How much is a meet the beatles record worth

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how much is a meet the beatles record worth

How much are worth and valued your rare and collectable vinyl and cd by searching on Music Price Guide archive. It is a mono MEET THE BEATLES T . I am assuming it is the condition of an original album that would warrant such a price as. [Archive] What to pay for a copy of Meet the Beatles Beatles For I think he was hoping to get something slightly better than garage sale price and I'd like to it has STEREO written on both the front cover and the record label.

It was spelled perfectly fine on the sleeve!

Meet the Beatles

So, if you own an original U. One side contained a medley of 11 Beatles songs edited together while the B-side was one continuous test tone lasting 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The label has a circular impression 15mm from outer edge. Not as rare as yellow-and-black label versions higher up this chart… Copies of all U. This was previously used to distinguish 45 rpm records from 78 rpm records.

how much is a meet the beatles record worth

This is not due to the greatness of the song — and it is great — but the fact that this was the last demo and single released on Parlophone before Beatles records began to be issued on their own Apple label. Sleeves have a PPCS catalog number on the spine of the sleeve and a Parlophone logo reproduced on the back cover. The label will also have a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge. Thus, small quantities of this album on Odeon may have been pressed for distribution in Portugal.

Although the last 78rpm record was released in the U. EP and feature all of their singles that had gone gold by Although a test pressing was made on two discs and two sets of proof labels were also produced, this was as far as Golden Discs got, and the idea was scrapped. This particular version is a contract pressing farmed out to the Decca pressing plants as EMI could not cope with the demand for Beatles albums.

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The record also has a circular impression 15mm from the outer edge. Therefore the majority of the pressings of this album released in the U. There was, however, a small run of stereo copies that could be obtained by special order by those who had expensive stereo equipment. Paperback Delights and Insights About The Beatles Memorabilia Memorabilia featured in this guide, often accompanied by the price paid at auction for the item, include publicity photographs, vinyl records, invoices and contracts, posters, instruments and equipment, among other items.

how much is a meet the beatles record worth

Following on from Sgt. Pepper, these four sides of raw, vibrant and downright contrary music still baffle and delight Beatles fans.

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how much is a meet the beatles record worth

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