Meet the author walter dean myers

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meet the author walter dean myers

Aug 12, Walter Dean Myers authored dozens of young adult novels, short stories, and other works. He began Meet the Author: Walter Dean Myers. Sep 10, Walter has long been my son Ross's favorite author. The first time I met Walter Dean Myers, I was fourteen years old, and we had already. Walter Dean Myers, New York City, Constance Myers Myers in New York City, Walter Dean Myers is my favorite author in the world. Rhys says: May 31 .

Illustrated by Anne Rockwell. Illustrated by Moneta Barnett. The World of Work: Social Welfare Franklin Watts Brainstorm Franklin Watts, Illustrated with photographs by Chuck Freedman. Mojo and the Russians Viking, Victory for Jamie Scholastic Books It Ain't All for Nothin' Viking, The Young Landlords Viking, A group of kids take over an apartment building and struggle to maintain it.

Illustrated by Robert Quackenbush.

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The Golden Serpent Viking, Illustrated by Alice Provensen and Martin Provensen. Hoops Delacorte Press A promising basketball player tries not to end up like his former pro-playing coach.

meet the author walter dean myers

The Legend of Tarik Viking, A year-old boy, his newly adopted brother, and his friends are forced to work in a retirement home The Nicholas Factor Viking, Monkey and the Gotcha Bird Delacorte, Illustrated by Leslie Morrill. A Love Story Viking, A young couple's romance, and their struggle living in Harlem.

meet the author walter dean myers

The Outside Shot Delacorte, A talented Harlem basketball player goes to college to play. Adventures in Granada Viking The Hidden Shrine Viking, Duel in the Desert Viking, Ambush in the Amazon Viking, A story about teenage pregnancy in which readers write their own endings. Centers on a girl attempting to navigate as a young fashion model.

meet the author walter dean myers

I stood straight, and looked Walter in the eye, his presence filling every corner of the room. The way that Baldwin made it okay for Walter to write our lives, Walter gave me the confidence to do the same. He made me feel like my voice was necessary, and that there was a place for me in this legacy. Walter Dean Myers, thank you so much and I promise to do my very, very best.

Today, the day after his death, I am thinking about his words, his stories. I am thinking about the gentle man he was. I am thinking that no one can ever discount the power of words, because the life of Walter Dean Myers embodied the power of words.

Walter Dean Myers

I am also thinking that I would give anything to sit next to him one more time. I first came across it when doing some research for a class unit I was teaching on animal stories and fables. Yes, the main character of the book, Flats, is a dog, and yes, there might be a moral or even two, but there is a lot more going on in this book.

A lot more… If one were to read the basic summary on the jacket: But it works without being confusing, contrived, or silly. It could be argued the ambitious book exposes oppression, animal rights, and class issues, while teaching about music, jazz in particular, regional dialect and geography, culture, and friendship. Just like with work for adults, it can and should defy expectations.

Meet the Author

Whittingham, writer I was first introduced to Mr. But I can still recall the moment we become best acquainted. Without sharing too much of this moving plot, Creech weaves a tale through free verse of a boy whose beloved dog has passed.

For the boy in Love That Dog, he feels almost as if Myers has written the poem precisely for him at this exact time.

meet the author walter dean myers

Poetry is magic like that. Poetry has the power to transcend time and space and to connect with us no matter what the circumstance or brevity through which the poet communicates.

It spoke to the boys in my class who were hard to love.

meet the author walter dean myers

Those who demanded my unwavering attention and who challenged my ability to manage behaviors. I love those kids.

No matter what baggage they bring into school with them, I love those kids. How they struggle or why they act out, I love those kids. And every time I love those kids, I think of Mr. No matter how hard it gets or how few people understand, each and all of us are loved. You just have to know it. Hyde across the room. I would choose a book on the shelves left from my predecessor and we would read a page or two into it before the students would lose interest and act out in order to get sent out of the room.

All with zero luck in attracting student interest. No, this reading program was designed to teach them how to actually read, because at 15 and 16 years old, it was a skill they were still lacking. And while only in high school, these students were already in and out of rehab and juvenile detention centers, consistently absent from school—often for the mandatory court appearances of their parents, or their own—and were already on a first-name basis with their parole officers.

Needless to say, my first year of teaching high school was a challenge. And for the first time in my incredibly short high school teaching career, I actually had students volunteering to read out loud. Life rarely works that way. I had kids actually reacting to the text and telling me, yeah, my dad was in prison and this seems pretty accurate.

Why is she so mean and dumb? What does she have to gain from it?

Walter Dean Myers Biography

Would you do the same thing in her shoes? And for that, I owe everything to Walter Dean Myers. In fact, I refer to him as WDM. Of all the moments we had, from leaving a maple bunny on his pillow before he arrived, to the drive back to the airport with Diane Stanley, the moment I will forever remember was during his Saturday morning talk.

Oh, it was the usual run-of-the-mill, getting-to-know-you type of conversation about politics, the state of education in the country, juvenile criminal justice, and the foster care system. Thinking I had some insightful info, I launched into a rambling about a documentary I had seen about adopting older children who are in foster care. Myers, Excuse me if I cry during this letter, because we never got to meet.

I always thought we would one day, with little brown faces listening intently at our feet.

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As a Black writer, Mr. The Legacy, in your hands, has manifested into many books instead of just one dream. As a reader, I first discovered Walter Dean Myers through his books: He had a way with language, and he had a way to make you feel as though you had become a part of the story. He was a pioneer in young adult literature, both in fiction and nonfiction. He made reading young adult stories feel authentic. In my English class, we watch a video every year on how to write a short story.

My students watch Walter Dean Myers explain how he puts pictures up in his writing room and creates characters from those pictures. He explains in the video how he was born in a small town, and if he continued to live in that small town, his stories would have been much different. Instead, he grew up in Harlem, wrote about Harlem, told the stories of Harlem.

As a writer, Walter Dean Myers influenced me in this way: He said that when he sits down to write, he writes for the reluctant reader. He wanted to reach out and turn non-readers into readers. He wanted his passion to become their passion. It is clear that, in so many ways, Walter Dean Myers achieved the goal that he set out to accomplish. In bookstores, libraries, and classrooms all over the United States and the world, the books and the influence of Walter Dean Myers are read and enjoyed by both young and old.

His stories are powerful, influential, and didactic without being preachy. He had a way with words that pulled you into the story, allowing you to spend some time with his characters and see their world.

After reading a story by Walter Dean Myers, you would come away a better person.