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meet the medic tf2 wiki strange

Normal Frying Pans will be upgraded to Strange quality. Strange Bacon Grease is a Tool item represented by a glass jar filled with . Meet the Medic · Results Are In · Surgeon's Squeezebox · Leaderboard class The Pocket Medic is a community-created multi-class cosmetic item for It is a toy doll bearing a resemblance to the Medic, which is located in Meet the Medic · TF2 crosshair Strange items · Doves (Locations). The Overdose was previously tested in Team Fortress 2 Beta as the Beta Item icon Meet The Medic! [show] Strange Variant Information.

Прекрасно, - прозвучал женский голос.

  • Angel of Death
  • Strange Bacon Grease
  • Meet the Medic (taunt)

- Я пошлю эту информацию в посольство в понедельник прямо с утра. - Мне очень важно получить ее именно .

meet the medic tf2 wiki strange