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Welcome from the Graduate Students' Union (GSU). . Instruction to Candidates for Examinations. .. opportunity for students to meet at academic and .. copy ( in PDF format) which will be added to the Optics Section archive of Masters. This page contains the following useful information for candidates: training in order to understand Imperial College Union, meet their fellow volunteers, and of anyone involved in the Autumn Elections, please use our complaints form here . ‌‌‌‌Departmental contacts are asked to alert staff so that applications from Line Managers or personal applications can be made in time to meet the closing date.

HR will notify the results by letter. Letters for line management initiated applications that are successful will be addressed to the member of staff and sent via the Line Manager. Letters for line management initiated applications that are unsuccessful will be addressed to the Line Manager so that he or she can explain to the member of staff why the application has not been successful.

Personal applicants will receive their letter direct with a copy to the Line Manager. Letters will be copied to Departmental Administrators whose names are included on the first page of the application form. Please ensure that the correct names of those to be contacted regarding outcomes and other related matters, are included on the form.

The letter will provide reasons why the application has been successful or unsuccessful. Normally, when an application for a job level re-grading has been unsuccessful, applicants should wait a full year before re-applying for a further review. During this period, the role may possibly grow, but it is unlikely to do so in a matter of months.

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The review may determine: If the appeal is successful, the change in job level will be backdated in line with the original request.

Please note when an appeal may be made. An unsuccessful application does not automatically constitute grounds for an appeal. Review of Procedure and Monitoring A Level subject selection Mathematics and Physics are compulsory.

Most of our applicants sit either three or four A Levels in their final year but the third A grade only needs to be in one additional subject unless specifically stated in your offer.

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Further Mathematics and Chemistry are the most common third subjects, both of which will be useful to physicists, but we recognise that some applicants will wish to have a broader education and so we place no restriction on the third A Level subject. We do not accept General Studies or Critical Thinking as meeting our entry requirements.

Further Mathematics Further Mathematics is not a requirement but we are happy to encourage those who wish to take it either to AS or A Level as our students find that any more challenging mathematical experience they have acquired is helpful to them when they start our courses.

imperial college union meet the candidates format

Mathematics modules We are often asked whether we require specific A Level Mathematics modules. Again, we set no specific requirements, but are happy to advise applicants that they will find any of the Mechanics modules M1, M2, M3, M4 particularly useful.

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Statistics 1 S1 will also be useful but we can advise that most of the necessary statistics material is taught as part of our degree programmes. Again we are aware that not all schools are able to offer the full range of modules. Should AS and A Level module grades already achieved be included in applications? As the A-Levels are no longer divided into modules we undertand that you may not have this information available.

A Levels taken a year early We often receive applications where at least one A Level usually Mathematics has been completed a year early in Year However, we want to be sure that applicants are undertaking a full programme of studies in their final year at school as a lightly loaded year would not be a good preparation for the demands on your time that you will face at university.

Thus we may decide to make an offer requiring three A Levels from your final year at school. Each such application is assessed individually.

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We will not automatically reject an application where an A in Mathematics has been achieved in Year 12 provided all other aspects of the application are strong. Acceptance of AS and A Level resits We recognise that applicants can occasionally have a one-off bad exam so will not automatically reject applications which show that some modules will be retaken provided all other aspects of the application are strong and, in particular, when the grade is a near miss and only one or two modules are affected.

If there are extenuating circumstances to explain your retakes please ask your school to comment in their reference. Alternative qualifications The requirements shown for each qualification below are the minimum we will ask for entry.

We assess each application on its individual merits and in some circumstances may make offers that are higher than quoted here.

These are the most common qualifications presented by applicants from the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Fluent speakers of these languages are exempt from this requirement but may require to be assessed at the start of the course to confirm their exemption from the language classes.

imperial college union meet the candidates format

We will usually hold your Physics interview on the same day. Applicants are not required to send their repertoire to Imperial College.