Big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

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big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

This is a list of characters appearing in Big Hero 6, Big Hero 6: The Series, and the tropes applying to them. Due to Late-Arrival Spoiler, beware of . Catch Big Hero 6: Baymax Returns on Thursday 30th November at pm on The film's cast are set to return, with Maya Rudolph as Aunt Cass, Ryan Potter as '“It's essentially Dalmatians meets modern Japanese Anime. . an 80's themed mother-daughter dance crime team called High Voltage. "Issue " is the second Season 1 episode of Big Hero 6: The Series. a mother-daughter duo who use electricity and the art of dance in their crimes. Plot Edit. Professor Granville brings Hiro to meet Karmi, who was previously the youngest student to be admitted into the San Fransokyo Institute of Supporting Cast Edit.

I mean, how cool is that?! I mean, it's scary, obviously, but how cool!

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Why are we stopped?! Why's he trying to kill us?!

big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

Why are you trying to kill us? We've seen too much! We don't know he's trying to kill us. You have to indicate your turn! Hiro stares at her in slight fear.

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Her actions mean one thing: It's her turn to drive. GoGo slams on the accelerator, speeding towards the closing hole. We're not gonna make it! We're gonna make it! The car lands on the pier, and they're safe. Fred, w-where are you going? Welcome to mi casa! That's French for "front door". Listen, nitwit, A lunatic in a mask just tried to kill us, I'm not in the mood for any— [Suddenly, a butler walks through the door. Welcome home, Master Fredrick. Come on in, guys.

We'll be safe in here. Does this symbol mean anything to you guys? I can use the data from your scan to find him! Uh, you'd have to scan everyone in San Fransokyo, and that might take, I don't know, forever. No, no, no, I— I just have to look for another angle.

I'll scan the whole city at the same time. I just have to upgrade Baymax's sensor. Those who suffer a loss require support from friends and loved ones. Okay, I like where this is heading! We can't go against that guy! Hiro, we want to help, but we're just No, you can be Tadashi Hamada was our best friend. Can you feel it?! You guys, do you feel this?! Our origin story begins! I fail to see how flying makes me a better healthcare companion.

If I wasn't terrified of heights, I'd probably love this! He could be anywhere. They all shoot around screaming, waving and throwing their weapons. Baymax is hit by a large pile of debris, damaging his thrusters. It seems all hope is lost.

There is still a way I can get you both to safety. Hiro understands what he's going to do. No, no, no, no, no, wait. You are my patient. Your health is my only concern. Are you satisfied with your care? There's gotta be another way!

I'm not gonna leave you here! I'll think of something! There is no time. I can't lose you, too. Hiro, I will always be with you. Baymax hugs him back. But, sometimes, life doesn't go the way you planned.

big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

The good thing is, my brother wanted to help a lot of people. And that's what we're gonna do, Who are we? He opens the window in his room and steps outside, where Fred is there is his mascot costume, holding a grappling hook. He tries again, this time it lands on his head. Oh, no, no, no— OW! Will you just chill with the hook?! He then climbs aboard Baymax and rockets away.

Fortunately he is able to overcome his grief-driven jerkass behavior, but in the meantime he left the team behind and stranded on the island.

Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Underneath all his arrogance and cockiness, Hiro is actually a pretty sweet kid. He transforms into a full-on Nice Guy by the end.

Or is it Kid Hiro? Hiro is the main protagonist and is 14 years old. The Kid with the Remote Control: An asset that Hiro brings to the team is that Baymax follows his instructions and Hiro has outfitted him with Powered Armor. Subverted in that Baymax obeys Hiro because he considers Hiro his patient and is trying to help him work through his grief over the loss of Tadashi. However, when Hiro orders Baymax to open his access port, he refuses because he knows Hiro will then use him to terminate Callaghan.

