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meet the iconicles games

and then met up with Arthur Haynes and the partnership was formed that ran for In he was seen five days a week hosting the game show Laughlines on how the BBC might have engaged the iconic Les Dawson to become a game. While Splish and Splash are playing water games at The Water's Edge, Salty discovers a bright red ball that has washed upon the shore. Salty won't let them. Explorer Nat has fun with the Iconicles and learns about the worlds in which they live. Splish and Splash find out there is a surprise in store for them. Show more.

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us today, Les. My pleasure—good to talk with you again, and congratulations on your new gig at the university and as editor of AT. What can you share with our readers about the nature of your hearing loss; did music play a role? Well, I first noticed it inafter I was accidentally hit in the ears by a friend, rupturing both eardrums, causing infection to set in. Ultimately, mastoidectomy surgery was required, and it left me with residual hearing loss.

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A lot of your musician colleagues have suffered sensorineural hearing loss over the years; Pete Townshend, Ted Nugent, and others were famous for earsplitting guitar riffs, and Nugent used to stick his head into the giant concert speakers during a performance. Any advice for young musicians? My best advice is, for the sake of all involved, forget power and play good music at normal listening levels.

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I will make certain that we send you a copy of the CD, as its kid-friendly message conveys the dangers of noise-induced hearing loss. What impact did your hearing loss have on your musical ear—do you, or did you, have perfect pitch?

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I have relative pitch, rather than perfect pitch. Was it impacted by the hearing loss? Les Paul rocks out in the studio. Actually, I have encountered a very peculiar problem since acquiring my hearing loss. Previously, I was able to finite tune so my guitar was exactly in pitch. I can imagine that this is problematic for performing as well! Yes, it is, as it means I sometimes play in a different key than the band.

meet the iconicles games

Usually I compensate pretty well, but occasionally someone will come to me and make mention that I was a little off on a particular song. It is very hard to play that way—I know that I am fingering the music correctly, but I hear it differently than what is in my head.

Very frustrating, particularly in situations where we have someone come up to play a song with the band, and we are just supposed to fall right in and play along. I find myself needing to take cues from the other musicians to figure out what key we are in and follow the song. It reminds me of just how complex an organ the ears are. You are right on. A few years ago, I was at a dinner party with a retired broadcaster who asked me how I was getting along with my hearing aids.

I said that despite the fact that they help a great deal, it is also a tough thing to live with. He agreed, and spoke of how he only understood around one out of every five words at a cocktail party, and felt himself slowly receding from public situations. There have been a number of studies that have shown that depression and isolation increases in people with untreated hearing loss. Your example is an excellent reminder for people to see an audiologist to evaluate their hearing if they are noticing more difficulty in social situations.

A lot of audiologists have said that musicians and engineers are their biggest challenges, because they have the technical background and critical ear to really explain exactly what they would LIKE to hear. Would you say that you find yourself intimidating to audiologists?

meet the iconicles games

Got any good stories? Well, many audiologists are not as well-informed as they should be regarding the products they dispense.

meet the iconicles games

This begins with the lack of information provided by manufacturers regarding the technical details of the hearing aids they produce, and extends to the design of rooms used to evaluate hearing aid performance, in that it is an artificial environment not representative of the real world. Nothing resembling the production run of the Les Paul guitar, first introduced in the early s and is still produced today.

That is not an excuse, by any means, but it is somewhat difficult to remain current when products are changing so quickly. It is, nonetheless, our responsibility, and I have seen many generational changes with Baby Boomers, who demand technical details much more so than their parents.

You are just ahead of the curve. Many times, I have asked to speak with the technicians, engineers, and even CEOs of the companies making hearing aids, and I have seen firsthand how difficult it is to get information about sampling rate, digital delay, and signal paths.

Yes, so in answer to my question, I think that your perseverance has likely intimidated AND frustrated a few practitioners over the years, but I know that the bottom line is that your focus is to improve sound quality and speech intelligibility of music through hearing aids.

meet the iconicles games

In your opinion, why do most hearing aids not reproduce music well? Well, of course, the goal should be that when you play music, it should sound as similar as possible to the real thing; this applies to other sounds as well. The problem is that although the person knows what music should sound like, or at least what it did sound like, the hearing loss impacts the way that it sounds now, even under the best of circumstances. He worked for two years in repertory, playing every conceivable role.

Later he worked in the West End doing sophisticated cabaret, and then in variety, including six months as resident comedian at the famous Windmill theatre. They also appeared in an amazing season at the London Palladium called Swing Along. When the partnership broke up Nicholas worked for 3 years with Benny Hill in his television series. At the same time Just A Minute began on Radio 4 and he is still hosting this comedy game show after 48 years.

A 10 part series of the show ran on BBC2 in He has worked consistently in the West End of London in various plays. He has appeared regularly in pantomime, making a speciality in the role of dame. He probably is best remembered by most people for the highly successful quiz show he hosted for a record 14 years, Sale of the Century. He has appeared in many pantomimes over the years playing different roles, making his biggest success playing the Dame.