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meet the author images

Meet St. Petersburg author, journalist and broadcaster Bob Andelman and hear a presentation about his book, “Will Eisner: A Spirited Life.” Bob Andelman is the. Meet the Author: Images in America: Logan Square. Upcoming Event. Submitted by linnea on Mon, 11/12/ - pm. Thursday, November 15th, from. presence? Check out these twelve author websites for tips on best marketing practices, and then make them work for you! Heavy images will slow a site down and frustrate visitors. Sign up to meet them within seconds!.

Less is more — this is especially true wherever color is concerned. Click To Tweet 9. Make your website a "place to be" The best way to keep people coming back to your site is to offer them something of value.

meet the author images

If you can offer a little something extra other than details about you and your book, you are more likely to build an online presence and to become a resource people come back to.

Offer a little something extra. Giving your readers a reason to visit your site beyond the promotion of your book is likely to create loyal customers.

Click To Tweet Use a lead magnet One of our tips for author websites is to use a lead magnet.

meet the author images

However, a free sample does more than just incentivize people to offer up their contact info. Offering a free sample can work similarly, giving readers a commitment-free chance to get sucked in by your book, leaving them more likely to pay to read the rest.

meet the author images

Offer readers a free sample of your book. Lead magnets can help you build your mailing list so that when you publish another book, you already have a group of people to advertise it to.

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Ensure that your lead magnets offer people a concrete reason to sign up. Click To Tweet Want to learn the secret to growing your author mailing list? Sign up for this free course taught by Reedsy's co-founder! Give it a personal touch Remember when we said to keep it simple and use few colors to your advantage? Well, that remains true. However, sometimes there are exceptions to the rule.

Meet the Author: Images in America: Logan Square

Just be aware that if you are going to go against the grain, it needs to be purposeful. It has all of the necessary information see 2 in our post on building the perfect author website: But it is also loud, splashy, and definitely colorful.

meet the author images

In this case, breaking the rules works for Gary. Know when to break the rules. The rules work for a reason. A place to chat with old friends and make new ones.

After one last twirl on the dance floor, we would take a bare-foot stroll down a silky-sand beach, letting the warm, gentle surf caress our toes. After drying each other off with thick, plush towels, we would head to the bedroom, holding hands and trading soft kisses as we playfully flirt in the moonlight.

And the next morning, we would climb into his time machine, and I would ask him to take us back exactly one day. Seems like that fantasy has been brewing a while. Okay, I suppose I probably should have put some parameters on that statement.

Favorite food, as in need-to-get-a-room-to-be-alone-with-it, favorite. Home-made pasta with fresh veggies and chicken, crunchy garlic bread, and chocolate anything — may as well write me off for the night.

Or perhaps join me. Love me some pasta, too. Tell us about your road to publication.

meet the author images

Was it short and sweet? Long and winding with many bumps? The road to publication was a rather circuitous one with lots of detours.

I initially pursued the traditional approach, believing my books had to be in a bookstore before anyone would buy them. But two years ago—about the same time as Amazon and the Kindle began to revolutionize the publishing industry—I realized I wanted more control over the marketing and sales process.

I also began finding books from new authors—really great authors—who were self-published. For me, it was confirmation that writers could reach an audience without the frustrations, delays, and politics of traditional publishing. And just as important, it also meant the stigma attached to self-publishing was being replaced by expectation and possibility. So I jumped in. The biggest hurdle since is trying to wear all the hats in both a creative and business mindset.

Are there any other fantastic novels waiting to burst free from your imagination in the future? Can you tell us about them? My next release, titled Love Travels Forever, is a collection of poignant short stories and essays and scheduled for a November release. The Karetakers, book two in The Kure paranormal-occult romance series, is under construction and evolving as we speak. Do you have any odd rituals when you write, like stand on your head to get the blood flowing or turn around three times before you sit at your desk?