Little Miss Con Artist: In the Bot Battle arena, Hiro pretends to be a novice to catch his opponents off guard. Instead of just using his magnetic gauntlets to attach to Bayman, the TV series has him use them offensive in a few circumstances, most notably during "Food Fight". A common meaning for Hiro's name is "abundance," and he is shown to have a very abundant mind. In addition, there's the obvious looking and sounding like the English word for hero.

big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

The essential guide reveals he thinks uncombed hair looks cool. In The Series episode "Big Problem", when Granville combs Hiro's hair in preparation for Liv Amara's visit, it goes back to it's usual messy style after a few seconds. He created the microbots, as shown in that page image. They're capable of coming together in order to take many different forms, allowing them to perform complex tasks that would normally require many human hands with a thought projected through a transceiver.

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He's half Japanese and half white. According to Baymax's scanner, he's going through pubescent mood swings. He and Tadashi were raised by their Aunt Cass after their parents died.

big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

What Hiro fully becomes after some much needed character development. At the bot fight club, he presents himself as a naive, timid kid with a seemingly harmless robot in order to trick his opponent into betting a lot of money. His civilian clothing consists of a red shirt with a blue sweatshirt.

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His super suit is primarily purple. Although the suit itself doesn't give him any special combat abilities its color denotes his role as the team leader and supervisor of Baymax's attacks. Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Has jet black hair and a pale complexion. Red Oni, Blue Oni: Following his meeting with Professor Callaghan in prison, Hiro is told by his former idol of how he regrets his actions that led to Tadashi's death.

Hiro's response is as realistic as a teenager who still grieves for his lost brother can get. Tadashi would want me to forgive you His primary flaw turns out to be this, as shown when, upon finding out that Callaghan is Yokai, he tries to kill him by reprogramming Baymax to follow his order to destroy.

Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: A prodigy in assorted scientific fields in general, the film in particular focuses mostly on his incredible talents in robotics. Secret Identity Vocal Shift: In "Small Hiro One", he deepens his voice while suited up twice: In "Fan Friction", he adopts the deep voice again when captured with Karmi and the rest of the team.

She Is Not My Girlfriend: Stated to the team before going to rescue Karmi in "Fan Friction". However, she quickly develops an interest in Alistair Krei, who asks her out on a date. Hiro quickly tries to sabotage their date so that "Uncle Krei" isn't a reality.

big hero 6 meet the cast of dance

Not as extreme as most examples, but it's there. Hiro is the shortest member of Big Hero 6 and the most intelligent. He gradually became this when people mocked him for his supreme intelligence. It shows during the beginning of his microbot presentation and after Tadashi's death. Smart People Build Robots: He's incredibly good at building battle-bots.

Justifiedgiven how he was made fun of because of his intelligence and never really talked to anyone other than his brother and aunt. Though, they are not necessarily protruding. In the same vein as Hiro Nakamura from Heroeshis first name which is Japanese is pronounced the same way as the English word "hero". Hiro Takachiho, the comic book character he's based on, is the same way.

Or to go even further back, Hiro Protagonist from Snow Crash. Straight Man and Wise Guy: Fred sees a comic book similarity as usual, and Go Go sarcastically suggests they should study some comics to figure out how to beat High Voltage.

Fred takes her seriously and suggests looking up Captain Fancywhere the hero lost battle after battle to a mother-daughter acrobat team, similar to High Voltage. Hiro meanwhile realizes that Karmi has a crush on his alter ego when he sees her drawing his superhero self in one of her textbooks.

The next night, Big Hero 6 engages High Voltage again. Even with the whole team together, they fail to stop the mother-daughter criminal duo. Karmi gets a good look at Hiro's face when he saves her from a falling lamppost but somehow does not seem to recognize him. Sulking over their defeat the next day at school, Go Go reluctantly decides to go ahead with Fred's idea in looking up Captain Fancy for a way to defeat High Voltage.

Unfortunately, Fred does not have it, and one of the only known copies in existence is in possession of his arch-rival, Richardson Mole. They visit him at his comic book store, and he grants them permission to read it after Go Go wins at one of his Fred themed games. Meanwhile, Hiro starts to question Granville's decision in pairing him with Karmi, when he is already well adjusted in socializing. Karmi, on the other hand, does not appear to have any strong socialization with other people.