It makes me go crazy. Because the way I see it, we've tried everything. And we got horribly stuck with everything. And before you say it, I know most of that was my doing.

Which I still regret every single day. But I can't…" He slumps down on a chair, suddenly looking worn out and tired. I should have thought about that before I came in just now, but I guess, well…" A rueful laugh escapes you. Neither one of you was thinking with your brains. Lust took over and he's not to blame for that. On occasion, the pot realizes its own blackness before throwing accusations at the kettle. I never assumed anything else and nobody will hear a single thing about your little indiscretion with your cheating ex-boyfriend.

That was the sound of our hearts bursting! But that squee-inducing scoop on Zoe and Wade's relationship isn't the only info we got from Gerstein. She also revealed that George Scott Porter and Lavon's Cress Williams individual epiphanies about still being in love with Lemon Jaime King are going to throw a major wrench into their bromance. But of course, they're both furious with each other because they were both blindsided by the fact that the other was still in love with Lemon. It plays out in a funny way throughout the premiere.

zoe hart and wade kinsella relationship goals

But it turns out that he and Lemon are actually in cahoots! So Lemon will be quite angry at both of them if they ruin her charade. She will find a new career and new love. The best and worst TV finales of all time But the love story that we can't get enough of is Crickett's Brandi Burkhardt! After coming out to the entire town just as she was about to marry her longtime boyfriend, Crickett is going to be rediscovering herself as a lesbian throughout the entire season.

We're also going to see Crickett as a great friend to Annabeth and Lemon, and she'll continue with her particular brand of hilarity.