Meet the people 1948

‘ Meet the People’, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, | Tate

meet the people 1948

Meet the People Eduardo Paolozzi • Dr. Pepper Eduardo Paolozzi • · Cyclops Eduardo Paolozzi • Michelangelo's 'David' Eduardo Paolozzi •. These collages are mainly made from magazines given to Paolozzi by American ex-servicemen. They show his fascination with popular culture and technology, as well as with the glamour of American consumerism. It reflects Paolozzi''s belief that his work should respond to contemporary. Essay about pop art images Free pop art papers, essays, and research papers. He helped shape American media and popular culture through artwork based on .

The collage is made up of images from popular American magazines, which Paolozzi procured from American ex-servicemen, many of whom were studying in Paris as a result of an initiative by the United States government known as the GI Bill.

meet the people 1948

In the context of his own poverty and the general deprivation that affected all of Europe in the years immediately after the Second World Warit is not surprising that Paolozzi was seduced by the 'exotic society, bountiful and generous' Eduardo Paolozzi, 'Retrospective statements' in Robbins, p.

In Real Gold images of healthy, happy people enjoying the freedom afforded by such machines as modern cars and bikes are interspersed with such other new, liberating inventions as the portable radio and the electric kettle.

‘Real Gold’, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, | Tate

On the right side is a can of Real Gold orange juice, the product from which the collage takes it title. The Real Gold logo appears in several of Paolozzi's collages from this time, and a year later he used the title again for one of his Bunk collages Tate T It was not, however, just the suggestion of material well-being which attracted Paolozzi to these images.

He was equally struck by their artistic value and their status as the new iconography of the modern world. In his opinion, the aesthetic of American advertisements and popular magazines was one 'where the event of selling tinned pears was transformed into multi-coloured dreams, where sensuality and virility combined to form, in our view, an art form more subtle and fulfilling than the orthodox choice of either the Tate Gallery or the Royal Academy' Eduardo Paolozzi, 'Retrospective statements' in Robbins, p.

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Real Gold and similar works by Paolozzi from this period have often been cited as the forerunners of Pop Art in Britain. Although there is a clear correspondence with ideas that were later to become associated with Pop Art, Paolozzi himself was responding to Dadaism and Surrealism.

meet the people 1948

Before he left Britain in he was familiar with the collages of Max Ernst and Roland Penroseamong others, and once in Paris he had access to Mary Reynolds's and Tristan Tzara's collections of Dadaist and Surrealist work. It is about working men, and he even performs the theme love song for her.

10. Meet the People

He calls the musical "Meet the People". She is impressed enough to show the musical screenplay to a Broadway producer, Monte Rowland, and the producer agrees to stage the play on the condition that he can use old costumes from previous shows. When the show is rehearsed, Swanee discovers that all the roles have glittery showbiz costumes, and don't look the least like working men. He is disappointed, and demands the costumes to be altered. Monte refuses and cancels the show, hoping that Swanee will surrender and give in.

meet the people 1948

Instead he leaves New York in anger, denounces Julie and the showbiz industry, and goes back to Morganville. Julie follows him there, determined to make him change his mind. She starts working at the shipyard as a welder, and finds out that she enjoys the work very much.

‘Meet the People’, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, | Tate

She also makes a lot of new friends among her colleagues, who are eager to get to know the beautiful star. Julie continues dating Swanee, and she tells him about her motive for coming with him.

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She wants to change the show, and hire some out-of-work chorus friends of her to be on stage. Swanee likes the idea, and signs a new deal with Monte.

meet the people 1948

But then he sees Julie posing for promotional photographs in her working outfit, and thinks she makes a mockery of him and his co-workers. He calls her egotistic and refuses to go through with the plans. Julie doesn't give up.

meet the people 1948