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Big Russ by Tim Russert (). $ Hardcover. Books by Tim Russert. Showing 5 Results Books: Advanced Search. All Formats; Kindle Edition. Working blue in a red crowd - As part of the intro for Gov. As part of the Walker freak out wave, this line really set the press off. WaPo's Chris Cillizza tweeted, “ Jeez,” while NBC's Luke Russert said, “Um, that escalated quickly ” [Rep. Duffy has [Bush has a meet and greet in Council Bluffs, Iowa today.]. To trade in these wings on some wheels / Climb in back, heaven's waiting down on the track / Whoa, oh, come take my hand / We're riding out.

He agreed, but said he would need to be paid because he was running out of money to pay for law school. Washington bureau chief and host of Meet the Press[ edit ] He was hired by NBC News' Washington bureau the following year and became bureau chief by Russert assumed the job of host of the Sunday morning program Meet the Press inand would become the longest-serving host of the program.

Its name was changed to Meet the Press with Tim Russert, and, at his suggestion, went to an hour-long format in The show also shifted to a greater focus on in-depth interviews with high-profile guests, where Russert was known especially for his extensive preparatory research and cross-examining style. One approach he developed was to find old quotes or video clips that were inconsistent with guests' more recent statements, present them on-air to his guests and then ask them to clarify their positions.

With Russert as host the show became increasingly popular, receiving more than four million viewers per week, and it was recognized as one of the most important sources of political news. Time magazine named Russert one of the most influential people in the world inand Russert often moderated political campaign debates. John ChancellorRussert's NBC colleague, is credited with using red and blue to represent the states on a US map for the presidential electionbut at that time Republican states were blue, and Democratic states were red.

How the colors got reversed is not entirely clear. Russert testified previously, and again in United States v. Lewis Libbythat he would neither testify whether he spoke with Libby nor would he describe the conversation.

Russert testified again in the trial on February 7, If I want to use anything from that conversation, then I will ask permission. Times wrote that, "Like former New York Times reporter Judith Miller, Russert was one of the high-level Washington journalists who came out of the Libby trial looking worse than shabby. Might learn a few things from uncle Tony. The only sad part about this appearance is, this is the one guest that Tim was never able to persuade to appear on Meet The Press.

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But they were great friends, and Tim went wherever he had to to hear him. Ladies and Gentlemen, from Europe, where he is on tour, the Boss. Was uh, early in the morning, we were playing on the Today Show, which is a little early for rock musicians. And uh, we went into "Promised Land", and I did what I usually do.

I was looking in the faces along the front row to see who was I always look for that face that's being enlivened or filled with the music that we're playing. And as I scanned the front row, I got to the left side of the stage and there was a guy in a crisp white shirt and a tie.

I looked and it was Tim.

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He had on that big Irish smile that, uh, hid absolutely nothing, and it was beaming like the rising sun. And I remember thinking, oh my god, that's, that's Tim Russert at this hour of the morning. Obama is trying to make it easy by reminding members of his party that all that is required is to do nothing, which is the long suit for members of Congress. They can express worries and concerns, but as long as they vote right, it will be fine.

While she will certainly play cuttlefish today on Iran — praise diplomacy, express cautious optimism, promise to carefully review; lather, rinse, repeat — even she is likely to have to take a position. And from that new establishment Democratic orthodoxy, no dissent can be tolerated. Consider the case of Gov. Hassan is worrying over whether to challenge to Sen. Last week, Clinton condemned the effort by American liberals to boycott Israel.

Imagine that kind of pressure applied to something more than just symbolic votes by church elders, like say support for a nuclear Iran. She has engaged in a cover up, and she has blood on her hands. And she offered limited pledges to crack down on big Wall Street banks while hitting her strongest notes promising to toss rogue bankers in prison while ripping recent worker-productivity comments from former Florida Gov.

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It is this kind of unorthodoxy that has helped galvanize liberal voters in New Hampshire and Iowa and elevate Sanders in early polls.

It is also represents a sharp challenge to front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton, who wants to maintain broad appeal even as she expands her support among liberal Democrats. Martin O'Malley isn't worried about Vermont Sen.