Meet the orphans of annie

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meet the orphans of annie

Annie is a Broadway musical based upon the popular Harold Gray comic strip Little Orphan . Warbucks brings Annie to Washington, D.C., where she requests to meet the president. Warbucks thinks that it would be better if Annie waited. The Orphans are supporting characters from Annie. Not counting the protagonist, Annie, there are only six of them known by name, who are Molly, Pepper, Kate. The seven young actors who play the orphans in the new cast of Annie are ready to introduce a whole new generation of kids to the treasured.

Meehan researched by re-reading prints of the comic strip, but was unable to find any satisfactory material for a musical other than the characters of Annie, Oliver Warbucks and Sandy, so decided to write his own story. As all three of Meehan, Charnin and Strouse were from New York and given what he saw as the downbeat mood of the then-current Nixon era and the Vietnam WarMeehan set his story in New York during the similarly downbeat Great Depression. Meehan saw the character of Annie as a 20th Century American female version of the titular orphan characters created by Charles Dickens in works such as Oliver Twist and David Copperfield with the mystery of Annie's abandonment and unknown parenthood as consistent with a strand of mysteries in Dickens' tales.

Meehan's book was accepted by Charnin and Strouse, but considerable material had to be trimmed out — material which Meehan would later restore for his novelisation.

'Annie' on Broadway: Meet the orphans!

PriceExecutive Director. Kristen Vigard was the first actress to play the title role. However, the producers soon decided that Vigard's genuinely sweet interpretation was not tough enough for the street-smart orphan. After a week of performances, Vigard was replaced by Andrea McArdlewho played one of the other orphans, Pepper.

Vigard went on to become McArdle's Broadway understudy. Danielle Brisebois was one of the orphans.

meet the orphans of annie

She also understudied Alice Ghostley and Dolores Wilson. It played in Miami from April 12 to May 13, then continued for a few more cities until it landed in Chicago where it played for 32 weeks. In Aprilit continued on the road in with Mary K. Lombardi now in the lead as Annie. In the fall ofTheda Stemler took over the part and was replaced in Boston when she grew too old.

On May 15,Louanne Sirotawho had played Annie in the long-running Los Angeles production see belowtook over the role for four months.

The Orphans (Annie)

On June 12,Sirota, just 9 years old up until that time, all Annies had been 11 years oldtook over the role from Patts. Marisa Morell took the role in Decemberclosing the Los Angeles run and continuing on tour with the show through December Kristi Coombs then played Annie until this touring company closed in Philadelphia on January 23, Alyssa Milano played one of the orphans in The 3rd National Touring Company opened in Dallas on October 3, with Rosanne Sorrentino who would later go on to portray Pepper in the film version in the title role.

This company toured to 23 cities playing mostly shorter runs of a month or less. On March 27,Bridget Walsh took over as Annie. Becky Snyder who had closed the 1st National Tour joined this company in the summer of and stayed with it until it closed in September of that year. This production was a "bus and truck" tour, with a slightly reduced cast, that traveled the country and often played in two cities a week. This company was still touring when the original Broadway production closed in Januarymaking Kathleen Sisk the final performer to play Annie from the original production team.

This tour closed in September Andrea McArdlethe original Broadway Annie, played the title role for 40 performances.

meet the orphans of annie

British year-old Ann Marie Gwatkin was also cast in the title role and appeared on the Original London cast recording. The first was as the character July in the chorus and the second was playing the title role of Annie. ITV Wales commissioned two documentaries about this young Welsh girl and her rise from obscurity to a West End leading lady.

Annie closed on 28 Novemberafter performances. UK tour[ edit ] The musical transferred to the Bristol Hippodrome for a special Christmas season before touring Britain. Because of strict British employment laws for juvenile actors, a succession of actresses took on the lead role every four months.

One of the last girls to perform the role at the Victoria Palace before the show went on tour was year-old Claudia Bradley from Leeds who was featured on a BBC programme called Fame.

meet the orphans of annie

Broadway revival [ edit ] A 20th anniversary Broadway revival, which played at the Martin Beck Theatre now called the Al Hirschfeld Theatre inentitled Annie, the 20th Anniversary, [5] starred Nell Carter as Miss Hannigan, but controversy surrounded the casting of the titular character. Kate Lalaine is one of the orphans. Duffy Danielle Wilson is one of the orphans. July Nanea Miyata is one of the orphans. Pepper Marissa Rago is one of the orphans.

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She is the bossiest out of them all. She acts like she doesn't like Annie, but deep down, she loves her. Role in the film Molly, the youngest orphan, is first heard calling for her mother, who she had a nightmare about, only angering the rest of the orphans, resulting in a fight. Annie stops them and warns them that if Miss Hannigan wakes up, she'll get mad. Molly is then comforted by Annie, who later re-reads a note from her parents with the rest of the annoyed and then amused orphans joining in and then puts them back to bed.

As Annie is about to search for her parents, worrying that they haven't found her yet, Pepper wakes up, and Annie tells her to watch out for Molly.

Tessie warns her about Miss Hannigan catching her, but Annie denies her doing so. However, Miss Hannigan does catch Annie and brings her back to wake the other orphans. She tells the orphans to clean up the mess until it "shines like the top of the Chrysler Building" "as a little welcome-home party.

Moments later, they strip the beds and put Molly in the laundry basket. They then bury her with the bed sheets. As Miss Hannigan enters and tells them "Good morning," all respond back together except Molly, who says it just immediately afterward, buried.

VIDEO: Meet the Orphans of the Mirvish's ANNIE THE MUSICAL

Miss Hannigan tells her that her days are numbered. They then greet Mr. Bundles and accept a clean sheet each. They secretly help Annie escape by hiding her in the laundry basket.

They ask Miss Hannigan for their breakfast, but she refuses, telling her they can only have it later She assembles them for roll call, and any orphan just looked at answers, "I love you, Miss Hannigan.